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Webpage after page of unnecessary details about how precisely the navy’s bureaucracy did not work. Substance of book was covered in about 30 pages, the rest is filler to offer a book., I had a hard time with the first 3 -4 chapters but as it got nearer to 1880 it got better, very interesting., For any lover of submarine books, this is the base. How it all began. Is actually not big on combating boats, but gets you the basics about how it all began. 4 Stars, good read. Not the most exciting, but information is packed in every chapter., Interesting background on development of submarine and getting it accepted by the US Navy. Not very interestingly told, however., We generally say that Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the airplane, which is not technically correct, but we say it anyway. The popular ideal is that, for everything that is invented, there is one inventor (well, two, in the case of the Wrights) who gets all of the credit for the invention. Certainly the Patent Office sees it this way.

But that’s not usually how creation works. Because the Wrights would be able to inform you themselves, they never would have had the opportunity to develop the first functional airplane had other people not first invented the lightweight gasoline engine that they used to power it, or maybe the propeller, or any of the other elements that they put together successfully. The plane was not one discrete invention; like most things, it is a combo of many different inventions put together in a unique way. The same thing is true of your car or truck, your smartphone and, naturally , nuclear submarines.

GOING STRONG is about the historical past of innovation in the construction of submarines. Lawrence Goldstone tells us of any 16th-century English mathematician who allegedly came up with the concept of the undersea boat, but he does not seem to have built one. Goldstone lovingly and patiently stories the various attempts by patriots and promoters to build submarines. It is not a litany of success.

The idea of the boat is simple enough, and crude submarines were built as early as the Revolutionary War. The difficulty in making a boat that would be useful as a weapon of war was in two critical areas: propulsion and weaponry. The ill-fated American Turtle was designed to drill holes in enemy hulls as a means of planting explosives aboard them. Typically the even more ill-fated Hunley was manned by a small crew of sailors functioning a crank. It would take a half-century of architectural advances before the boat was ready to be more than a novel way to kill its providers.

Goldstone focuses on Steve Philip Holland, an immigrant Irishman who solved nearly all of the issues that plagued prior innovators. Holland actually developed his submarine concepts in the pay of Irish rebels exiled to The usa, armed with the idea of countering the supremacy of the English fast. But as the payments (out of the wonderfully known as “Skirmishing Fund”) dried upwards, Holland continued his research with an eye towards building submarines for the Navy.

Holland’s genius solved problems including the buoyancy of submarines, ballasting and how submarines change depth. After having a visit to the Philadelphia centennial exposition, he paired his boat ideas with powerful fuel engines to solve the propulsion problem. He partnered with a New You are able to financier named Isaac Rice to provide funding, and was able to develop the Navy’s interest in purchasing submarines.

While the first half of GOING STRONG is an amazing historical account of the introduction of modern submarines, the second half is focused mainly on the rivalry between Holland and fellow developer Simon Pond, who was inspired by Jules Verne to create submarines that may run on wheels on the sea floor. Both Lake and Holland were vying for the same limited pool of defense contract money, so the tale veers away of the drydocks and drafting tables and into the halls of the Gilded Age Congress. Goldstone dives deep into the various machinations that both sides used to encourage the Navy to buy their submarines. He dedicates the same precise research and analysis to the political struggles, but the subject matter of the back-and-forth of Congressional committees isn’t practically as persuasive and interesting as the details of submarine construction.

Goldstone is a good historian, and HEADING DEEP is simply the best book you will read about the introduction of boat technology in the Gilded Age. The innovations developed by Holland and Pond would, in time, go on to shake the world. As Holland lay down dying in 1914, Philippines was preparing a boat fleet that would end Britain’s dominance of the Atlantic sea lanes. As Lake lay dying in 1945, American submarines had emaciated the Japanese merchant sea. As well as the Navy submarines constructed by the company that Holland helped found still patrol the waters of the world, ready to strike if danger methods.

Reviewed by Curtis Edmonds., This can be a fascinating book about the first development of the modern submarine. The reports, back room politicking, national politics, wheeling and getting the boardrooms, and characters within the book will make an incredible mini-series. The book starts in the 1600's and provides some interesting history and background along with exploration of the various architectural principles of submarines. (nothing super technical, just general concepts for anybody considering the book who aren't technicians or technicians) Most of the book covers the years 1880 through the early part of the 20th hundred years. If you have any desire for the early historical past of submarines, this is actually the book for you. Most Excellent!, Typically the characters involved with the introduction of submarines make this a fascinating book, in the own right. But the technology also draws one in.

Submariners and submarine veterans (such me) are likely to find it worthwhile.

The unattractive politics of government procurement is prolonged in gorey detail. It reminds me personally of the episodes involving P. Takis Veliotis and Admiral Rickover. By way of example: https://www.amazon.com/Running-Critical-Rickover-General-Dynamics/dp/0060914416,I have over 50 textbooks on submarines and much more 30 DVDs/ Blu-Rays of submarines.

This book is excellent scholarship. A well-researched reference book done by a talented writer - that reads like a book.
I could not put it down. The best book that was have you ever been written on the early submarine.
Any professional submariner must have this book.
I was sure that Admiral Rickover, God Bless Him, would find it excellent as well.

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