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Hello. One little word. 1 word with power to change a mind, a life, the world. This specific book is one of the most moving books I have read in a while. I had a difficult time reading at points because of tears in my eye; tears of joy, holes of anger, tears of relief, tears of unhappiness. I was truly confused with emotions at times. Camille has turned up her mind, she gets a " plan for dying"; she is going to finish her bucket list, graduate high school, goodbye, and that is the end. Period. She has her reasons, she has her plan. Then Nathan Hawthorne enters her life bringing chaos and sun. He scares her to death, he makes her feel things it's too late to feel, he makes her want what the girl can't have. This is not a book about about to die; it's one about residing.

Camille is a tragic character. I can't think about her life, her pain, her strength. She was so strong in many ways, so scared in others. She was delicate, but above all the girl was lovable. Nate was a character. Having suffered reduction, his determination to live every moment was beautiful. Having been beautiful. His passionate side, his ability to love fully, his outstanding thoughtfulness, his caring coronary heart, and his bravery made him suitable for Camille. These two together were perfection. Both sets of parents played an important role in this story. Every set showed how much pain a parent can cause a child while still loving them. Moms and dads are human too; they make selections out of fear or pain that they believe is in the child's best interest, that actually isn't or they emotionally remove on their own from their child unknowingly. Just because humans grow more mature doesn't mean that we stop making mistakes. The love and mistakes from their parents all played their elements with Camille and Nathan's story. Ultimately love earned. And I must talk about two other characters; Poo LaRue and Ronnie. The two lightened the mood at times and were important in Camille's life. For all of Ronnie's craziness, the man had wisdom. Having been a amazing addition to the cast; a saint disguised in sugars and glitter!

I am not going to go into ANY detail about this book. This guide shouldn't be spoiled for anyone. It's incredible. There are so many scenes, so many conversations that will linger with you. It can very special book. Camille and Nate are valuable, their love story is not your typical high school one. This guide will destroy you at times (in the best way). That will make you appreciate simple pleasures in your own life. It will eventually fill your heart. It could make you want to make your own wall. At first I wasn't sure I liked the final two paragraphs of the book, but after thinking about it, possibly obsessing about it, Choice that it was perfect, considering everything. Please read the Author's Note and the Acknowledgements.

*Note to the author: Christina Benjamin well done! Say thanks to you for this guide. It touched me more you can imagine, My own note to boost your Hello to Dalton. John, you are always adored, you are still missed. Until our next hello., This was heart wrenchingly beautiful, if you enjoy that this is definitely for you. That is one of those beautifully written stories that you know is heading to destroy your emotions from the start and then you’re helpless to stop it. There was clearly so much feelings in this guide and We thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Nate is amazing. We loved his character and how much he could love. Nate was absolutely nothing but pure joy and happiness. Cami was a survivor and strong as hell in her very own regard. I understand where Cami was coming from but I absolutely think that she should have treated Nate better. Their story develops and moves fast thanks to Nate and his perseverance. I think that they were both good for the other person in their own ways., I just finished as I sit here in the dentist office with tears streaming down my face! This book was heartwrenchingly, poignant. It really made me think. I absolutely loved this book. Say thanks to you, Christina.
I received an ARC of this book., Nice, sweet story. Nate is the boy most of us want in our lives-so enchanting and packed with light and fun and sweetness. Brand new Orleans is always an entertaining background for a story, great settings and characters. Easy, enjoyable read., This is the best book I have this year. I cried at some parts of the story. It is a moving tale. Voluntarily reviewed this guide. Read it! It truly is well worth the time., Amazing tale. Made me want to grab a hold of all the wonderful things in my life and never take the capsules for provided again., I liked the two previous books by Benjamin, but this was so much more than the previous two. It made me laugh and cry.

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