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I have seen the Movie several. many times, however first time reading the book. It is amazing how close the book is always to typically the Movie Script.
Even though I had seen film production company.... book had been hard to pay. We liked the fact that will the book expanded typically the roles of minor personality within the Movie
i. e Lucy typically the bridesmaid at Connie's(Sonny's Mistress) wedding had an broadened role available I would certainly highly recommend the guide even if you have observed the Movie., Mario Puzo's genius lies not simply in his storytelling, nevertheless also in the character development. Aside from entry-level hitmen and thugs, almost each character is given many paragraphs to outline their backgrounds and shed light on their motives in addition to personalities. The rare exceptions are fleshed out by means of their deeds and connections with the colourful, eccentric and often very violent cast of characters.

Coming from well-endowed Santino, servile 2nd son turned ladies' guy Fredo and decorated conflict hero Michael Corleone, Puzo weaves strands of abundant history around each associated with them. Even Italy's Pena Nostra as well as the Corleone cricca functioning are richly comprehensive. In brief, when totalitarian regimes along Mussolini's outlines think about the poor and insolvent to be less compared to the dirt on their shoes, criminal masterminds move in to change them, in addition to become the friends in addition to family so desperately preferred by the common folk. Don Vito masterfully makes use of this when expanding their empire and treating their employees (loyal Button Men in prison who retain to the code associated with silence receive the same wages they would obtain if they had not been apprehended).

The depictions of raw murders and love matters are intricately detailed. Practically nothing is spared, and a few scenes are gruesome, weakling and horrendous enough to be able to produce unpleasant physical signs in the reader. Puzo pulls no punches. The particular anti-negro, anti-non-Sicilian bigotry associated with the mafia clans in addition to bosses are laid simple (although Vito does transcend his racist upbringing early on in the novel).

We was fortunate enough to be able to listen to Joe Mantegna's performance from Audible. His / her deep, lustrous voice echoed through my headphones in addition to allowed me to vicariously live the lives associated with the Corleones, where dying resided on a razor's edge. Broken into three parts, the first began with a wedding, typically the happiest event in the complete tale. The second comprehensive Don Vito's rise to be able to power and his masterful reasonableness in striking a peace between all cricca families in New York. The concluding six hours detailed Michael's travails although exiled to Sicily, in addition to his eventual succession to be able to the Don's nigh-impregnable place. Although none of typically the protagonists are heroes within any real or respectable sense, they are definitely simple to sympathise with, and the actions are at the very least rational, if not ethical or ideal., Although typically the movies have taken on a life of their very own - each of them started in this article. The book and typically the movies are so similar, it demonstrates how well written the novel is, and just how strong a template Francis Ford Coppola had in making the movies. Having observed the movies a long time in the past, I came to typically the novel late. The very first 100 pages up to be able to the Johnny Fontaine tale are some of typically the most tightly written, masterly plotted and best characterized prose you can ever read. It reads very much like a Harold Robbins novel, and has a similar feel when it comes to writing and story telling. The particular novel moves along from a break neck rate, and structurally it is usually similar, starting with an review of the story and after that diverting to individual tales and back stories about specific characters. The guide on Johnny Fontaine could probably are actually scrapped along with little impact on the total story, but this within itself is merely a small criticism. The book by itself is thrilling, funny in addition to sexy. From Sonny's event with Lucy Mancini, to be able to Michael Corleone's killing associated with Solozzo and McClusky, to be able to Sonny instructing Clemenza about how to plant a gun, making sure his brother doesn't walk out of the bathroom " with simply his dick in their hand". The book succeeds on so many amounts - brilliant characters, a well balanced plot and also a genuinely compelling story. You don't read " The Godfather", you live and breathe it - which will be surely the highest compliment any kind of reader can give a author, as they seamlessly get into their world., The Godfather is probably one associated with the greatest film trilogies out there! The story adds additional insight to be able to the location where the movie did not fully describe everything within its three . 5 hour long film. This is a great novel for any Godfather fan!, A great guide that is just as fascinating because the movie and an individual get a " two-fer" considering it contains each movies 1 and 2 . I contains more fine detail compared to movies, as textbooks typically do. A small part is very unecessary.... I'm thinking about whole part on Sonny's mistress getting vaginal surgery. Whatever, that a great read., We loved the Godfather movie when I first found it whilst still being do. Being attentive to the audiobook will be even better than I think. I highly recommend getting audiobook for your collection to any Godfather enthusiasts.

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