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Firstly, being, or having been, a race car enthusiast is useful if you wish to enjoy this publication.
In 1970, after the Ford assault on LeMans I arrived enthusiastic about American Sports Car racing. In '70 - '72 I did some work, nothing to really communicate of, with the SCCA out at Bridgehampton through friend at work named Ron Holzer.
Within that my interests were A through G school sports car racing, FIA Group 5 Sport and Prototype, F-1 Trans Am, Can Am and IROC. NASCAR, INDY and Formula 5000 not so much. I read avidly of the 917, 512 T20 racers but got to the tracks (Watkins Glen, Mosport, Riverside) after they they had been outlawed although I did get to personally witness Roger Penske's Sunoco Porsche 917 essentially destroy the Can Am Series in 1973. I had a subscription to Competition Press/Autoweek for 10 years.
The interest in this publication was piqued by a man named Jim California king, who gives daily travels at the Shelby Us dealership, factory and art gallery just south of the Mandalay Bay Casino in Paradise Nevada.
This is the history of two men and their cars. Enzo Ferrari and Henry Ford II as well as that amazing racer, car constructor and salesman, Carroll Shelby.
Reading it is a pleasure and offers a sentimental journey, through what was a very exciting time in international Sportscar and F1 Racing. However, it is definitely a sampler and points you in various directions at the finish of the publication.
Baime offers you a glimpse into how this period of time and particular circumstance foreshadowed the Global Economy, the Reckoning of Japan's automotive influence, the ascendancy or Ralph Nader and the personality of Carroll Shelby, to name a few. If you need more you'll have to read more. For instance , next on my list " Inside of Shelby Racing" by David Morton.
Thus, " Go Like Hell" provides a valuable and entertaining jumping off point for a variety of subject areas that pertain to, or were influenced by, Sports Car racing in the United States as the country went through radical changes in that period of time known as The 60s., This is a fantastic book written by a gentleman I’ve only got the possibility to meet with twice. The book begins off with Enzo Ferrari along with his again room prior to some of the choices he made made. Then as it begins to give you some background on Mr. Shelby you understand why history unfold in the matter that it did. Fantastic publication well done., Everyone to know me, knows that I am a consummate car-guy. Specifically, I lead the pack in a Avoid. Everyone, also, knows that in the history of car racing- Chrysler's Hemi continues unbeatable. No Fords, Chevros, or Ferraris, around here ever pass my Opposition without permission!

That said... I find AJ Baime's "Go Like Hell" (2009 304-page hardback) absorbing. This specific brilliant text is a quick read for the auto racing enthusiast. Typically the book is well-written from interviews, book research, and the author's personal traveling of the car racing world. It is easily resourced with 23 web pages of finish notes and eight helpful pages of period black-n-white and color photographs.

Baime presents the hectic, colorful, story of Enzo Ferrari's and Henry Ford II's early and mid 1960s battle for the face of Formula One auto racing. Their combat throughout the race tracks of Europe and America, put forward curiously by the writer as an extension of World War II, reveals Ferrari's personal nationalism and Ford's familial obsession to win regardless. The story is dramatic, tragic, thrilling, and memorable.

Author Baime brings statistics, celebrity interactions, colloquial expression, sports analysis, and personal reflection to this gripping ride through Ford's herculean efforts to beat Ferrari. Readers meet Lee Iacocca, Carroll Shelby, Phil Hill, John Surtees, Ken Miles, Phil Remington, Dino Ferrari, Giovanni Agnelli, Bruce McLaren, Mario Andretti, and many more. Typically the various 1959-1967 Ferrari and Ford racing models are reviewed from tread to top and bumper to bumper. The development of Ferrari's 4 liter V-12 and the birth of Ford's historic 427 fin (7 liter) motors are told with reverence and insight.

Baime relates excellent victories (at Indy, Daytona, Riverside, Sebring, Monza, Le Mans, and many more), pit row personality conflicts (between Goodyear and Firestone contractees), auto industry management mistakes (don't race a Ford with and Italian language gear box! ), hot race car crashes, and "the thrill of success and the agony of defeat", as Jim McKay used to say. A great informative great Le Guys wheels adeptly through the story like a Ferrari 330 P3's romp over the Mulsanne at 210 with. This book is a gear-head's delight!

Baime's writing style is quick, concise, and forward, much like the race pilots of which he writes. You will not want to put this book down. Beware, there is some gruff language here (steering the publication away from a 5th star) mostly in estimates. But, what else would one expect from the hard running-win at all cost-racing scene (and a "Playboy" magazine editor writing about it)?

For those who have a husband or wife, relative, friend, or acquaintance who loves auto racing this book is an excellent surprise candidate. If you're a gear-head wanting to purchase face of racing in the 1960s this book is a must-read., One of the finest racing books I have ever read. Typically the arrangement of the materials in the text is as well thought out there as the best books I have ever read, not only auto racing. The continuity and structure make this a pleasure to read. Typically the subject and the treatment of the storyline makes it fascinating., This is an outstanding book, with very complete research, and superbly written. I give it the highest recommendation to one and all -- and particularly to my fellow gearheads!
I used to be there when it all happened. I was the Parts & Accessories Manager at Shelby American from 1965-67 (on Staff and reporting to the General Manager). Whenever I joined Shelby Us in early 1965 (at the Venice facility), I shared an office with Ken Miles and Sawzag McDonald.
When the Ford Table of Directors visited Shelby American at the airport facility, I piloted a GT350 around our " race track" with Henry Ford II as a passenger -- along with many of the other Board people and executives. This one afternoon is a lots of story that deserves is actually own book!
I worked carefully with George Merwin, Ray Geddes, an others mentioned in the book.
I went to Ken Miles funeral service -- along with almost all the Shelby Us employees. He was certainly respected, if not loved, by all.
My advice to the entire world -- but and check out this book today!
-- Tim Foraker

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