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Another excellent book by John Hogue. His book releases keep getting better along with each passing year. This specific is one book that should be read by everyone considering prophecy in addition to future trends before the year 2017 is over., Waiting to find out how numerous of the predictions become a reality. Fascinating read., Very good read. Glad that I stay in the Midwest., If you are anticipating the 2017 solar eclipse on the United States, or looking back to consider the significance associated with the event, I advise " The American New moon: Earthquake and Tsunami" because a catalyst for your own meditations. As its title indicates, the book offers with the notable sun eclipse transiting the continental United States from the Northwest to the Southeast in August of 2017. Specifically, it handles the potential for earthquakes in addition to tsunamis affecting the US ALL because of this of the passing associated with the eclipse’s shadow over major fault-lines.

John Hogue, this book’s author, is usually a well-known scholar associated with prophecy, political astrologer, in addition to topical commentator. In commemorating this cosmic event, this individual recites incidents of major earthquakes from history that were apparently presaged by sun eclipses. It’s a pretty huge that includes a few of recent history’s the majority of notable quakes and tsunamis (Alaska in 1927, Bay area in 1906, Tohoku within 2011). The implication is actually a statistical correlation that’s hard to ignore. He bolsters this with portentous prophetic writings (primarily, Nostradamus), astrological influences, and even a German born scientific study done in late 1950s. In five chapters in addition to an Introduction, Mr. Hogue gives us his consider on the evidence in addition to implications in very legible prose that ranges through clever, to somber, to be able to humorous, to touching.

Past the statistics and anecdotes associated with history, Mr. Hogue provides a lot of perspective through Nostradamus’ writings. His estimates and interpretations paint the compelling picture through the latter’s most ominous writings regarding our times. He furthermore notes the astrological effects, though not nearly to be able to the degree he really does in John Hogue’s Globally Astrological Predictions for the Real New Year: Sprint 2017 to Spring 2018 (which I consider to be able to be the companion volume to this one).

Many themes weave though this book that will provide food for thought beyond the eclipse event itself. Amongst these are the idea of the vulnerability of the US ALL economy to natural disaster, the mirroring of the state of the US ALL in the legend associated with Atlantis, and how the astrological fate of Chief executive Donald Trump may end up being intertwined with that associated with the United States.

Mr. Hogue is known with regard to his political predictions in addition to he makes several within the course of this book. He made 1 close to the beginning of Section Four that especially struck me. It’s probably more of a predictive observation, but this concerns the status associated with the United States across the year 2034 that I think is an really “right on” summation associated with the root cause associated with all the turmoil within our present time.

Mr. Hogue finishes his guide with some observations about the unapproved narrative associated with human history plus the correspondences of legend. He then speaks about his own plans for “Eclipse Day” which results in a reminiscence regarding his time at Finca Rajneesh with the Native indian philosopher, Osho. This is usually the touching part i hope he’ll expand on in some future function.

" The Great Us Eclipse: Earthquake and Tsunami" is a thoughtful in addition to thought-provoking book according to the significant natural event within these most unnatural of that time period. An open-minded “heads up” whether viewed from the historical, scientific, prophetic, or astrological perspective, it provides warnings worth heeding in addition to insights worth pondering., This specific is another great read from John Hogue, this individual goes step by action to show a possible connection between solar eclipses and large Earthquakes that may occur from a few days to five years after they pass an location, with the degree associated with total darkness also an indication of what locations are the most likely to be established off (and which types can occur but are less likely).

He furthermore touches on other types of " earthquakes" for example economic problems or war that can also possibly accompany these quakes or become sort of personal or economic earthquakes within the own right.

Since of the time separation between some quakes in addition to their aftermath; along along with some good generation info on eclipse/quake theory (as nicely as astrology); this guide is well worth buying even when you might be reading this review AFTER August 21st, 2017 - BUY THE GUIDE ANYWAY!

You will end up being glad you did!, I first heard about the theory connecting eclipses along with seismic events years ago about the radio from John. Since then, the proof has proven that presently there IS a correlation as he asserts.

Very interesting in addition to worth reading., Love the insights around the history at the rear of North Korea and the world dynamics. Just about any, written well., Hopefully not the worse case scenarios even though. Bought my first guide by Mr. Hogue in Edgar Cayce's A. Ur. E. Center in Las vegas Beach back in the early 90"s. Have been reading his material actually since.

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