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Regardless of who you are, and what you believe, this is a book you need to read! I avoid feel he is demeaning to any belief; free thinking and truth is explored and discussed in great detail. Because he emerged from being an ordained ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) to now being an atheist, I feel his viewpoint is better/more powerful then most who communicate on these kinds of subjects. Most importantly, if you read this with as much objectivity as possible, you will find out about yourself and others. In case you are a believer it will help enhance your faith, I'm sure, and if you are a non-theist you will go through many moments of strong relation and feeling that your personal ideas are being described better by the author then you have ever already been able to do yourself. I am not completely through the book as I'm taking my time-- allowing me to truly reflect upon what was said. If I have any pressing updates I'll come back and change my review. Overall, well written, great voice, goal, insightful, interesting, intriguing reports, outstanding and extremely well thought out/highly inclusive factors..... simply, fantastic!!, I was moved by Dan Barker's personal story of de-conversion, from passionate Jesus-worshiper to ope-minded freethinker; as a privileged preacher and song-writer of the Evangelical Community, and later outspoken public face of Atheism, Dan's personal encounters hit home with added force. The guide is divided into categories which may appear messy, but which present in total a strong response to and criticism of Christianity. Much of the guide covers standard Atheist styles including the immorality of the Bible, the violence of the Christian god, the mythical nature of the gospels, and the unlikelihood of the historical Jesus; despite being well familiar with these, I used to be still impressed with Barker's phrasing and a few useful comments/points struck me powerfully. Also i learned a great deal about the modern motion of atheism, including the Independence from Religion Foundation's lively legal involvement in safeguarding the separation of church and state. My only worry is that Christian believers - who would benefit most from reading this book - will drive clear of it credited its affiliations., For myself, the effectiveness of this book was that Dan Barker existed a faith-based epistemology and eventually realized that it was inferior to a reason-based epistemology. So your dog is seen it from both sides. As others have said, I would have liked to read more about the period when he "gave up faith specially. " (p 40) Plus when he was doing God's work, how did he reconcile such horrific statements in the Bible as Psalms 137: nine or Luke 12: 47-48? Or the law requiring that when a daughter is found not to be a virgin on her wedding night, her father and husband should join in stoning her to loss of life? Did he, as well as religious leaders who he later debated, truthfully think that a god deserving of our esteem and worship would issue such monstrous edicts?

I agree with those who commented that Barker is just just as much the zealot in rebutting the Bible now as when he once thumped it. But Dan, you avoid have to show that every major figure in the Bible was a no-account scoundrel to make your case. And criticizing the Sermon on the Mount seems somewhat of overkill. Most people, religious or not, would agree that peacemakers ought to be blessed. We require them more than ever, especially in the Middle East!

Some reviewers here appear to think that everyone already knows about the barbarism taught in the Bible. I am certain that is not the case. Atheists like Barker have a duty to relate to the faithful all the impossibilities and particularly the gruesome stories that fill the Bible. I wonder if kids are taught in VBS about Jephthah (Judges 11: 30-40) who, with God's approval, practiced genocide and then killed his own daughter as a sacrifice to God. Because Barker reminds us, where is the morality in the Bible?

Barker's chapters on Jesus were well done, emphasizing that the Gospels were written many decades after Jesus existed, by anonymous authors in whose narratives contradict the other on many points. How many true believers actually know this? Or that the story of Jesus has many parallels with other myths of the times, including the Attis cult. For millennia, Semitic people freely borrowed the myths (e. h., the Flood, the Backyard of Eden) of other cultures, especially Mesopotamian and Sumerian, and put their own spin on them. Noticed in this light, one cannot help but agree with Barker that the portrayal of Jesus found of the Bible was likely a continuation of a time-honored tradition.

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