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Lord of the Sun is the first book in Stella artois lager and Sol series. That was a great start. I can't wait until the next book comes away. It is the beginning of Zwaanite's story. She is the heir to the tub. She is destined to be queen. She would somewhat be normal and live a normal life. The lady chooses to work along side a midwife to escape the tedium of life in the structure. She falls for a slave and she is aware that her mother will never accept this. Their particular relationship is doomed from the beginning. She would do anything ot marry the man she enjoys but she is obligated to marry a prince. She must choose responsibility and honor or to follow her heart. Either choice will have effects. It's just a matter of what consequences she is ready to pay... Can the girl find a way to be truly happy or will the girl be stuck in a life that is not of her choosing.

I quite enjoyed reading Lord of the Sun. It's something I usually read but I enjoy the author so of course I picked it up. I am glad that I did. I like Zwaantie she is a down to earth character. I liked the fact that she didn't get into the " norm" and was her own person despite her status. I also like that she was devoted and would do anything for the one she loved. I do think the girl could have been more discreet about certain things though. I would highly recommend the book to anyone who enjoys a good book., God of the Sun is the first book in a new series by Kimberly Loth. Within God of the Sunlight we are introduced to a new world where we meet an array of new characters. In the beginning of the book our company is introduced to one royal family who are preparing for the announcement of a baby that is along the way when a witch shows up and warns them that they must bring the kingdoms of Stella and Sol together ahead of the approaching child’s first birthday or else the baby will die and many more after that. Then the story immediately jumps to the other kingdom and we meet the high princess Zwaantie. Zwaantie would like to reside the simple life and be a midwife but has heir to the thrown she must eventually marry and presume the role of california king but she feels that she is no good for the role because she balks at the rules. But the Voice is there to keep her and everyone more in the kingdom in check, most of the time. Nevertheless , things become complicated when Zwaantie decides that rather than choosing to marry one of the lower princes she wants to marry her brother’s slave, Phoenix arizona. However it is not allowed but she believes that she is in love with your pet and wants to be with your pet and will do just about anything to make it possible. So when Prince Leo comes from the border kingdom and she understands what he can do she sets a plan in motion to complete.
God of the Sun is an participating story that draws you in and has you turning the pages as it is filled with intrigue, danger, magic and a hint of romance. Presently there is quite a little proceeding on as we see the return of Zwaantie’s brother as he earnings from his training/studying to take on the role of Head Chancellor and he will be the closest person to the Voice that “governs” them in its own way. Stella and Sol are neighboring kingdoms that are dependent on each other. One provides fresh foods for the other while the other provides medications that the other needs because they cannot make them themselves. Zwaantie really does not want to be queen one day. When she could abdicate the throne she would but it is impossible because the woman family believes that the girl was chosen by Terrain and for her to choose another path would mean her death. But she feels that the girl is interested in Phoenix, the woman brother’s slave, and wishes to be with your pet instead.
I really enjoyed this book but I really found Zwaantie to be a spoiled brat. Not in the sense of the she sits around and pouts if the girl doesn’t get her way about things but the girl is petulant and does not really take into consideration the effects of her actions or what it may imply for others. She views Phoenix and Luna and she wishes that the girl didn’t have the duties of being royalty. Yet somehow and still she depends upon the woman royalty in order to accomplish certain tasks that she would otherwise be totally inept in accomplishing, for example – asking for more medicine for her people when they are operating dangerously low. I feel that she looks at Phoenix arizona and thinks that because they grew up with each other and she knows your pet that she should have feelings for him. I feel that if the girl had genuinely been interested in him that she would have been before he or she left and that it wouldn’t be that within days of him and her brother returning after being gone a couple of years that now she’s considering your pet.
The puzzle that is woven into this story really adds to it because Zwaantie’s a lot more in danger and you have to wonder why. More than one try is created and you see her begin to part things together but the girl doesn’t stay completely centered on it as the girl becomes absorbed in the woman plan to get what it is that the girl wants. I really like all of the the characters in this story and how each one increases the storyline as a whole. Presently there are definitely a few surprises that we love, one you get a hint of but when it’s revealed it’s done in a satisfying way.
Need to say all in all that the writer has done a very good job in writing this story. There are no noticeable errors that distract you from the storyline. There are characters that you will be attracted to and ones that you will just honestly be annoyed with but a fresh story that when you finish will leave you wanting the honestly, that is how you know that you’ve got a good book. I can honestly say that I can’t wait for the next book in this series. With that being said I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.
I received a copy of the book for a non-reflex review., I'm glad I possess the next one because I need to continue this.

Presently there are two kingdoms in this novel: Sol and Stella. Sol is a sunless land, while Stella artois lager is shrouded in sunlight. Separated by way of a wall that steals memories and, if lost, will kill you, these two kingdoms only interact when merchants from Sol bring magic crème in exchange for food. And yet, a prophecy is created to be able to become a member of these kingdoms together.

Right now, each kingdom has so much more to them than what I explained above. Like how Stella artois lager has a Voice that speaks to every person and keeps them from breaking rules (some of which are stupid rules). This novel is set in Stella, so it was intriguing to read about this Voice.

Readers follow the life of High Princess Zwaantie of Stella. Here we have a young girl who simply wants to lead a normal life, and instead has to begin the woman duties as a soon-to-be queen. It follows the woman path of finding love, cheating death, and busting rules.

I found that though this is a simple read, it was fun and interesting. I hardly wished to put the book down and was immersed in this world considering that the prologue. The characters were versatile and creative, and Now i'm intrigued by the multiple plot points that are still unanswered! (I imply, it makes sense, but jeez! )

On to book 2!, This first book in a new series by Kimberly Loth is out standing. The world created in in this series is so interesting. I was holding my thoughts back until I started to read it. I can only say this is another wonderful start of a fantastic journey.

The characters come alive before your eyes. The genuine love and concern show through on the pages. Since always of I will picture it happening the author has done a great job.

In my mind I could see Phoenix, Zwaanti, Leo, Raaf, and Luna. Wilma, the King and Queen.
The storyplot was amazing. I can't wait for an next book!

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