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A couple of years ago someone had pointed out this book to me if I was considering learning the next stage of Google. I was able to locate it at my local catalogue and continued to check this guide out over several months. This can be a great research for learning the dynamics of the search abilities within Google. I wouldn't treat this book such as a one time beginning to finish chapter book but as an ongoing guide for quick tips. Combine this book with what you work on in Google Adwords, Google Adsense and Google Analytics. Without any other prior familiarity with handling SEO Content I got this book as my literal guide to build my ranking on Google and it works! Properly worth the investment., very good, good stuff, Excelent!, We didn't even know some of these features existed! Great publication. My Internet time is more successfully spent since I started reading this book., Excellent Tools for using Google! Nobody should use Google without it., Disappointing. Most of the useable material is included in their abbreviated version. A lot has took place with Google's tools since this was published in 2006., Google entered the world of search engines over 10 years ago. It was a second incarnation of any search powerplant service known as BackRub. The name Google was a play on the word googol: a single followed by a hundred zeros. Right from the start, Google was different from the other major search engines online, winning converts with its friendly presentation and constantly expanding pair of options.

In April 2002, Google started out offering the Google API, which gives programmers a way to accessibility the Google search results with automated queries. While you can still do all the searching, sifting, and sorting by hand, these queries can now be programmatically automated. This guide is dedicated to showing Google users all of the tips and tricks that will assist you a power customer of the very advanced research engine. There have been lots of changes to Google since the 2nd edition of the book, so a new 3rd edition was really quite necessary. The desk of contents is as follows:

Chapter 1, Internet - This chapter explains the fundamentals of how Google's search works. Likely to find guidelines for Google's special syntax; specialty queries such as the phonebook, calculator, package, and stock tracking; the Google cache; related links; and more. This chapter shows how to squeeze out every last little of searching power from each syntax--and how to mix and match for some truly powerful searches.

Crack 1 ) Browse the Google Directory

Hack 2. Contacts a Snapshot of Google in Time

Hack 3. Visualize Google Results

Crack 4. Check Your Transliteration

Hack 5. Google Phonebook: Let Google's Fingers The actual Walking

Hack 6. Look Up Definitions

Hack 7. Locate Directories of Information

Crack 8. Cover Your Facets

Hack 9. Hack Your current Own Search Form

Crack 10. Compare Google and Yahoo! Search Results

Crack 11. Cover Your Tracks

Hack 12. Improve Google's Memory

Hack 13. Locate Out What Google Thinks ___ Is

Hack 16. Browse the World Large Picture album

Hack 15. Locate Similar Images

Hack 16. Track Stocks

Chapter 2, Advanced Web - Displays how to automate your web trawling, crawling, and recombination by hacking Google programmatically. Assumes you already have a programming backdrop.

Hack 17. Assemble Superior Search Queries

Hack eighteen. Search with Synonyms

Crack 19. Capture Google Leads to a Google Box

Crack 20. Cook with Google

Hack 21. Permute a question

Hack 22. Summarize Results by Domain

Hack twenty three. Measure Google Mindshare

Crack 24. SafeSearch Certify URLs

Hack 25. Search Google Topics

Hack 26. Operate a Google Popularity Contest

Crack 27. Scrape Yahoo! Buzz for a Google Search

Hack 28. Compare Google's Results with Other Search Engines

Hack 29. Scattersearch with Yahoo! and Google

Hack 30. Yahoo! Listing Mindshare in Google

Crack 31. Spot Trends with Geotargeting

Hack 32. Accept the Google Calculator to the Command Line

Hack thirty-three. Build Your Own Google Search Feeds

Hack thirty four. Search Google by Website link Graph

Hack 35. Down load Google Videos as AVI FORMAT Files

Chapter 3, News and Blogs - Locate out how to use a combo of Google tools to gather the latest news and views from over the Web. Search the media, everyday interactions, and commentary by millions of individuals issues personal weblogs. Get involved in an organization discussion or start a blog of your own.

Hack 36. Scrape Google News

Hack 37. Picture Google News

Hack 37. Map Google News

Crack 39. Track Your chosen Internet sites

Hack 40. Scrape Google Groups

Hack 41. Seek Out Blog Commentary

Crack 42. Glean Blog-Free Google Results

Hack 43. Locate Blog Commentary for Any URL with a Individual Click

Hack 44. Trail Topics on Blogs over Time

Hack 45. Blog from Your Desktop

Crack 46. Program Blogger with PHP

Chapter 4, Increasing Google - Shows you how to look beyond the web browser, integrating Google into your toolbar, desktop computer, and browser. Take benefit of some of the services modeled on Google. Search on the go via instant messenger or from your phone or PDA.

