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Like all comedy, there is a tragedy playing out there here. It's just amusing because it's happening to omeone else. The Quality Cricketer might look at the life of a weekend warrior but it offers insights into life as a weekend worrier - a young man as unsure about his place in the world when he is about his spot in the team. Since such it makes for uncomfortable reading at times and can leave you feeling a little sad for all involved, including yourself. It's kind of like the Muriel's Wedding of amatuer sport, illuminating the unquiet desperation of life in the suburbs. The laughs are awkward and unsettling as they are a little too near to home. By doing so it reminded me, in parts, of another fictional memoir. The Durian Effect, by Richard Tong. A person haven't lived it but the authors enables you to feel like you lived through it. You can relate to it perhaps a little too well even though you're not like that, are you? Well performed, lads. Well played., We are all acquainted with the history of Grumpy Cat, the Arizona feline that shot to prominence being an internet meme in 2012, then – thanks to some canny management – diversified into books, a movie and iced beverages. Today, following a similar path, we have the Quality Cricketer, which began as a cult Twitter accounts and has now coalesced into a novel, in time for the 2015-16 cricket season.

Where Grumpy Cat offered mainly aesthetic humour, though, The Quality Cricketer book is rich with pointed, often-hilarious observations about amateur cricket culture and its discontents. Like any good novel, it is about with its own vernacular: the words ‘chop’, ‘champed’, ‘pipes’ and ‘rig’ dot the pages like freckles on an Australian forearm. Using this artillery of slang and some astute personality sketches, the three authors track our narrator’s journeys when he revels in – and sometimes resists – the claustrophobic world of grade-level cricket.

These features of the book elevate The Grade Cricketer from the two dimensions and a hundred and forty characters of a Twitter feed to a fully-realised character, the one that all beginner sports people and their long-suffering important others will relate to. Amongst the ideas, there are enough gags to have you chuckling away the next rain delay, and some descriptive prose that brings the sleepy game of cricket to life.

If the Grumpy Cat empire is any guide, more items in the Grade Cricketer operation can’t be far off: perhaps another book, then a movie, then a Gray-Nicolls tie-in. While we wait for all that, let’s just enjoy this well-paced, nicely-realised debut of a novel., For those of us who have performed cricket at suburban levels nationwide, there is much to identify within this book.

The authors catch the culture of cricket clubs from nicknames to stories to boozing to its alpha male centre.

It contains an root story of the narrator's career and development.

For those who enjoy what are the results at suburban cricket golf clubs might get a chuckle out of this.

It is extremely blokey.., From the Twitter account. Brilliant, especially if you have any experience with cricket.

If you enjoy this guide, then I would recommend you try  The Vincibles: A Suburban Cricket Season . The excellent writer Gideon Haigh writes about his own provincial cricket club. There may well be a line of thinking of truth in it; -), Well written by obvious cricketing tragics. Would have been more amusing but it cuts so near to the bone. A quiet read and a delightful accompaniment to the Twitter account, " It's OK" is the perfect summary - the smart and funny patches are stretched a little very finely to make it good., Enjoyable but not as good as the tweets feed., A great yarn with some really amusing episodes

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