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Im a huge fan of Lani Lynn Vale’s writing, and I’ve read all of her books. The Hail Raisers series is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Lani has gone back to the girl roots in Hail Raisers and it has given her visitors a more suspenseful, less MC centric series. As a long-time reader, I could not be more thrilled.

Proceed to Hail kicks off with a hero that, frankly, at first glimpse it’s kind of hard to sympathize with. The more I dug into his story, the clearer the picture became, and it wasn’t quite as easy as just standing upward to his awful ex-wife. He was stuck in the type of situation that any single couple would describe as their worse-case scenario with their former spouse. Trapped between the proverbial stone and a hard place, Travis was trying to keep everyone happy but failing miserably because, in reality, no one was. I have to hand it to Hannah, though. She was obviously a saint, and I loved her. She was strong, she was patient and caring, and when any other woman could have given up—rightfully so—she strung in there with your pet and held their family together the best she may have given the circumstances they were in.

I loved this couple. These people had so much stacked against them, and when it would have already been easier on everyone to just throw in the bath towel, they didn’t. When one was weak, another was strong, and even though through the times when they weren’t together in the truest sense of the word, these were still hanging on, still a household, still loving each other. The new delicate balance for a romance author to portray a hero with so many flaws without making him appear to be fragile – especially when said leading man is actually quite the alpha male. Vale do just that with Travis, as well as in doing so, she was able to play up the strength of the heroine, and actually, it was a stimulating change of pace.

Lani Lynn Vale has used lots of risks with her writing in the past 2 years, and each time she steps out there of that comfort zone, I’m truly impressed. Proceed to Hail is another example of Lani at her best – offering her readers a hot and hilarious love history with a lot of heart. Five smooches from me!, I am never disappointed when it comes to this Author. She writes stories that contain everyday routine experiences. And all her characters are so well developed and nylon uppers so well together. I love Travis and Hannah. Wolf, Micheal, Nikki and
all the other characters that were pled into this publication. Just amazing. Can't hold out for the next publication in this series., Totally loves reading Travis and Hannah's story. To see so many elderly characters back again was amazing. Loved how the story performed out can't wait for the next one., I feel slightly disconcerted when I know I have a new Lani Lynn Vale book on my kindle, it’s strange but I can’t leave it there and get around with it when I have finished, nope, not me it’s like my cat is with catnip…I’m totally hooked. Like a hyperactive child at Christmas, I just have to take a glance and when I have steamed through page one, my life is on hold because there is no chance which i am going to be able to put it down!
I feel owned by this woman and the girl words and …I proper care not one jot!
Anyway, enough about me and my lunacy, how about the book?
I love the heroes that Lani ploughs all her attention into she gives them a humanity which i can picture many looking at them from the exterior wouldn’t afford them, Travis was to all extents an abused man, he may not look like it or even act like it but the way his ex Allegra treated your pet and psychologically continues to treat him was abuse, malicious, vindictive, disgraceful abuse but he shouldered it for the love of his child and the refusal to allow her to believe that despite her moms best efforts, he didn’t love her. This does not mean he liked her very much when she used the attitude that the girl mother painted her with the well to greet your pet but she was his little girl and he or she had to note that responsibility through. I admired his determination but was darn sure that there would come a saturation point when the tinder keg of thoughts that he or she was surrounded by would explode…I wasn’t wrong!
I adored Hannah and thought that for most of the book she got the patience of a saint, the pressure on Travis the man she cherished and had a child with but couldn’t actually be in a connection with because of the stuff going on with Allegra would have driven a less woman to drink! She was as sharp as a tack and so strong which i couldn’t help but root for the girl and the chance that her and Travis could find a way to be together, little did I know just how hard his buttons would have to be pushed for the war of regret that he was going through to come to in advance.
The publication featured so much about family, the love between Travis and his brothers, especially Dante, my heart broke for him and exactly what he or she had been through, oh yea great Mum well that is a woman I would love to meet. But Travis wasn’t the only one with strong family ties, nope Hannah and her brother were wonderful they were fantastic brothers and sisters with a real relationship that was fantastic to read.
Written in a cleverly in depth retrospective in parts, this offered a clearer look at not only where they had been but what had happened in their pasts to get them to where vehicle and it is through those passages that I obtained to see that what they had, was so deep-rooted that they were meant to be together, they just had to find a way to determine out how.
A manic as Allegra is, I had been happy that it was through the girl lunacy that they finally got to where they must be.
Deliciously steamy and thoroughly tempting this is a series like all the mediocre that just keeps on getting better and better with each new character and the promise of what is ahead next.

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