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I possess read three of this author's collections and Now i'm just done. I do not believe Ms. Sinclair has any actual development with military or regulation enforcement, nor does she bother to find an expert to seek advice from with. The particular way she skips over, through and around processes is too much to allow me to postpone my disbelief which is critical to enjoying any story.

There are many instances in these textbooks where a decision or action is necessary to the storyline but is ridiculous coming from an experienced veteran--especially of spec ops!

Finally, the writer REQUIREMENTS AN EDITOR! I simply cannot take one more careful or weariness when cautious or wariness is obviously meant. Misspellings and whole word displacement, added and missing words are quite common throughout.

I read 3 collections for less than each but the price was the only reason I read anything after the first. The character development is nonexistent, the pace too fast to believe, the sex scenes repetitive and too forgettable with sometimes ridiculous timing story-wise.

That will said, if you need a cheap, quick read--these qualify. Nevertheless they are not always light, although the GWS textbooks do give HEA to all. Overall I discovered them barely satisfactory as amusement., I liked having this whole series available at 1 time. Each book just adds new players, right up until you really feel like you know the whole "family" of this security team. Characters are brought in from in your first set of stories, so the "family" just retains growing. Only one of these six stories disappointed me... with way too little action and almost continuous sex. And the use of the word "weary" a couple of times when the author obviously means "wary" was a distraction., I thoroughly liked this book bundle, each character and all of their complicated lives, earlier and present. Some might admit all of those things can't really eventually one family, but I understand different, it does to mine all of the time. Anyway it was an extremely good read with great characters and exciting story lines.
I WOULD eagerly recommend this guide bundle to anyone of course after reading the first Grey Wolf Security bundle!!!, Great ultimately! I truly enjoyed this series as much as the original Gray Wolf Security Series. They are all family and have each others back., I love all the Gray Wolf books as well as Glenna's Dragon Security books. I'm looking forward to learning much more of Glenna's books. My only complaint is the enhancing by whomever does it. Now i'm finding numerous typos, abused words & timeline discrepancies. It's very difficult to find your own errors as I am well aware of and Now i'm not very good with punctuations myself. I do recommend reading her textbooks though & ignoring the errors., it's a good series, good developed character types in each book therefore you got to know all of them. A very important factor We did not expect it to be so visual at some points in the books, almost reading a porn. Should rated the book at the very least NC 17. Wish completely a warning., A little too much overt sexual intercourse for me. But i! m an old married woman. The series experienced twists, turns, flashbacks, and great characters. Would recommend to anyone buying a passionate series with mystery, sexual intercourse, action, and happy endings., I've read two of the Gray Wolf Security Sequence now and I highly recommend them to anyone that loves the mystery/thriller genre. Glenna Sinclair did an excellent job of interweaving the two series together and the characters are all involved within an intrigue filled journey of their own. I spent many a late night getting through these books and loved every single book.

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