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As middle aged, active adults, we try to exercise, eat well and take good care of our health but unfortunately, we both have long-term chronic conditions from childhood - the one that landed the spouse in a healthcare facility with a very serious illness including pneumonia. After being put on seven (yes seven! ) IV antibiotics going 24/7 via a drip, the physicians said to expect some serious gasto symptoms. As soon as having been able to eat/drink, we also started him on probiotics 3x per day and continued for 6 a few months after. He never once got the dreaded gastro symptoms but we were under no illusion that he was back to his pre-illness level.

Inside order to reduce the danger of long lasting damage - we set out on a very deliberate routine to rebuild gut health. I researched everything We could get my fingers on and we upped the amount of home fermentation products we consume - we have switched to several store purchased varieties years ago but also made our personal bread, wine and other items from time to time. We added even more products at variety and type - including store purchased and selfmade. Kimchi, krout, pickles, wine beverages, bread, kumbuchi tea and even fermented black espresso beans, olives and other harder to find items became standard in our diet. We also eliminated most non-natural sugar (raw honey and maple syrup being the exception) and eat fresh fruits, veggies and roots regularly. Additionally we added good gut growth items like sunchokes simply for their ability to help rebuild flora.

Why do I mention all of this? Because I literally spent days - maybe weeks - trying to locate all the details needed to make those changes. Trying to find out the true impact of antibiotics on gut flora, what repeated doses meant for long lasting health, what items helped the most, which things actually hurt or hindered? What foods promote and which foods eliminate off? These and many many other questions got so much time and effort to locate - and they are all in this book (or nearly all... there were a couple of questions like the impact of oral antibiotics versus IV antibiotics that were not mentioned consider spouse also went home with oral antibiotics for several weeks after the initial seven different IV antibiotics it was just a matter of "how bad"). So, first of all, I might consider this book time and money well spent for the simple proven fact that it puts everything into one place in a fairly easy to understand manner. No hunting through academic journals, no seeking to compare this examine to that study... just plain information in a fairly easy to read and participating style.

Next, the addition of the resources and index were also a great touch - once again, something I really wish were available 18 months ago.
The legibility is great - the author assumes the reader has minimal background and makes this entirely accessible to non-academic readers.

Limitations, Agitation & Other Problems with the Book
It's entirely reader friendly but at times, perhaps excessively so... there were a few areas which We personally would like to have seen more science and less description but that is personal preference. There was clearly also one glaring insufficiency that could give the wrong idea entirely - the author takes great pains to be sure readers seek advice from with their physician... but from our experience, medical professionals know next to nothing about this and several are openly hostile to it. An additional glaring problem was your focus on things like hands washing with chemicals but close to zero about the IMMENSE amount of antibiotics fed to livestock - considered by many people to be one of the perfect reasons and sources for antibiotic super bugs. Without a doubt, putting all the rap at the hands of average consumers without taking the diet and practices of agriculture into account will little to nothing to dispel one of the most frequent sources.

All in all, a well written book - interesting, informative and useful especially for those attempting to take control or regain control of their health, We have had some important health issues the previous few years and Plus reading everything I can about the various theories on health, diet and exercise and how those things can effect us all. There are so many different points of view - go gluten free? Paleo? Grains are bad for our brains? What to do?

This publication starts out with a foreword by Andrew Weil and he talks about this very issue. This individual mentions the fact that allergies, asthma and autoimmune diseases have proliferated in many developed parts of the world and that in his opinion, this is not due to gluten sensitivity problems or our consuming grains and/or wheat or grain. Instead, we should be looking at our organisms and gut flora in our bodies and see what benefits and outcomes they have on our health.

The authors of this publication are both professors of Immunology at Stanford University. In this book they discuss the significance of the microbes and bacteria in our bodies and exactly how they can affect our overall well-being and health. One important thing first discussed is that there exists too much concern with keeping our environment and our food too sanitized and sterile and that we (especially young children and infants) need more contact with these microbes. Typically the widespread use of sanitizers is not a good thing and they even tell us why it's a good idea to have a dog or family dog.

They go on to make clear that gut microbes are the puppeteers of the immune system and they warn the body (i. at the. sending out T-cells and B-cells) about something dangerous that you've eaten. They're belief is is that if your microbiota is compromised, then the you can to have under-response or an over-response (autoimmune problems. )

" The rise of autoimmune diseases appear to be more tightly tied to our increase in cleanliness, not to decreased infection. "

Hence the significance of keeping our regular interactions with microbes that stay in us or around us to keep upwards mild mini-immune responses. Too much or not enough can cause the occurrence of such bowel inflammatory diseases as Crohn's and IBD.

