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I'm 68 years old, failing to remember everything, obese and out there of shape. I've lost and gained weight so many times I really could have made three different people. I didn't feel like doing anything, much less exercise. My nails were non-existent, my hair limp and thinning.

UNTIL I actually read this book! In three weeks of following this new way of dwelling (it is NOT just a diet! ) I've lost 13 lbs, have happily started an exercise program, and have more energy than I've had in years! I'm never hungry, I actually get to eat all sorts of meats and cheeses and veggies, and I avoid even bother counting calorie consumption. The supplements he suggests have made an almost instant difference - my nails are stronger and growing long, my skin is way better, and my overall mood is vastly improved. This is my way of life from here on out, and i also strongly recommend this book to everyone. It was like taking blinders off, and being able to see again. Thank you, Dr Perlmutter, for this wonderful book, and for the back upwards help from your website!, One of the most successful many I ever met told me that, " your data talks". In other words, data is vital to evaluating trends, success, and failure. Dr. Perlmutter presents the information and backs it up with data. Myself, I removed grains from my life and saw an improvement in my thinking ability, lost weight, regained regular sleeping and bowel habits, to become much more energetic. Go through this book and foolow the advice in order to improve your health., What Grain Brain Did for me personally

I read the book, Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD right before Christmas of 2013. It changed everything I actually thought I knew about as well as its relationship to health. You really should read it. Really dont think we can change how we eat without changing how we feel about food. This specific book mixed dough for me. I’ve lost (at last check) 18. 2 lbs . (April 26, 2014), and that’s without exercise, which I’ve never been able to do. It’s also without going around hungry, which all other diets have made me do. A person do not count calorie consumption or carbs, or body fat, or anything. You just eat what’s good for you: Fat - plenty of it, meats, vegetables, eggs, cheese, salads, almonds, seeds (my new favorite snack is Pepitas, which they have at Publix). I actually eat all I want, and when I’ve had enough, that’s it. I eat a lot less than I used to because I’m getting enough fat in my diet, and not stuffing myself with ineffective breads, crackers, chips, and pasta – which just make me hungrier and hungrier. Of course, you understand me – those were my favorites. You could not pay me now to eat that things.

Read the book, please! It will change your health, not simply the size. What I’ve gained are increased energy, lots less brain fog, joints moving better (do not damage all the time), less headaches – much less, stomach troubles are now no, and before, I was always gaseous or had diarrhea, or maybe was harming generally speaking. Those are completely gone. Can you picture not feeling sick in your stomach? I couldn’t either. It was a constant for me personally, in some form or fashion, ALL THE PARTICULAR TIME.

My labs were checked in February, after just two months, and my doc was blown away. I had been no longer in the diabetic range and my liver functions had normalized. She could not believe how much better I actually said I felt. The depression has lifted hugely. I could go on all day about how exactly much better I feel, but I actually want YOU to feel better too. I’m not asking you to improve anything at all. I’m just requesting to read this book. A person make the mind. A person decide what’s best for you. I actually do not do everything exactly like the book says. I have chosen and chosen what I actually think is best for me. The great thing about this, the author is not simply one man with a theory. He backs upwards everything he says with research from around the globe. He really knows his stuff. He also has a good website with a lot of articles to read: [... ] When you want your overall health again, it’s time to read, Grain Brain!, I ADORE THIS BOOK__WOW! This is the most informative, credible, heavily-referenced book on Gluten-intolerance and brain
health out there. The particular author is both a neurologist and nutrition expert. He says to STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING WITH GLUTEN. Don't just buy Gluten-free breads and crackers and flours. Proceed wheat-less with no substitutes. He or she also says to eliminate anything at all with Gluten including shampoos and skin lotions and many other products that you would never suppose had Gluten in them. He offers lists of products and foods to avoid, lists of things to remove from your kitchen, and lists of things to buy instead. He goes into natural detail why gluten is destructive. In case you just read the first two chapters you will be 10x better off than you were before. I am well-versed in fat/carbs/gluten subjects of the day but this book is at the top of the heap. Listen to this man., Dr Perlmutter is extremely interesting and speaks to the 'layman' in phrases of pure understanding. If your Dr has'nt read his book, he/she is simply NOT in the NOW! A revolutionary book that is sure to cause a mix in the world of nutrition and health. This is a downright 'Game Changer' and will not be ignored. I acquired 4 copies and get moving them around as soon as I actually possibly can. Truly amazing knowledge to be had!!!, Understand the current trend against gluten. Costly encouragement to see if you can solve some problems by yourself for the price of a used book. If you need mindset reading to visit low-carb, twenty-five grams to eternity, this book is essential. Unusual collection of facts about grains that you would take years to amass and then interpret done by a first-class benefactor of ordinary people. Get a part of this guy's brain. You will feel more comfortable immediately. In this situation yet, knowledge is power. You can internalize this book to great effect. " Wheat Belly" is your next read.

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