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This book is a must for anyone who weblogs and wants to drive traffic to their site to promote their books, products, and services. As the writer, Joseph Hogue, points out there, why spend so much time writing a great blog post, when no one can find the content by way of a search on Yahoo? By doing the 8-10 steps that mcdougal lies out in the book, which should take an extra 15 - 20 minutes per blog post, you won't need to spend the hundreds to hundreds a month in selecting a SEO company. On the flip-side, imagine all the lost income from not taking the time to implement these steps to get your page ranked #1 on Google. Unless your blog is a leisure activity, this book is a must-read.

One thing that the author points out there that I never noticed and considered in key word search is to comprehend buyer intent and rank for readers who are prepared to buy. Great advice!, I've got some homework to do! I consider me personally reasonably SEO-savvy, but of course it's something that I haven't prioritized in several years. Joseph's book provided me a ton of new ideas about how to earn incremental traffic from Google. Some of the ideas will be really fast and easy to implement, and others will take a little more time and energy. I found me personally bookmarking pages throughout to revisit, and today I need to take a second pass and come upwards with an action plan. My only beef is I think the book could have been strengthened with some more concrete examples and case studies, either from Joseph's own weblogs or others who've followed his methods., A blog without readers is little more than refrigerator art; this guide is about how precisely to get more readers to your blog.

I am the sort of person who always acts first then does the appropriate research later. However, as preparation for creating my first blog, I turned the process. Before acting, I purchased and read Joseph Hogue’s book, Make Money Blogging, which I found to be comprehensive, detailed, and filled with personal experiences. I was so pleased with the ROI that I subsequently purchased his book, Yahoo SEO For Bloggers.

I found Google SEO With regard to Bloggers to be less fun reading but both equally useable and comprehensive and, perhaps, even more valuable. Unless you are the sort of person who enjoys statistical analysis, it can be pretty dry. Maybe that is why most bloggers don’t bother with optimizing their posts for Yahoo to learn. However, the subject is extremely relevant and important for bloggers who will be serious about it.

Highly recommended., I follow SEO at an amateur level, and I learned quite a little from this book. It is all explained in a way I find helpful, and there are good as well as specific strategies. The particular techniques all seem legitimate in my opinion: this isn’t the stuff that’s going to backfire when Google grabs on to shady techniques and updates the algorithm someday. It showed me that SEO can feel genuine, and I consider my efforts can have long-lasting results if I follow this method., So I bought this book and didn't read it for a time. Huge mistake! When I read it, and made changes I saw an almost instant increase in my sites I write for. I already had some posts on the first page nevertheless im persuaded I can have them all there., Joseph demonstrates both his mastery of teaching foundational SEO techniques as well as sharing his own actual success. He is somebody who has learned by experience yet he willingly shares these same techniques to help you do the same. I recently started a blog last year and read this book a few weeks after blogging. Using what I learned in this book I took my blog from traffic in the hundreds to more than 20K visitors last month plus also being found out and interviewed by national journalists, all in less than a few months of putting this into practice. This works. Hurry up and purchase this book. Your blog or business will never be the same!, Excellent resource.... full of great ideas!, I recommend this book for anyone getting to grips with a blog. It's clear, concise, and will quickly show you how to get into Google's rankings. Compared to expensive classes or spending hours on the Internet looking for free SEO tips, this guide will save you a ton of time and money.

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