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The particular authors of this publication present a thoroughly absorbing account of Grace as it was understood during the Reformation. I appreciated their emphasis that Elegance is God's reply to human sin, a recurring theme in this examine. God's reply to our need for Grace is found in Christ. This realisation has significant implications for how the people of Grace choose to live. After exploring the meaning of Grace in the first part of the book, the 2nd part identifies the church seeing it as a manifestation of Grace. Preaching is key and a means through which Grace becomes a fact to the hearers. Whenever preaching takes place, the hearers are confronted with their own spiritual condition and their need for Grace. That need is met in Christ. Elegance cannot be separated from Christ and life lived in Him., Very helpful publication. Literally shaped my understand of Luther in light of Augustine., We are quickly approaching the 500-year anniversary of the wedding that individuals often date the Reformation back to — Martin Luther’s nailing of his 95 thesis to the doors of Wittenberg. As we approach this anniversary, there are certain to be many books and articles written on the importance of and reflections about the Reformation and its impact on our theology today. And rightfully so.

A new New Series

The type of textbooks comes to us since the fifth, and final volume level, in a series from Zondervan. The series is called “The 5 Solas Series: The particular Reformers Taught … and Why That Still Matters. ” We reviewed the four prior volumes in this series here, here, here, and here

Now, allow me personally to introduce to you the fifth and last volume in the series, written by WTS professor and pastor, Carl Trueman — Grace Alone: Solution As A Gift of God. In the intro to this volume, Trueman sums up the primacy of grace in the Christian's life and his expect this book:

" Grace is the center of the Christian gospel. It is a doctrine that touches the very depths of human presence because it not only reveals to us the very heart of Our god but draws us back in that valuable communion with him that was so tragically lost at the fall. It is my hope that this little publication will help direct you not only into an improved doctrinal understanding of the issue but in addition give you a more glorious vision of the God whom you worship" (19).

The necessity for Clearness

Grace is one of the people things that everyone is willing and eager to talk about, but often with very different meanings and understandings. As long as we keep the concept of grace in the abstract, almost all people and all religions will jump on panel. However, once we define sophistication biblically — God's favour shown to us through the sacrificial life, loss of life, and resurrection of Jesus on our behalf — now that's a different story.

In this publication, Carl Trueman does something but keep the idea of grace in the subjective. In fact , he says in the introduction: " To be able to discuss grace is to discuss Christ" (18). Biblically and theologically defined and understood, you cannot have one without the other.

The Reformers understood this, and therefore flew the banner of sola gratia (by grace alone) as one of their five solas of the Reformation. The truth that solution relates to us by sophistication alone was no small matter to the Reformers 500 years ago, and it should be no small matter to us today.

The Structure

In order to help us better determine what the Reformers taught by sola gratia, and why that matters for us today, Carl Trueman has written the brand new book, which is composed of two elements.

In the first part, he looks at the biblical understanding of sophistication, in the and Brand new Testaments, then a brief look at the historical advancement understanding grace from Augustine through the Reformation. After giving a brief biblical theology of sophistication in chapter 1, the next two chapters give attention to Augustine's understanding of sophistication, including his debates with Pelagius. In chapter 4, we are introduced to " an urgent ally" in Thomas Aquinas, demonstrating that a robustly biblical understanding of grace was in existence and well even in the center ages. The last two chapters of this first part take a look at how two of the most influential Reformers — Luther and Calvin — understood grace.

Regarding the pervasiveness of the word and concept of grace in Scripture, Trueman notes:

" No theology that credibly claims to be biblical can avoid addressing it. From the fall of Adam and Eve and God's decision to spare them from immediate destruction, the story of God's connection to human beings is the story of sophistication. It relates the historical outworking of his unfair, unjustified, unwarranted favor in the direction of humanity as he restrains evil and actively works to save his people from effects of the sinful rebellion" (48).

Within the second part of the book, Trueman appears at the practical implications of a Reformation understanding of grace. In chapter 7, he looks at the church itself as a means of sophistication towards us. Then, in chapter 8 he offers with God's Word preached as a means of grace to His people, and in chapter 9 he looks at the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's Supper as another means of sophistication. Finally, in chapter 10, he explains why plea should also be considered a means of sophistication. Trueman says: " Plea, like the church, is not something that will be of all 'done' by us. It is done by God and given to us as a means of realizing The lord's purposes within our lives" (234).

For some readers, the inclusion of these last 4 chapters seems a little odd in a publication concentrating on the Reformation understanding of grace. Trueman remarks:

" Someone might be surprised to get the culmination of this volume to be chapters on the chapel, on preaching, on the sacraments, and on plea. But this makes perfect sense, for these are the means by which Our god acts in the here and now in grace in the direction of all of us, and these are things in and through which we face God's sophistication and by which The lord's grace should seize hold of us. To think of grace is not to think of the theological equivalent of a quadratic equation or a chemical formula. To think of grace is to be personally confronted with Our god, and thus no account of grace can omit exploration of the place, ways, and ways of that confrontation" (157).


This series by Zondervan has been a great look at the Reformation's understanding of the five solas and why those continue to be important for all of us as believers today. And Carl Trueman's volume ending the series on sophistication is a great capstone to this important series. Inside this volume, as in another four, you will leave with a much more thorough biblical, organized, and historic understanding of the doctrine of grace and its important important to the local church. We am impressed by this volume level, and this series, and would wholeheartedly encourage you to purchase a copy by yourself.

In accordance with FTC regulations, I would really prefer to say thanks to Zondervan publishers for providing me with a review copy of this publication in exchange for a fair and honest review., It should be no real surprise, at this point in 2017, that this year is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The particular year that Martin Luther nailed the 95 These on the door of the Wittenberg Chapel, the act that sparked the Reformation. During the Reformation there is a resurgence in theological understanding summarized in the teachings of the Five Solas. These 5 Solas are by bible verses Alone, by faith only, by grace alone, by Christ alone, to the Glory of God Alone.

These pillars of the Reformation continue to be alive today comma yet they need to be re-established since the centrality of what Christian believers believe. To that ending Zondervan has produced new number of books called, The particular Five Solas Series. Each and every book in the series examines one of the Five Solas. The one under review today is that of, Grace Alone: Salvation as a Gift of God: What the Reformers Taught... And Why it Still Matters, by Carl R Truman.

Truman is a noted college student at Westminster Theological On;ine seminary and is very well-versed in this topic. Elegance Alone, is split up into two parts. The first part studies by grace only in the context of scripture and history as the second part Studies by grace alone in the context of the chapel. Each of these chapters is jam-packed full of exemplary exegesis and application to the modern reader. This book is unique in the sense it links the gap between educational and popular level examine.

Furthermore this book would be the best treatments on the main topics how salvation is by grace alone ever to be produced in short form. Therefore I highly recommend it to every Christian who desires to develop in their faith, be it Pastor, Bible college student, Sunday school, or Congregant who was looking to develop their faith as they study the importance of how God's love shown by his grace in the work of Jesus Christ is the only way for salvation from our sin.

This guide was provided to me totally free from Zondervan in swap to have an unbiased, honest review.

Grace Alone: Salvation as a Gift of God: What the Reformers Taught... And Why it Still Issues,

© 2072 Carl L. Truman

Publisher: Zondervan

Web page Count: 272 Pages

ISBN: 978-0310515760

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