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I do believe some stuff you just know as an old woman from mid 20s and up through life experience but from the good reinforcement. And some products I did not know. I would like to begin my similar journey but I'm nervous, I desire I use enough boss in me to demand what I want. Because I actually am very nice and men play like I'm dumb but I see it and leave them, but some women they don't even try cause they already know exactly what is up and that's were I actually want to be. Regardless if their my man, simply a goal or whatever, they will know don't try it, and offer me what I actually want. For me personally it can just be 1 or 2 who constantly do to me, but reality is once they see they won't get the booty, they will stop answering! I learnt that in high school., I am going through some changes and so i acquired this book to lift my spirits also to help steer me back again to my old do it yourself. Mission Accomplished! I've never had problems getting what I wanted out of men but now I'm on another level! Baje taught me some new tricks and I can't wait to use them., For girls that may lack "street knowledge" of dealing with the opposite sex, or even women looking to gain their feminine energy back, this book is most definitely for you.

Goal Digger's Guide lies the foundation of building women's confidence, appreciation and self worth. Without these garments, you're already losing.

This read was like being in mental training, becoming aware, prepared, and equipped to disarming the manipulation and scheming of those sex driven men (I'm not man bashing). I adore the author's approach of without the "goods" which almost seems unheard of in these days and times. Reframing from sex keeps women's emotions from increasing and while solely centered on reaching our goals, dreams and bottom-line$$$$, which in my eyes is priceless.

On another note, I was expecting some real seasoned info such as, the "how to" of getting homes, and monthly deposits and such that she mentioned in passing.

In all, this is a good read and motivator!, I highly recommend this guide to any goal driven woman. Baje proves that you can truly get what you need out of life without having to sell your heart and soul for some trinkets. I love her tips on what to do when a man attempts to pressure you into sex, they've helped myself out of a lot of difficult situations. It's difficult to be a female who refuses to give her body in order to get what you want because there are many woman who think that sex is the only way to succeed. I actually suggest that any female who wants to become an entrepreneur or would like to get into enjoyment reads this book as there are many things inside that you'll learn about the men in this environment that most women wouldn't even be aware of. If you possibly could try to get the kindle version so you can carry it with you as long as you're out and about and need some fast tips on what to do if you are backed up into a corner., I actually purchased this book after seeing Baje on Doctor. Phil a long time ago. At the time, I was just one mom with two small children. I was destitute. I had found personally at 23 years old in a horribly abusive living situation. I experienced hopeless and I got go out of options. Soon after getting her publication I found myself destitute with no where to go. I used the principles in this guide to pull myself out of despare and depression. Immediately after applying the lessons I actually learned in this publication I was meeting men wealthy beyond my imagination. I'm talking men who owned cryogenic companies that cloned champion race equine money! Men who failed to think twice about putting lots of money into my account without thinking twice, and without me needing to ask for it. I got personally out of debt, put a downpayment on a house, and opened a highly successful business. During the time I didn't even have an automobile. Now five years later I am still successful and I honestly may need anyone's help monetarily for anything. I never thought in a mil years that I could go into any store and get whatever I wanted. I didn't think it was feasible for me to put money into investments. I now have a great lifestyle and things have really turned around to me. I really must pay back it all to Baje. Because she took the time to write about her experience and her mistakes. Wow and I did it all without GIVING IT UP. Not once do I ever compromise personally in anyway. Not even a kiss. Please buy this book and apply it!, Insightful and made myself reconsider a lot of what I've been doing in my past relationships with men. It jogged my memory of a lot and how to deal with situations differently later on. Good read., As a woman it is all to easy to become disheartened and believe that it is necessary to compromise oneself to get ahead. This publication is written from a very real place and though my lifestyle is not like Baje there are certain universal themes that I identify with in her story. Some men genuinely want to help a woman in life, I have got a few of these experience which I actually will always cherish. However most men are trying to find something all too sacred in exchange. Baje's techniques are straightforward and make turning the dining tables attainable for any one in this position. This publication is a fun read. On an ethical level I don't always see eye to eye with her tactics. Her posture is empowered and refreshing. I hope some of the woman GOAL Digging attitude rubs off on me., It was so good, i acquired two. One for myself & one for my buddy. This book was very informative and helpful. Please try not to be fooled by the title. The chapters are more than hoping to get into a man's wallets. Its about self respect, winning situations and getting your future on track by investing, expanding your knowledge by reading books and exposing yourself to different and new experiences. The author Baje Fletcher was very generous in sharing the woman wisdom with us and I thank her for deciding to write this guide to put women on to the game, and more so than that, I thank her if you are a great example of what sort of woman should think and react to men and life generally. I actually friggin love the publication!!!

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