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Within Collins' new book this individual relies on the method you've noticed in previous publications like Long lasting and Very good to Great. What's different in this is this individual selected companies not only on their status or explosive growth, but because they succeeded in an extreme and uncertain environment. Nevertheless , there's a caveat here: his research stopped in 2002, meaning there's no thorough analysis of how companies performed within the last 10 years (aka one of the very most uncertain and chaotic business climates in decades). Collins and Hansen believe the near future will be unstable and environments will be extreme for the rest of "our lives" (remember, these guys aren't Spring Chickens). So, they try to analyze company performance/greatness within the context of difficulty.

I wish Amazon would show an easy-to-find Stand of Contents for publications, so I've created one for you here, complete with a summary of each chapter/section.

Collins and Hansen make clear what the method for their book (what I described above), including the definition of a 10Xer, which is a company that beat their industry by 10 collapse. Just 7 companies were selected as a 10X case out of 20, 400 companies. The seven are Amgen, Biomet, Intel, Microsoft, Progressive Insurance, Southwest Airlines, and Stryker. They don't include Apple because their research lens of Apple vs. Microsoft centered generally on the 1980s and 1990s (remember they stopped collecting data in 2002), which makes no sense to me. Typically the present environment (the one in which Apple has exploded) is a difficult climate than the 80s-90s.

2 - 10Xers
Example of a 10xer is Southwest flight companies, whose growth since 72 is greater than that of Walmart, despite this period being a particularly harsh one for the airline industry. Anecdotes describe historic examples of 10xers and explains they usually are more creative, more futurist, more charismatic, or more ambitious, more blessed by luck, more risk seeking, more heroic, or more bold. The glaring reality that Apple is missing goes against this model, as Jobs and company were many of these things.

Here they introduce self-control as the key that sets 10Xers apart (hence the 20 mile march). 10Xers are focused on data with GREAT self-control and stick to their plan, like a 20 Distance March.

10Xers were not more innovative than the control companies; indeed, these were considered less innovative in a few reviews. 10Xers scale innovation (firing bullets) and then your fireplace cannonballs once they know what's on target.

Explains "productive paranoia, inch the idea that you need to build cash reserves and buffers, bound your chance, and show versatility in taking a look at macro and mini factors at play in your business and industry.

6 - SMaC
SMaC stands for Specific, Methodological, and Constant. The more uncertain your environment, the more SMaC you need to be. A SMaC recipe is a set of durable operating principles and methods that create a replicable and regular success formula.

several - ROL (RETURN ON LUCK)
10Xers weren't more lucky or unlucky than comparisons. They had better ROL because they took full benefit of good luck and minimized the effects of bad luck. If you think about it, that's the real key to luck. Knowing when you obtained lucky and how to take benefit of it, rather than blindly thinking you walk on water (like so many businesses do).

Like Jim's other publications, the how to is what's missing. An exceptional book for that (increasing your leadership skill set) is  Leadership 2. 0 , Fantastic guide filled with practical biz processes and strategies. We all used many of these principles daily, but is actually good to see them confirmed, see other points of views, and find out new info. Very recommend this to anyone building any sort of business - large or small. (Too, these are things that can be applied to your personal/family life). Excellent book!, I used to be a little surprised at how good this was frankly. I read Good to Great too. I was expecting something a little dryer (and it did start dry) but it had wonderful anecdotes and lessons for success. Several of the examples and observations were a thought in some ways. Strongly recommended (just manage the first bit which is far more about strategy and is less intriguing)., Best of his guide series by far. I have read Jim Collins' other books and Excellent by Options are the best by far. I truly loved the meatiness of this guide and the searching on what were making these firms successful. The main details of the book are fascinating and thought provoking and should be of interest to any business owner or company executive. The author is a good writer and the book flows well., This is a good addition to the John Collins series (Built to last, Good to Excellent, and now, Great by Choice). Sort of a trilogy. Collins' team will a realistic alternative of examining a lot of data from various industries to compare/contrast those that did in the turbulent economies of the late 1990s and early 2000s, from those that did not excel.

Easily had one criticism, Collins insists on coining " cute" monikers for the groupings that his team's analyses identify. In good to great, there was the " Hedgehog" concept. Or " Who's on the Bus? " Or the " BHAG". In Great by Choice, he coins phrases like " the 20 mile march", the " 10xers", " SMaC", and so forth, I think the guide would be more credible to an industry professional if the categories were less cute, and much more self-explanatory., When you are a young female entrepreneur and this book is recommended to you, you question whether or not this will be in your real interest. I can't make clear the amount of simple but complex aspects of running a successful business were detailed in this guide. The numerous research renvoi and quoted phrases from CEOs and founders of the "Next Big Thing" reiterates Jim Collins details tenfold. I am so happy I read this guide. The foundations specified by this book can be applied to your lifetime and your business. There is no negative feedback I can leave here on finalization of Great By Choice. Truly motivating and educational., Once I started reading this book, it was hard to put it down. The stories in this book will resonate with people that have the prospective to create billion buck businesses of the future. They will result in this book. If there is one lesson I have taken from all John Collins books is that there is absolutely no secret to success. The recipe for success has ingredients and groups have to learn, put them in practice and live by them. A possibility about " getting lucky", it's not about making big moves and taking big risks. It's about sweating the details and not only taking a look at the upward and down results and reacting to those ups and downs. It's about the stones of detail, about the foundations of universal facts and it's really about the pillars of preparation. That's what I got out of the book.

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