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I might give this book 4-1/2 stars, but had to choose between " 4" or " 5", so I'm rounding upward. I actually stumbled across Kenneth Bailey's work via a mental reference in a recent Ray Vander Laan series and was intrigued by the concepts Ray offered and credited to Doctor. Bailey. Therefore , as a follow-up, I researched Kenneth Bailey and his background published works, and chose " The Good Shepherd" as a starting point to both become familiar with his insight also to serve as a background from which to develop a series of lessons for the adult Sunday Institution class that I teach. I used to be not disappointed. Doctor. Bailey paints a beautiful, scripturally based, evolving picture of " The Very good Shepherd" as it's developed against the canvas of both Old and Brand new Testament texts. My only reservation from an unequivocal 5-star overall is that in his last referenced portion of the picture - based upon I actually Peter 5: 1-4 - he seems to stretch the connections perhaps a bit further than they may obviously solidly support. This is not to say his interpretation is incorrect, and, in reality, he may be spot on, but this one chapter seemed a bit tenuous. The sleep of the texts, along with Dr. Bailey's annotation, reveal a level of depth and understanding attained through a lot of spiritual ministry and pilgrimage. Sadly (for us), the earthly portion of that pilgrimage concluded just over a few days ago. But from Doctor. Bailey's perspective, it's undoubtedly a joyous occasion as his Good Shepherd arrived to welcome him home to the eternal collapse. This is a brilliantly insightful book and very worthwhile investment of time put in reading it!, As Bailey's CHOOSING THE LOST transformed and super-charged the way I actually understood the parable of the merciful father, aka waiting father aka prodigal son, this study changed and matured my understanding of the parable of the good shepherd. Their presentation is thurough, but constantly readable and compelling. He demonstrates that the good shepherd is not a recurring motif through the Bible, but a thread, nay, a steel wire. I teach and preach in a culture that is fond of the parable of the prodigal son for illustrating bad thing and God's response to it. In my particular niche of that ministry, which focuses on " tween-agers", These days see that the good shepherd provides a more relevsnt demonstration of God's love for them, and probably many others besides. This coming year alone I actually have purchased about a number of copies for those accountable for communicating the gospel at our camp., Doctor Bailey never wrote a word not worth of keen attention. When you start with this book, keep going 'till might read all he wrote., Bailey will do a thorough job explaining the importance of the concept of The Very good Shepherd in the Judaism literary tradition. Some may think the book overpowering because the material is fairly dense (my sister do after reading the Introduction), but overall, the publication is not hard to read. It is very easy to understand Bailey's main points and statements, because they are repeated throughout the book in a very clear manner. Definitely a must-read for anyone learning the actual practical and apparent meaning of The Very good Shepherd in scripture from an informed, historical point of view., This book was fictional enough (and perhaps a lot more than my intelligence deserves) to challenge my thoughts. And devotional enough to challenge m heart. Doing a trace for the good shepherd through Scripture with special attention to how Eastern minds view this image was a growing experience to me., I actually am sorry to say I was disappointed by this book. I have really appreciated Dr Bailey's authoring Luke 15 and thought this would be a perfect fit. Although he had lots of good observations, I thought from the start that he overreached on the thesis. Bailey sees one Good Shepherd tradition beginning with Psalm 23 that the other authors of Scripture consciously pick up on. Dr Timothy Laniak's book, Shepherds After Our Own Heart, is better here, talking about images and themes of sheep and shepherds in the Scripture without making too much of them., Exceptional understanding of what the psalmist intended opposed to over-writing on an ancient middle eastern text 21st century western meaning which was never intended. What the psalmist communicated is even more rich than the heavily barnacled modern understanding. If you love psalm 23, you will be even more moved by it when you understand what it really says., Doctor Bailey is such a wealth of wisdom that I relish reading his works. Through the parables derived from the 23rd psalm, Jesus reveals his work nature and the true character of God.

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