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A new humorous yet poignant and accurate assessment of the bible (buybull)..., It's already been quite some time since I thoroughly read the bible; however, I still remember most of the stories. Werleman's publication is funny and i also do believe that, (pretending god is real for a moment) god hates me.
The problem is avoid the NIV, as it is essentially the same as the KJV, using the sloppy modifying, and the author's misconception of certain scriptures. For example, the funniest error Werleman makes is when he says, "Luke creates of the birth of David the Baptist that although he was still child: 'immediately his mouth was opened and his tongue was loosed and he started out to speak, praising God. '" A talking baby! I almost fell out there when I read that. "Luke" was not talking about John the Baptist in that scripture, but John's father. After the angel educated him of Elisabeth's amazing pregnancy, and Zacharias questions whether his wife's old ass can even have a kid (much like Abraham did with Sarah), the angel Gabriel attacks Zacharias dumb until he names the baby David. So it was after the baby was named John that ZACHARIAS' tongue was loosed.
Anyway, this is a funny book, but don't expect Hitchens. Werleman isn't a biblical scholar.
Oh yeah, and he claims 'whilst' A new LOT, which goes from irritating to hilarious. I wish someone would count number the 'whilsts'.
Overall, a good, quick read that brings to our attention just how many people God hates. Especially in the OT. Man, they had it rough!
Very recommended., Great humor and a easy to read book. A lot of good points are made with the humor., This book is outstanding, and the author has my sincerest regard and admiration for having written it. It offers the plain, unvarnished truth, the bare reality of what God is, what the Bible says, and the hatred both engender--not only in phrases of intolerance for anyone who THINKS, but of women. How any woman could subscribe to Christianity in any form is tantamount to African Americans preaching the "benefits" of slavery and embracing the "fullness" of the worst forms of degradation that can be visited upon people.
The book draws no punches and are not able to be faulted for this shows the truth. No rational, thinking person can do besides reach the same conclusions reached by the author. He asserts that the Bible is dangerous and proves it. This book should be mandatory reading for any civilised society or any that would prefer to be.
A sincere and heartfelt many thanks, Mr. Werleman., Very interesting, Everyone remotely familiar with Christianity should read this book, atheists and Christians alike. Typically the title of the publication is a little misleading. Essentially the author will go through the bible and points out inconsistencies in biblical concepts, such as God loves you but will still send you to hell. I thought I had quite a good understanding of what is wrong with the scriptures but I learned a lot from this publication. Example the 30 items of silver coin Delator was paid could hardly have happened because silver gold coin was not being used during that time period, having already been abandoned 300 years before. My one main complaint is the author does not cite his sources which leaves the reader to go fact checking the internet. Overall, it is worth reading and unlike some books, I will be glad I purchased this one., I has this in my " Wish List" for far too long... finally purchased it and was definitely NOT dissatisfied!, I wanted to know about the old testament and new testament this book helped me understand it a little more.

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