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Gosh my review on this book is long overdue. I've been meaning to post it, but life has been hetic. That being said now on to my review....

First off I have to say this is not the usual type of guide I would read. Certain I wish to read relationships. But I wasn't certain things to except when I actually started to read this. But what I got had not been the things i was expecting and not in a bad way. This book was so much more. This specific book was the first book I've read from Mrs. House.

I love an e book that has a plot that captures my attention from the starting and holds it until the final. And Mrs. House does that. She had me laughing from the beginning to the final, in a good way.

Proper from the start Zoe's character had me having a laugh. Zoe is smart and kind and funny, though I do have to admit she might be a little naive about some things.

Also I feel in love with Branson's character right away. An individual could tell that this individual really had made a change in his life and was trying to good on what he was handed in life.

There have been a couple of character's in the book which i tried to like, but just couldn't find me personally liking even in the end. You'll see spinning program so well if you read it. I even tried to put myself in their positions and couldn't find myself doing what they did.

I will say this though this guide has a lot of scripture in it and i also thought that would throw the guide off for me. But it didn't and it really worked for this guide and what it involved. This book is absolutely about Faith, Trust and Second Chances.

I've already suggested this guide to a whole lot of people. Definitely give this book 5 stars!!!, This books was a good book a great inspiration I started it less than two several hours ago nd I've read the whole thing this book teaches u things like #1 don't determine people by their pasts #2 believe in Our god no matter Trust in him whatever he will always lead you in the right directions, Not really having any prior experience of this author, I was happily surprised to find me personally immediately pulled into the story and entertained right from the first page. I really liked Zoe as she's very easy to relate to and contains an amusing personality. Her job at the weird create store, in blend with her sarcastic tendencies and frank thoughts, makes for some very humorous moments! The woman find it difficult to follow God's will is very interesting, in light of the reality that her parents are telling--practically demanding--her to do exactly the opposite of what she feels Our god wants.

Branson's past includes some of the worst stuff possible--from a human viewpoint, at least--and though I actually was initially shocked, I actually actually really liked the boldness that the creator showed in giving him or her such a sordid past, thereby displaying the extremity of God's forgiveness and love, and the energy it has to change even the darkest of lives. I liked how Branson was such a nice guy and so awesome with his kids--completely different than you would expect him to be, considering his past. His / her kids added some sweet times to the history, and the sub-plot with regards to Branson's dual-custody of them was quite interesting; I actually wish somewhat more time would have been devoted to it.

Much of the plot revolves around law vs grace, and while it's appropriate in the context of the storyplot, it does come off somewhat preachy. There's quite somewhat of God speaking to people throughout, though not necessarily audibly. Much of this I thought was really cool, liked when Zoe would know God was encouraging her to blindly do the right thing in the midst of the difficult situation... but at other times it was just somewhat too much and felt unrealistic. I'm not here to debate the biblical aspects, but I will admit both the "law" and the "grace" attributes are depicted as fairly extreme, and people in the "grace" camp struck me as being somewhat charming.

The story started out extremely strong for me, but as it progressed I become less encouraged. It's hard to discuss without giving spoilers (which I won't do), but I can safely say that a few things--the situation with Zoe's Dad, in particular--took some turns that were rather unpleasant. I actually wish that situation might have been done somewhat different, maybe with something not quite *so* drastic.

Overall, there really was a lot that I liked about Elegance Alive--Zoe's personality and the author's writing style being at the top--but Now i'm still undecided basically will in the end continue with the series or not. I actually kind of doubt it, though it is in the realm of possibility., Wow, I was not anticipating this awesome book when I started reading this article. My sister recommended this guide to me. It has a deep message but what a great story. Didn't want to put this book down, finished in one day. Download this one RIGHT NOW!, I loved the creators portrayal showing how God's elegance works within our lives, in our relationships with him or her, and our family and loved ones. Zoe is a new woman who has grown up believing a certain way only to discover it was wrong and not the truth. She learns to listen for God's voice in the woman decisions, even when it indicates disobeying her family.

I actually thoroughly enjoyed this Alfredia romance. I can see this guide appealing to the 20-30 yr old age group, as well as the 45 's, since I get into the latter.

I already have another book in the series downloaded. I actually am looking forward to it., What just happened? Did I miss the point? Not even one if the characters was named Grace and practically nothing in the short history signified grace. A young girl meets a new guy at church she thinks is hot and she sort of makes a fool of herself and then your story finishes. Help me understand., Zoe Reed thinks the girl with a failure. Her father, a pastor, expects perfection. He is trying to control the woman life and her future. Zoe feels trapped and frustrated. When she fulfills Branson Tate, she is interested. Her parents will never approve. In the end this individual has three children out of wedlock. Does Zoe have the strength and the faith to follow her heart? Natasha House weaves an account of love, forgiveness and healing. I actually liked Zoe. She actually is an interesting character who is searching to find herself. Branson has a troubled past but I like his enthusiasm as well as the joy and love he has for his children. The dialogue sparkles with wry humor. The storyplot grabs your interest and pulls you in. There is a plot twist that completely surprised me. I liked this uplifting, romantic guide. This is the first book of Natasha's that I read but it won't be the final. I really like her writing style.

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