So what about our using probiotics? There are so many on market shelves - which of them to pick? The authors execute a great job educating us all about this. We learn that we each might have personal needs and that we might want to try different probiotics to see how they affect us. (i. e. too much bloat or discomfort, try another. ) These probiotics are not regulated and the authors make clear the difficulties that come with that. Typically the authors point out that if you do take the capsules, they should be consumed regularly and regularly because they don't be in our bodies for very long.

What exactly about prebiotics? They will are not living microorganisms like probiotics but their goal is to boost the good bacteria in our belly. Fruit and veggies are a good source on their behalf, as well as fermented foods which contain a diverse range of microorganisms.

What about the current anti-wheat, anti-gluten stance we've find out about lately? The authors do not agree with that and instead discuss the significance of our eating plenty of dietary fiber - the good kind - not refined carbohydrates. They will are called " microbiota accessible carbohydrates. " MACs" are what gut microbes feed on. Eating more results in weight damage, lower inflammation and decreased risk of some Western diseases. So it's good to eat your good fruit and veggies and whole grains. The authors say we focus too much on lowering fat in conditions of weight damage instead of increasing these Mac pcs.

Down the road there is a discussion about the bond between our gut and our brains and how these microbes can effect things like behavior, personality, mood, memory and even happiness and exactly how microbiota is important to keeping a youthful vigor.

There is a whole lot of discussion about the problems with antibiotics, especially broad-spectrum ones like Cipro, and how they adversely impact us. These antibiotics can leave your body open to various conditions and infections (like C. difficile) that previously would have been taken proper care of by the good bacteria. We also find out there is durability in numbers with microbiota. We read about the benefits associated with fecal microbiota hair transplant (FMT)- read for yourself how that is done. In the future with any luck , you will have more ways to have success with FMTs as well as microbiota-based therapies.

In conclusion, the authors say we need more studies done and they discuss the exciting possibility in the future for the genetic engineering of bacteria - bacteria that could sense where there is inflammation and then send anti-inflammatory molecules there. Plus, once we learn more we can use microbes to help us all improve age-related health decrease and help us in the war against various diseases, including cancer. Typically the treatments would be very customized and individualized since our microbes differ therefore the idea of the one-size-fits-all-probiotic or treatment will fluctuate.

The ending of the book has a quite a few pages of recommended recipes and menus.

I feel like We have written a individual book here speaking about this one, but it really is packed with good information and it offered me a lot of think about. I like the truth that the authors discuss a few times about the chicken-and-the-egg problem with so many theories and studies - i. at the. are certain foods or therapies bad for folks or are the group researched more likely to have problems/bad outcomes?

Recommended. We wish there was some discussion about such things as probiotics for folks who you do not have a colon or have already compromised intestines, but that wasn't their purpose. Individually, I am still conflicted about such diets as the FODMAP diet - which appears to be in conflict with this diet plan. We guess there's still more work and studies to be done until we know the answers to all of our questions., Human Microbiome is where real healing and illness are derived from! It's up to you to eat well and heal you from the interior out by serving the tiny critters in you that make you who you are! Give them the fiber they need and you will be fortunate! Food is the best medicine! Eat Food, Not too Much, Mostly Plant life: ), Just the information that I needed to link many of the issues We experience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!, I experienced like an expert after reading The Sonnenburgs' publication " The Good Belly. " They took an extremely complicated and relatively unexplored topic and made it relevant to a lay person like me who have been searching for some keys to higher health and nutrition. There was enough science to help me be familiar with interactions of microbes, and many of practical applications of great micro organism health increases general health. We also found it interesting to think ahead about the unknown territories of microbe interaction with cancers and other mostly unexplored connections. And the tested recipes are excellent, too. We have recommended this publication to everyone in my immediate family as a must read. Hats off to the Sonnenburgs for making this topic accessible., Good overall read. Primary was for a nontechnical audience and it achieved that goal while still providing backup. There were recipes in the back of the publication and food intake plan to get started. My only reservation is that not enough information was provided to assist an interested reader in understanding if diet adjustments were supporting or not. If belly samples need to be taken periodically and submitted for analysis that should be stressed more. Otherwise, very informative.

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