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Great book. Hope someday it will be reproduced with a a lot more modern typesetting system just like LaTex or something., This specific is what you should label in order in order to understand the the principle as well as the issues. It will be organized and presented in a way that permits you to dip your toes in the principle before diving into the details., The best guide for a serious intro to general relativity in addition to gravitation - after seeking many other, Deep nevertheless clear. I m only just starting but love it already. This is the traditional book on gravity., I think it is the best book for examine of gravity., I have got had access to this book for only about a month. Most physics-oriented books mix abstractness with mistakes, making their books of less value than getting useless. Most mathematics books take the usual look at: why make a subject comprehensible when with a little work, your guide can be totally incomprehensible. The book "Gravitation" simply by Wheeler, Thorne, and so forth will be the best book I have seen both coming from the viewpoint from the math, as well as Physics. Hoever, I still advise utilizing the book "Gravitation" with the books by Spain, Sokolnikoff, and Civita simply by your side (as a double check). I likewise advise books that supply more comprehensive coverage of subjects for example Manifold principle and the Calculus of Variations, and even an e book or two working with Differential Geometry., Not much in order to say. It has everything., This book with their three distinguished authors will be the definition of a classic. Beyond its considerable heft, sufficient in itself in order to bend local space-time, it presents the material in a way which will be intuitive and rigorous in order to the physics … nevertheless in a language common to the modern presentation of the mathematics.
The student is often confronted with the unfamiliar notation of Einstein’s method of presenting differential angles, and his General Principle. A similar student who provides not seen GR before, but who has taken university physics, and learned advanced calculus, feels familiar with the language of gear forms, tangent spaces, inner products, and manifolds . but often feels misplaced in the tensorial presentation. Should i already know this specific math? … Is right now there some vast theory I must master before actually reading this material?
Wheeler et al. resolve this problem simply by providing a bridge between all three perspectives in addition to languages. So one may view the physical theory, the Einstein notation and the modern manifold presentation all connected, and describing the same thing. Masterful.

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