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While I was hesitant to hand out this much dough for a cookbook, I finally decided it was a good investment for some reasons. I like to watch all Jill's YouTube videos, nevertheless the recipes don't transfer to a menu planner application. Since i have no longer have a system for written recipes, this was a tiny little annoyance for quality recipes I wanted to try and we liked. Subsequently, I freaking love my InstantPot, and love trying new recipes in it. Finally, being vegan, having quality recipes at my fingertips that are both fast and delightful (and voluminous) for the teens in my family is very important. I also figured a purchase of this book would raise the likelihood of more vegan pressure cooking books being produced.

Another thing I like about this (and all of Jill's recipes) is the fact that her quality recipes are family friendly for those of around more traditional palettes. Since becoming vegan we are eating a lot more ethnic food which we do enjoy, but coming back to old-style meals is a goody and a pleasure for us. Jill gives us all that.

Something else that should be mentioned is the fact that her recipes are reduced fat for the most part which is essential from a dietary standpoint.

I can think of any formula in this book that we haven't liked even if it sounded a little strange looking at it. I think anyone vegan who wants fast easy tasty family meals would like these recipes., While I like Jill McKeever's enthusiasm in promoting a plant based as well as an InstantPot, I did not expect that so many of the recipes would include and promote soy curl. So much so that I thought this might be a Butler Foods soy curls product positioning. Soy curls do contain fat (4. 5 h in 3/4 cup) and also to many people seem to be a re-packaged mildly healthier sister of the heavily prepared Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP. ) For anyone trying to limit the amount of soy in their diet, this would not be a good cookbook for you.

I eat a Whole Food Herb Based Diet (WFPB) and am a heavy daily user of my InstantPot (IP), but I put it to use to cook whole foods i. e. beans, lentils, grains, potatoes, vegetables and so on. The IP really excels at cooking whole foods. It is unfortunate that Jill, with her captivating personality and youtube audience and blog, will not demonstrate this IP capability but instead depends on canned beans and mock meat because the attraction of her recipes.

With regret, I am going back this cookbook as I just will never put it to use and feel slightly robbed. If you are looking for healthier recipes for your InstantPot, Jill Nussinow's " The New Fast Food (The Veggie California king Pressure Cooks Whole Food Meals)" and Lorna Fermetures " Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure". I use both of these cookbook and make use of them daily., love this cookbook, with everyday type recipes you will actually use, they may be not only quality recipes that are nice to read about, but you would not make. Enjoy Jills humor, and her quality recipes. Specifically if you are new to using an electric pressure cooker, this is sooooo helpful!, Totally like the Slower Cooked Pasta-free Lasagna pg 66. I am wanting to eat lowfat so don't have tried the recipes with soy curls, vegan meats, or nuts but the recipes look delicious. Excellent Instant Pot tips. Might recommend to anyone who has an Instant Pot who is plant-based or wants to have some easy recipes for meatless Mondays., I haven't been able to make any recipes because i have not received the Instant Pot I ordered from Amazon online yet. But I have reviewed the book and I like the format, it set up, easy to follow instructions. I absolutely like the author's enthusiasm for the recipes and the woman enthusiasm for the Immediate Pot is contagious. I love that she uses very basic ingredients, absolutely nothing fancy needed and i really can't wait to get my Instant Pot create some of the recipes, all of them sound so delightful and they should be fast being made in the Instant Pot!, A fantastic guide from a very enthusiastic person. Anyone trying to make great tasting whole food and are also meals without added oil should get this book. The creator, Jill McKeever, is fantastic. And shares what she actually is learned through experimentation. The book provides recipes that worked for her " average" american family that included two growing teenagers. The results outstanding and will open the entrance to eating healthy. This particular book on oil free cooking is counter to thousands of books and cooking shows who praise their oil and chausser. In summary, the food is tasty, the element list is straightforward and right forward, and the quality recipes are easy to follow. I highly recommend this book., I've been making recipes from this guide more than any other cookbook I own. Our husband will tell me what recipe to make again, and so far, he's given me thumbs up for every single recipe. The majority of of these recipes are pretty simple and tasty too. Love my ipot and this book is a great starter for making whole food meals or even for those that understand the ins-n-out of the Ipot and whole food cooking. Thank you Jill!
BTW... Jill and her family crack me up, what a great sense of humor and a truly lovely family you have. You are very lucky, but you already know that.: ), Great recipes. I tried the one with the soy curls and decided to try another guide just on the me llaman curls. I absolutely love how she puts the instructions for the Immediate Pot, step by step, in an algorithmic fashion. Works for me!

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