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Within NO GOD BUT 1 ALLAH OR JESUS, Doctor Nabeel Qureshi explains his journey from Islam to be able to Christianity, and details his reasons for doing so. The author paid dearly for his conversion of 2005. He quickly grew to become an outsider: " Quickly after, my family has been shattered, and the subsequent year of my life has been by far the most harrowing I have ever endured. I was now a great outsider, both to my family and to all my friends in the Islamic community. "

It seems like to myself, Nabeel Qureshi is really a discriminating, yet a humble person. And I would also add " first rate mind. " Here's why: Within describing his analysis of the two faiths, this individual admitted it truly is nearly not possible to be objective: " It is virtually not possible to examine these matters objectively. Not only do we all have a vested interest in protecting the faiths we plus our social circles have believed for years, but our beliefs color the way we receive information. A similar data will be viewed differently by people through disparate worldviews... our presuppositions impact the way we interpret the evidence, and we frequently see what we want to be able to see. "

Wow! Following reading the above outlines, I realized I had terribly underestimated the mind of the author.

The author was for numerous years a dedicated believer inside Islam, but he uncovered that his reasons for rejecting Christianity were not almost as solid as this individual had been told: " Evaluating the claims of Islam and Christianity over several years, I went through utter conviction in Islam to reluctantly embracing the gospel. " Dr. Qureshi took special interest inside the historical claims of each religion, and determined to thoroughly examine the claims of each faith. " What I uncovered time and time again was that Christian doctrines held firm whenever they can be tested historically. "

The format of the book makes it easy to be able to follow: Doctor Qureshi offers a major issue, and then presents both sides of every doctrine, followed by the detailed critique. Of course, the author is good with this type of evaluate, since he has lots of experience from the OTHER side not too long ago. He explains, " I had to stick to the evidence as well as the truth, no matter the price. I left my faith of twenty -two many years and became a follower of Jesus in 2006. "

Before reading NO GOD BUT ONE, I actually assumed there was substantive variations between the two religions--but still, some of the differences surprised me. The majority of importantly, I had developed no concept that Islam teaches that will Jesus did NOT perish on the cross. Associated with course, this sets the major divide between 2 religions: " At no level is the schism in between Christian and Islamic theologies broader than on the person of Jesus. With regard to Muslims, the doctrine of a divine Christ is anathema, as well as the Quran instructs that he who subscribes to it will create his home in the flames of hell. "

The author emphasizes that will " the central statements of Christianity are clearly rejected by Islam. " It's not just the little difference--it's a " fundamental incompatibility between Islam and Christianity... the key claims of Christianity usually are explicitly rejected by Islam. "

An additional example, the crucifixion is central to be able to Christianity, but this very core of the Christian belief is explicitly rejected simply by Islam: " The Quran teaches the actual opposite: Jesus was not killed, neither was he crucified... This individual either died by crucifixion or he failed to. Possibly Islam or Christianity offers to be wrong. "

Okay, I get that. These are HUGE variations, which cannot you should be papered over.

Besides the imaginaire difference, the author makes clear certain things that Muslims hold dear. I considered this was an important section. I certainly need to avoid needlessly insulting people of other faiths because of my ignorance. In particular, Islam instructs that the Quran is like God incarnate. That is why desecrating the Quran is a horrific d├ęgradation: " The Quran is, to Muslims, the eternal Word of Allah themself. It is the closest thing to God incarnate. To Christians, the eternal Word of Yahweh is Jesus. The Quran retains in Islam the place that Jesus holds inside the Christian faith. So to comprehend the insult burning a Quran, a Alfredia would have to imagine someone burning Jesus. "

I likewise did not really know that the term, " prophet" has the different meaning in Islam: " The idea of prophet inside Islam does not always mean the similar thing that it really does in the Bible. Prophets inside Islam have a larger status than all additional people, being men selected by God to lead human beings. The Quran uses the term to mean the divinely appointed leader, not necessarily one who prophesies. "

In summary, I found NO GOD BUT ONE THOR OR JESUS to be a well-researched, helpful justification of the most substantial differences between Islam plus Christianity. The author discusses these kinds of issues in a calm, yet scholarly fashion. I actually appreciate his attention to be able to detail and his academic, yet friendly, approach.

Superior Review Copy courtesy of NetGalley., As a former athiest, this book has been absolutely refreshing. If an individual enjoy historical, objective, plus accurate evidence that delivers causes for faith and support to the claims of Christianity -- then this particular book is going to be one an individual enjoy. Qureshi shares his personal story about his journey from Muslim to be able to Christian, but does that through the chair of a great objective observer/investigator.

This book provides compare/contrast of Islam to Christianity, will not the fine job of that. Even as a believer I actually would venture to state you will add to be able to your faith in Jesus Christ. There are many quality points that I actually would recommend any believer should know when befriending a Muslim. As Qureshi states in his testimony, a strong relationship is very important when dealing with the weight of faith and eternal life. There are many suggestions all through this guide on how to be able to handle yourself and steer clear of problem your Muslim friends.

An individual won't be disappointed with this purchase. I received this guide as part of the launch team in return offering my honest review. I actually enjoyed this book sufficient to purchase 10 even more to offer to others!, This was an excellent read. Written in the point of view of a Muslim who spent years trying to disprove Christianity before finally getting converted himself, No Our god But One is a properly organized and diligent examination of the core beliefs of Islam and Christianity side by side. Nabeel walks through not merely what Muslims and Christian believers disagree about but in addition the many places they discover common ground. In the meat of his book he goes point simply by point to discuss the historic, secular, and religious evidence that supports the statements both religions makes plus ultimately concludes that Christianity's is without doubt the better supported by that will evidence.

This is an apologetic with the personal touch thus i located the frank discussions about Islam very helpful in much better understanding what Muslims think and why they think as they do. This is a great choice if you are wanting to acquire a deeper understanding with regard to the reasons behind the Christian faith, or have the ability to understand another faith's tenets as I wished to be able to. Those who argue that faith in general is just about all composed anyway might furthermore find the historical, evidence based approach of Nabeel to be worth a glance.

My one regret with this particular book is that that contrasts only Christianity plus Islam. With all the obvious talent and depth Nabeel possesses I would like to read a general comparison between world's major religions simply by him., I read Seeking Allah Finding Jesus recording before this book. I actually suggest you read that before reading this book. Much of his history may be spoiled or else.

At first I considered much of the book was going to recurring from the last, plus portions definitely overlap, but overall Nabeel goes into the subject matters on the deeper level. I could state that I learned much more about the Islamic Faith than I actually ever knew before.

This is not an extensive read on Islam, but nor is it a quick read. From start to be able to finish on my kindle fire it was about 7-8 several hours of reading, but they will were worthwhile.

Nabeel is good writer and keep your own attention pretty well. I actually highly recommend you pick up this guide.

We will certainly miss you Nabeel, but we thank you with regard to effort while you had been here and look forward to seeing you inside Heaven one day.

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