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Before I get head extended into my review, Personally i think the need to provide a couple of information of details about personally, in order that anyone who might check out this can understand the perspective. I'm a forty yr old, married, woman. We have been with my spouse for 12 years. I have a 8 year old boy and and a 13 year old step-daughter. I also just finished reading/reviewing Country Heaven, another book by the same author. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed of which book. Now for the review.

I " enjoyed" this book, only due to another characters in the story. There is a sixteen year old boy, which i liked more than the h, Peggy. There's the " larger than life" poker player that I liked more than I liked Peggy. There are even some fringe characters(the poker babes, for example) that I enjoyed even more than Peggy.
I almost gave up reading this book, because I was grinding the teeth with just regarding everything that she did/said. The character development, for everybody except the h, kept me reading. By the time Peggy got it together, it just seemed too little to overdue. I still don't realize what the H(Mac) found so appealing. Also it absolutely boggles my mind, at exactly how sweet and lovable her son is. You understand the saying about apples and trees? Well, her son's apple fell REALLY Definately not the tree. I completely understand if anyone studying this thinks that Now i'm being harsh. If you take the time to read this specific book, then you just might find yourself agreeing with me.
Peggy was just way as well... insert rude adjective right here.... to warrant the endurance, that everyone displayed toward her. I understand of which there was A Large amount of buried pain there, nevertheless the h's actions were WAY over the top. This was not a fun read for me. If you like a good dose of aggravation, any time you're seeking to enjoy the story, then this may be the book for you. Or else, you've been warned., I rarely give books these kinds of a low rating. I really liked the first book in this series plus enjoyed the second 1. This I had in order to struggle to finish. The particular main male character was obviously a price charming type. Plus the main female character Peggy, was a nasty, bad woman without the ability to be decent in order to people. She treats Mac pc rudely through the entire book and he just maintains coming back for more. She is rude with her family members and friends, calling her friend Jill names just like moron and idiot. By simply the end of the book I was dreaming about a plot twist where Mac leaves her plus finds someone better. I don't understand why so many reviewers commented exactly how much they disliked the character Peggy but provided it 4 and five star ratings. I almost certainly won't read the following book in this collection because she kept talking about how similar Abbie plus Rhett (the characters in book 4) were in order to Mac and Peggy plus I can't stomach another book like book a few., I think 's Miles might just have to be considered my favorite relationship writer. Not only are the stories great but they aren't written in the formula. Each one has been a slightly different style coming from the others. And the writing is so good. I discovered my first mistake with this book and it was this type of simple typo. There was a skipped space so two phrases ran together. Horrors! Nevertheless see I really have a problem with the ordinary book which usually is so riddled with typos that it can be quite difficult to read the history. To read a book of which has one, and a good insignificant one at of which, is really a blessing. Editing is not what it used in order to be.

If you really like a well crafted history, interesting characters, who survive interesting but believable life, then these are the books for you., This is the second Challenge book I have go through, but I don't understand if there will be another. I suppose we must possess these stubborn, totally independent, female heroines to make up for the simpering lasses of the past. However, first Jill, then Peggy are incredibly over the best in this area, of which I disliked Jill, plus just hated Peggy. This was hard to think that Mac would see something in her. She was so hateful, rude plus carried her grudges past acceptable. The sexual appeal was supposed to override all the other character flaws. I don't consider so. The plots associated with both books are good, but I like to see young couples bounce off each additional, learn from each additional, and grow together. The particular constant war of wills was tiring in both books., Some enjoy this specific book at all. I really enjoyed Nora Roberts Land, but I have enjoyed books two and about three a lot less. To me, I hated Peggy. She was cold, scheming, vindictive, and so forth. I get that the girl was damaged by her previous marriage and her relationship ready father, but really- who behaves just like that? How she experienced friends was beyond myself.

Her character is totally unlikeable. It's hard to go through and enjoy a history and wish for a delighted ending where certainly one of the main characters is a horrible person through 95% in the book. This is the last book in this specific series I will go through., I think as the series, they have potential plus has a lot associated with very entertaining moments, sweet romance too. BUT, I really a new hard time liking this heroine... He is yummy and lovable, Mac's a 10 but she's a b... God have mercy! Too grouchy, too stubborn, too much of a cynic, I couldn't locate a single attribute about her that I would just like in a friend. Her only redeeming quality is that she gets a fantastic son... But that's regarding it. Kept reading it till the end because I'm looking forward in order to read the next book in the series, hopping that it takes the turn to get the best with the next installment., I had developed the tough time finishing this specific book. I use read quite a few of this specific authors books and possess enjoyed them. Not in this case. The heroine, Peggy, has several issues with the occupation in the hero due to the problems she had with her relationship ready father. Understandable. However, as created, Peggy comes across as judgemental, inflexible, vindictive, plus downright mean. I didn't want to find one likeable point about her so I had a lots of difficulty understanding why the main character falls in love ready. He was written as a good guy. Presently there is a subplot relating to the hero's sister and their best ally, which I enjoyed, which is why I eventually finished the book.

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