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This book is of great interpersonal and environmental import. With regard to the local entrepreneur who cares about these it is just a mandatory read. And for those more experienced in the local living economic climate movement, not only are there invaluable lessons here for getting stuff done, but there are precious lessons in just basic good ole business.

Here are a few reasons that I couldn't put Judy's book down:

Judy's sense of place. Several people provide an acute sense of place, but few actually do things to enhance their personal connection much less do things to make their area more interesting to others.

Did CNN get that right? The majority of us avoid know. Judy however , required people on study trips to learn what was actually happening in foreign places of concern. We find out that main flow media often misses the boat out there. This particular begs the question: why? Can it be ineptness or do they have an other plan?

Figure things out. I am totally in awe of the way Judy confronts stuff to solve problems. Lessons here take action as a loss innovator to those in quest of social reform, sustainability and the surroundings. Because once you're in the door, you're exposed to business lessons by way of business relationships - training not found in school or the corporate world.

Company as a Mercedes Benz. Judy builds her business to so that it allows her to go out into the world and make a difference while at the same time it serves as the perfect vehicle to enhance her community and the lives of the woman coworkers.

Judy's connection to the great urban activist Her Jacobs and Jane's beliefs of local living and community building.

Judy's love of business. It spreads throughout each page and will serve as a beacon of inspiration for almost any who read her book and who are out there trying to make a difference in the world through their business.

Judy proved helpful hard all her lifetime with much help from her friends, and really, this is the point., You Need to Read This Book. It is a book of practical philosophy, a case study to show emerging internet marketers about sustainable business procedures and a book written to make a change in our economy and our means of living. Judy Wicks is surely an epicurean. For the woman, life's highest ends are increasing our knowledge, broadening our consciousness, deepening our relationships, developing our creativeness, building our community, and enhancing our natural atmosphere. All this while also increasing our own happiness and well-being, and having more enjoyable. As a case study, the book shows that business is not only about money, but about relationships which benefit everyone. It's the power of love and compassion that can bring transformative change. She explains how the woman admiration for the natural and her loathing of cruelty against humans as well as against creatures led her to change the way she handled her restaurant. Finally, and most importantly, Judy Wicks explains how to change our economy: if all people realized that life is interconnected, then there would indeed be a hidden hand of enlightened self-interest guiding our judgements in the direction of building an economy depending on sharing, caring, and cooperation that would, in fact, serve the interests of modern society. Our traditional capitalist economic system has perpetuated a worldview of separation by teaching individualism and competitors, viewing nature as a resource to be exploited, measuring success and self-worth by material wealth, and giving us the bogus notion that only money brings security. We should know since Epicure, that craving for security contributes to the investigation of wealth, popularity, power. And we know after reading Judy Wick's book that men's natural needs are simple (and here, men embrace women) and that the exercise of reason can lead us to a life of common good and pleasure., I'm almost over with the book, but want it so much that I have to inform the Amazon world.
I heard Judy speak on a local radio place and immediately ordered " Good Morning, Beautiful Company: The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local Economy Pioneer. "
Thank you, Judy Wicks, for writing this book. Wonderful insight into activism without emotionalism but not without love. It's also a great refresher. I wish everyone would read it.
Haven't cringed from awkward writing/typos once, which is unusual no issue how terrific the writer is. This writer can feel absolutely genuine and friendly.
Highly recommended., Capitalism is economic warfare. The item is to win and as such, someone (hopefully not you) must lose... this is old school, hardball capitalism... perfect for a few, disastrous for far too many people and a destructive force/trajectory for our planet.

Along comes Judy Wicks, your tour guide to a different and better way to play the great game of business... one in which, everyone is able to win, hearts and heads are attached/aligned, honesty and compassion are part of the dance, mind is good and essential and business is part of the solution and not the driving force behind the problem.

Take the journey into the possible with Judy, it is fun, the lady inspires and yes... it can be done. Perhaps all you really needed was a little proof and guidance together the way in order for your own best self to be shown in the business you create and share with others - customers, providers, employees, community and even your own competitors!

I have seen this transformation for myself, participated in my own way together the way, have discussed the path with many others... and you are not alone. Kudos to Judy for achieveing made the story of her own journey such a good, enjoyable and valuable read!, I was thrilled by this inspiring story. I also learned a lot about taking responsibility for sustainable judgements and what that looks like in action. Her story is the one that every young woman entreprenuer must have read. There is lots of wisdon that is shared that could help one avoid some mistakes.

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