Crack 47. Keep Tabs on Your Searches with Google Alerts

Hack 48. Google Your Desktop

Hack forty-nine. Google with Bookmarklets

Crack 50. Google from IRC

Hack 51. Google on the Go

Hack fifty two. Google over IM

Crack 53. Googlify Your Web browser

Hack 54. Search with Google from Any Internet Page

Hack 55. Modify the Firefox Quick Search Box

Hack 56. Create a Google Screensaver

Crack 57. Add a Feed to Google Quickly

Hack 54.99. Tame Long Google URLs

Hack 59. Autocomplete Search Terms as You Type

Hack 60. Refine Your current Google Search

Hack sixty one. Make Google More Accessible for Low-Vision Users

Crack 62. Seek out Lyrics on Google

Chapter 5, Google Maps - Google Maps is promoting the way people interact with geographic information with its clean, impressive interface for maps. Take a look at how you can use Google Maps to learn about your neighborhood and your world. And then find out how to mash-up your own data with Google Maps using the Google Maps API.

Crack 63. Think Global, Google Local

Hack 64. Acquire Around Google Maps

Crack 65. Find Yourself (and Others) on Google Maps

Crack 66. Build Your Own Google Map

Hack 67. Include a Google Map to Your Web Site

Crack 68. Map Flickr Contacts

Hack 69. Fly Across the Earth

Chapter 6, Gmail - Google's Gmail isn't your average, ordinary web mail service. This section delves deeply into its capabilities.

Hack 70. Create and Use Custom made Addresses

Hack 71. Import Your Contacts into Gmail

Hack 72. Import Email into Gmail

Hack 73. Export Your Gmail

Crack 74. Gmail on the Go

Hack 75. Use Gmail as a Apache Filesystem

Hack 76. Use Gmail as a Tough Drive

Hack 77. Plan Gmail

Hack 78. Push Gmail to Use a Secure Connection

Chapter 7, Webmastering - If if you're a web wrangler, you see Google from two sides: from the searcher side and from the side of those who want to get the best possible research ranking for their web sites. In this chapter, you will learn about Google's PageRank, how to clean on with a Google visit, how to earn cash with your pages, and how to make sure your pages aren't found by Google if you don't want them to be.

Hack 79. A new Webmaster's Introduction to Google

Crack 80. Get Inside the PageRank Algorithm

Hack seventy eight. 26 Steps to 15 KB a Day

Crack 82. Be a Good Search Engine Citizen

Crack 83. Clean Up for a Google Visit

Crack 84. Remove Your Components from Google

Hack eighty five. Get the Most Out of AdWords

Hack eighty six. Generate Google AdWords

Crack 87. Scrape Google AdWords

Hack 88. Add Search to Your Site

Hack 89. Nourish News to Your Internet Site

Chapter 8, Development Google - This chapter introduces you to the Google Search Application Development Interface (API), which underlies many of the hacks in this book. When you have ever wanted to start programming, this is as good a place as any to find inspiration for doing so. Although most hacks in this book rely seriously on PERL, this chapter shows you how to program in Google utilizing a wide range of languages.

Hack 90. Program Google in Perl

Hack 91. Install the SOAP:: Lite Perl Component

Hack 92. Program Google with the internet:: Google Perl Module

Hack 93. Loop Around the 10-Result Restrict

Hack 94. Program Google in Java

Hack 95. Program Google in Python

Hack 96. Program Google in C# and. INTERNET

Hack 97. Program Google in VB. NET

Crack 98. Program Google with ColdFusion

Hack 99. Plan Google with PHP 5

Hack 100. Program Google with VBScript

Appendix - Keep tabs on what Google is doing and where it might be headed. This appendix offers a list of information sources and feeds that can keep you upwards to date with Google happenings. Once you sign up to a few Google-related feeds, you won't have any trouble keeping upwards with the latest information.

You can read this book from beginning to finish if desired, but for the most part, each hack stands on its own. Thus the book isn't any less comprehensible if you flip around to whatever sections interest you most. If you're a PERL newbie, you might want to try some of the easier hacks, and then tackle the more extensive ones as you get more confident, considering that the programmatic hacks make heavy use of PERL. The programmatic hacks in this guide run either on the command line (that's Terminal for Mac OS X users and the DOS command window for Windows users) or as CGI pi├Ęce. I highly recommend this guide to anybody who makes use of Google with any frequency.

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