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An amazing, personal tale, dramatic in the manner only true stories can be. As an legal professional, I alternated between nodding me in solemn contract with the author's sound and persuasive arguments, and shaking me in apprehension at the incompetent ruin provided by your Texas. As a human being, I started out with shuddering attaque at the injustice of Dewayne's story, but resulted in tears at the unbreakable bond between two men who started as legal professional and client, but ended as friends and spiritual brothers. As uplifting as Dewayne's ending is, the grueling struggle to get to that ending should infuriate you. Definitely, you should buy this guide. Absolutely, you should read it. But even more than that, you should let it be an inspiration to you, a call to further action., I could not put this book down!! The creator does a fantastic job of telling his and Dewayne's story with accuracy and humanity. Sadly Dewayne's story is not as uncommon as we would like to think, and it is important that stories like Dewayne are told and observed and read. This guide captures a reader's interest and heart and encourages him or her to consider ways to help others like Dewayne (reminiscent of Bryan Stevenson's Just Mercy). It gives us a glimpse of the dark underside of our criminal justice system and confronts uncomfortable matters like contest, poverty, prosecutorial misconduct and capital punishment without lecturing and also manages to leaves you inspired to do more. There exists a message of hope and positive outlook and faith inspite of the heartbreaking miscarriage of justice that provides the basis for the book., The story of DeWayne Brown's experience with the US justice system, as beautifully comprehensive in the book, is disappointing. Unfortunately it's not at all surprising. Thankfully, a group of dedicated professionals, led by the compassionate author, sought to right a wrong that should never have happened to begin with. The recounting of the crime, trial and subsequent release of Mr. Brownish is eloquent, and intertwined with other relevant informative cases. The author is not afraid to show his own vulnerability and tell this powerful story from a truly human being perspective. The most important lesson I learned is the power of tenaciousness and beauty. DeWayne Brown and Brian Stolarz both embody those principles in their normal life., Brian Stolarz isn't very just everything you'd want your lawyer to be (brilliant, dedicated, ferociously hard working, a good fan base, a good counselor, and a friendly person with a sense of humor), he's everything you'd want your storyteller to be (witty, perceptive, insightful, reflecting, and funny). This is a must-read for all who's ever thought about life " on the other side". On the other hand of the tracks, on the other side of the fence, on the other side of the glass partition, basically on the other side of where most of us live every day. Brian tells a gripping story about confronting insurmountable odds and overcoming them through perseverence, dedication, prayer and - most of all - friendship. Buy this guide. Give this book as a surprise to someone you like. You won't regret it., As a trial attorney, a long-time supporter of the death penalty, and a Republican, this guide has changed me forever. It is quite well written and, hopefully, may serve to change the opinions of many prosecutors and some in the judiciary. I was horrified to see what Justice Scalia wrote about an innocent man, condemned to death for a crime he never committed, a man he or she knew was innocent and yet, allowed to be executed. Justice Scalia wrote many great opinions during his time on SCOTUS, but that one was not one of these! Shame on you, Justice Scalia, disgrace! Read this book, it will eventually change your mind., Good read. If it's the best justice system in the world, this should NEVER happen., I would recommend this book to anyone. Everyone should be aware of the embarassment of the justice system, especially in Texas, especially as it pertains to the death penalty. This guide made me angry, frustrated, and in the end it made me weep tears of relief. If only everyone had someone to fight for them just how Brian fought for Dewayne., When I read the address of the apartments where Dewayne resided, I had to read this story. From 1959 to 1969 I experienced lived just a few blocks from his home! I emerged to value him as the author had. I had no real view about the death penalty but now I see obviously why it must be abolished. Oh, the corruption in the system I had developed always believed in!

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