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We acquired this book because I desired to know more about Islam. I was not disappointed. The articles are sparse without being dry, and many -- I suggest MANY -- of the names of places and people will be totally unfamiliar to western Christian believers and Jews, and you may have to read some paragraphs several times to get things straight, but when you are finished you will be astonished at how evidently Dr. Aslan explains things and how much you appreciate the place of Islam in world history. (I am a former Methodist pastor -- I am not qualified to speak of the historical accuracy of this book -- but We was impressed with " Zealot, " Aslan's publication about Jesus of Nazareth, and I made the assumption that he would be as thorough and historical in dealing with Islam as he was with Jesus), What I appreciate about this is that the author - as much as possible - gives more of a historical account of both the roots of Islam as well as the many iterations that have developed on the year. Definitely worthwhile read - about to start his other novel Zealot: Lifespan and Periods of Jesus of Nazareth., The best book We have read about Islam. Offers the complete picture of this religion, in its aspects. I would never have imagined it could be possible, but Reza Aslan has done it, so beautifully.
We come from an Islamic country, I have analyzed, loved and hated this religion through whole my life, but had never got the full picture of its history. And here Aslan takes me to all corners of this world, places I had already seen and realized about, and places We didn't even know that existed. Such a quest.
Thank you Aslan.
We can recommend this book to everyone. It's a comprehensive guide in our time.
I wish We could find similar books about other religions. We will now read his latest book about Christ of Nazareth with big expectations., An amazing accomplishment! Covering a whole lot of history and ideas, in a way that was grounded in people's stories. As grasping as a novel, so i staid up late nights to finish whatever chapter I was on. Reasonable, and hopeful, too. Everybody should read it, to get past all of this Islam-phobia, and on to some better understanding. The evaluation of Christianity's development with that of Islam was especially enlightening., Within this age group when every politician seams to have an viewpoint about Islam, this publication comes forward as a truly masterful recount of the history and origins of Islam. Everything from Muhammed's early days in medina to how the Muslim caliphs conjured the world is covered. Fantastic care is given to introduce readers not familiar with the subject to key events such as colonial rule or the Iran revolution. Reading this book will give you much harder ground to discuss religion or understand middle eastern national politics like the Arab spring. Overall strongly recommended and should be required reading by anybody making public story about the true character of Islam., I really like this book and i also could have to read it again. The history of Islam is complex to say the least, but going through it is a great way to understand where things stand now both socially and critical in the centre East. I took one star off because there are areas of the book which take quite somewhat of work to make it through. I credit Reza Aslan for doing his best to be a diligent scholar, however for me it was challenging to track the various historical figures and the lingo (though the Glossary at the end of the book which is very helpful). Still, while it may also be that I'm not the fastest student, I did feel like I had a fairly good general understanding of Islamic by the end of the book., Excellent launch to the history of Islam tor the beginner, from the origin to modern times. Mr Aslan moves us through Islam's historical past in simple yet comprehensive fashion, with apparent objectivity and detached perspective. We found particularly interesting the narration of the time of the Prophet, the schism between Sunni and Shiite, and the background on the Iran trend. Excellent and relatively fast read., This is probably the best book out there to help westerners understand Islamic, pas and present. My husband and I have recommended it to many people considering an improved understanding of the Middle Far east.

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