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We have read the first Nana Fartybutt and look forward to many more. With regard to it's true you know, that we all blow geezers throughout the day and night. Typically the secret is to keep that sphincter really, really tight. For try as you will, and try as you might, there comes a time when it feels as if your fart could light the night time. It could be today, or tonight that the farts come so fast and all together, you begin to imagine it is the weather. But no, it's not thunder, at least not from a storm. Not again, it's farts tougher than the norm. As we age and grow less young, many changes take place and farts any. Many of the foods which have nourished us well, no longer melt so smoothly and our guts begin to swell. They will swell and grow as the gas builds up. Till, if we don't let it out, it will keep coming back up. So please try to be tolerant of them what are old. Since their farts go out be they silent or bold. They can not be stopped they must be released. So don't laugh and point, don't hold your nose, and gasp and pant, for the alternate to relief is loaded up pants. Reading this book has made me quite foolish. Well, in truth, my children show me I've always been silly. However as I have aged We have learned not to try to keep it to myself or it is about out willy nilly. I'm uncertain why the alliteration has folded so fast and pardon for putting you to rest., I got this book for my 7 year old granddaughter and myself to read together. Once I read it, and especially after hearing the free audio tracks download, which is done with an english accent, I knew it was one my entire flatulent family would find chuckle out loud funny. I just wish it was a longer story. Regarding course, that's what the remaining series of books are for., No clear., Disturbing to read. My Nana never darts that stinky, and if she do it at th electronic table, I think the girl would say, sorry or excuse me at the very least., No audio...
Please don't to the point of this is that you have any questions about how we to contact them and see the actual say about it. Scam and, Our children thought it was hilarious at first, but then again they are young boys. Their feelings about the book altered by the conclusion though. I didn't quite find any humor in it, in fact I think it teaches the wrong concept to kids in order to encourages people greeting the other person with a fart and/or realizing them by their fart. Clearly it isn't intended for children, it is more along the outlines of toilet humor and my boys even said at the conclusion of it that behavior like that is not what is acceptable. THAT came from a 5 year olds mouth. revised Aug 15, 2014 the following: I have since had some teachers in our children's universities read through this as well, and might I add they were speechless. Typically the comments ranged from inches I am appalled at it being recommended for young children" to "No wonder we have the types of kids we have to deal with that clearly show no manners, so that it is far more difficult to maintain the classroom as it should be". And kudos to the person whom taken to my attention I had inadvertently given this a 5star rating( indeed not on purpose as associated with NOT FOR CHILDREN) HOWEVER, I HAVE GOT TO BE FAIR TO THE AUTHOR!! If outlined as off color wit in another classification, the book does flow, is well written and illustrated, has no grammar errors and therefore would qualify that "5-star rating". Provided it was listed for Teens and upwards associated with "Adults" but I still stand convicted it is not a "children's book"!, I truly got quite a chuckle because of this oh-so-funny rhyming fart book! Especially when I listened to the audio tracks version which is told about in a delightful English accent! The story is very funny and cute and the descriptive illustrations really enhance the story tremendously. Whether you're a kid, or a kid at heart, if you have a sense of humor, you will really enjoy Granny Fartybutt!, Great product! I love it!

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