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Hawkins and Towell is a very good reference grammar of written and, to some extent, spoken French. It is best suitable to intermediate or superior levels, although curious and motivated beginners would also profit. The second version is a definite improvement on the first.

Remember "reference"--it is not a standalone self-teaching grammar. If you are studying on your own and then you’re a beginner, you will want another book to walk you through French grammar from the basic principles up. However, the clarity and the business of Hawkins and Towell make it a valuable companion to the one student who might not find things explained fully in a step-by-step grammar., The book arrived earlier and gave me exactly what I was expecting. Very clear and simple explanations for a complex language in comparison with the Spanish language. We have a few days and nights with the fabric and We am really glad with it. The glossary has all I always require from a book. Get it and you will master this important European terminology. Recommed for self educating and for a quick and deep review., We originally checked this away at my local catalogue and it was so helpful and chuck full of information I decided to buy the book. If you are serious about learning French the correct way this is the publication for you. It is very easy to find the information and material that you might want. It is down to earth and in simple terminology with tables and illustrations so you will completely understand what you are reading. I can't say enough relating to this book it is simply simply should be on everyone's bookshelf., Simply put, this really is the very best book on French I have ever come across, so much so that We acquired it on the spot, which is something I very rarely do. It is well-organized, has wonderful examples, and has a particularly good segment on adverbs. Although most grammars are simply grammars, I think this is a wonderful book for vocabulary expansion because of all the examples provided, as well as for the most part translations are provided for both phrases and personal words. In addition, it has a very good index, which is always good in a book, especially so thorough a book. Among the best and most easily-overlooked conveniences is usually that the formal or colloquial usages are noted right alongside the rest instead than being put in seperate formal or colloquial chapters which would complicate things too much for the student.
I'm not sure how the beginning student would find this book though, but I think We would've liked to have it when I first started away. Perhaps some pronunciation instructions would help, but We really don't feel that the lack thereof is particularly damaging., I'm glad I've finally a significant grammar book for French. It's an extremely helpful reference. The earlier review mentioned that the cover is hideous but I have to say, the cover is *not* a challenge.
There are notes on the dissimilarities between " written" and " spoken" French. Overall, this is a great book. Easy to use. Even though you're a complete beginner, you should not have a problem., How would you describe the plot of this book?

Amazon asked, so We say " full of surprises", as I know *nothing* about your fourth edition, that is to say, how does it compare to the 3rd? I have your fourth in front of me, and find it a well ordered publication, as clear and accessible as a French grammar could be, but will any user familiar with the sequence of editions have anything to say about #4? The only thing the authors have to say is that they have revised the data on the French vocable " gens" and " personne".

A note or two on " Four':

1) there is not any information, other than the most solely accidental, on phonology or orthography here,

2) certain important aspects of French idiom, like the idomatic uses of the indefinite pronoun " en" with certain verbs are given quick shrift. This phenomenon, often puzzling to the foreigner, is duly noted and a short list, 8 or 10 usages, is laid before the reader. There's no good reason that a much more inclusive list couldn't be printed here. More room, of course, but is actually not a really long publication. Also

3) both authors are non-native-speakers. They talk about (on the title page), a third person who is a " native speaker consultant" or something to that effect. Now, I'm not one to hammer on the " only native speakers are fully authoritative" argument, in fact I think it's almost as unhelpful ? awkward ? obstructive ? uncooperative as, say, the United states obsession with race, but I expect some possible purchasers may want a book which was as least actively co-authored by a person who absorbed French with their father's sententiousness, their mother's babbling, and their siblings' quarreling, with admixtures of tripe from the media that put American and other rubbish into their yet unsophisticated ears.

Edition #3 is much cheaper, and, being short of cash, I am tempted to order that one. Wouldn't it be a mistake? Surely someone of you professors can extra a minute from your battles with each other. " Thanks in advance", as they say, and let's hope President Trump doesn't shut down the university and put us all in camps. An individual know he can't possibly like people who read French, or use it by any means., I am a French Teacher and this is a key part of my library for that extra resource on grammar. It offers very clear and well thought out explanations for each and every grammar point that a student of French would need to know. Coupled with the large examples it really is an insightful text. Almost all that is lacking is exercises to oractice the grammar they present. Nevertheless there are many grammar drill books that can easily fill that hole.

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