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I suppose I should start with - This is NOT a childrens bedtime book! It is a book for parents whose children refuse to go to sleep! I was shocked to find that some reviewers, apparently completely forgot to read the title of the guide before purchasing. Subsequently, they also seem to have been horrificly ambushed by the point that they have absolutely no sense of laughter. For anyone parents who do have a sense of humor and who may well not find profanity particularly offensive and who live in real life. And have real kids. This book is certainly a 3am win!
That being said... This is a totally F-ing amazing book! It's real, overworked, frustrated beyond belief, about to loose your mind at 3am, inner mother or father monologue. I formerly purchased it for a pal who was having some serious issues getting her little one to sleep. She called me after one especially rough night & thanked me profusely for offering her the book. We guess it's nice to know that you're not alone in your kid's bedtime struggles. It may well not actually be all of your mistake and you might have a relatively normal child & are not in fact a terrible parent. A little frivolity, and vulgar support, can go an awfully long way. I've since trained with as a present many times. I plan on ongoing to present it as long since the people around me always not learn from the couple before them and keep having babies. Who then refuse to sleep. And so on & so on.
*If you haven't already you SHOULD Google the celebrity says with this book! Jennifer Get & Samuel L. Knutson are laugh out loud funny. Samuel L. Knutson should narrate a guide for every single stage of life, from being born to the grave. We'd come in & go out laughing! This guide is the one that will be shared from one tired, fed up, delusional, red eyed, sleep deprived mother or father to another. 'Cause sometimes all you can do is F-ing laugh. From yourself with each other. Also, the pictures are actually beautiful., So why performed author Adam Mansbach's guide have the success that it has enjoyed, and evidently still does from the sales ranking here? Had been it due to the use of the key title term that sent normal, rational people of all age groups into sidesplitting laughter when they read this gem, that's also beautifully illustrated by Ricardo Corté s?

We would like to think not. I would like to believe that it was because so most of us might have felt the words in the title, yet never expressed them to our kids as we read some comforting story to our kids. Picture the times that you might have experienced thinking your child was asleep, so you gently kissed him or her and tried to quietly go from the room only to hear: "More, Daddy! " or "Mommy, you did not finish the storyplot! "

When that heard this before, then you already know. And to all expecting parents, likely to have to learn to expect to hear such things, and more frequently then you can imagine. It is going to happen, and when it really does, consider of the words of this book, and silently smile as you resume reading to your child.

For this viewer, all of it started with a simple email message that I received in the spring of 2011 from a very literate friend, asking me if We desired to go to an event for a very funny book in Brand new York City. I like these, and responded asking what was the title or theme to this guide, and my friend replied that it was a kid's guide for adult surfers. I declined, to thank my buddy for thinking of me, but as I said in my response: "Books for kids aren't my thing these days, but thanks for thinking of me personally. " Which was a error.

My friend attended, then wrote back and mentioned that it was a far better event than could have been imagined, and with the message was a file with a duplicate of the book. I read it, and couldn't stop laughing, recalling the times that my own son had been going through his 'read-a-story-to-me' phase in the overdue 1990s. The rest is history, it went viral, and on May 13, 2011 this title hit #1 here on Amazon... a month ahead of the day of its release.

Checking here, found that there was an sound version, and Samuel L. Knutson had narrated it, so I grabbed it first. And as the item web page states, this Academy Honor nominee is exceptional in "capturing a hilarious range of feelings as the voice of a dad struggling to get his child to sleep. " Simply follow the link and listen to the sound sample.

However, my review is on the hardcover version, as I experienced to get that one as well. In all honesty, there have been a few of times that when Required a smile after a hectic day that I took the hardbound version, plugged my earbuds into the computer, and listened to Samuel L. Jackson's narration as I gradually followed on the web pages with its perfect drawings by Ricardo Corté h. It can change a mood from down to in less than six minutes. And for this viewer and listener, this guide has also served as a perfect present for parents with a sense of humor that have been there.

For those who believe that they might be offended by some of what in the original, there's a new child-friendly version,   Seriously, Just Go to Sleep . In this one, Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Corté s have reunited and given us a kid-friendly version, inviting the children themselves in on the joke.

Just for this reader, now without small children around, this book is the one that allows us to smile as we think back to those times when we were trying to coax a bright-eyed and very awake child to sleep... and smile with the memories. This is a very funny book, irrespective of which edition you pick, and the kind present that new parents with a sense of humor might appreciate as a present from a friend.

9/23/2012, Ready for some adult humor, that will tickle most parents funny bone? Well, this little book is for you! Our son, now an adult, was the worse little offender at bedtime. His reluctance to sleep was legion in our extended family, so much so that the only time we received a good night's sleep, was on the rare occasion whenever we had him or her spend the night with our relatives. I skilled the book to another parent, presented a copy to my son, and shared with one of my coworkers: the frivolity was immediate and ongoing. Honestly, some of the rhymes were not the best that might be imagined, but the use of such colorful language, in this context was hilariously amazing. I am reminded of somebody like Betty White execration on SNL; you will likely be smiling now if you recall the instant! Be forewarned: if you are offended by earthy language, or the use of such language in regards to the sleeping habits of youngsters, this book is not for you. My granny, for example, would not appreciate Mr. Mansbach's book. Yet if you are open minded, have a amusing bone and suffered through your kiddo's unwillingness to get at bed, you will find this little book a real treat! Enjoy!!!, When you are on the fence about buying this, then search on facebook for Samuel L. Jackson's reading with this. It might convince you to buy it.: ), This is certainly an irreverent take on a children's bed time story, but completely and totally hilarious if most likely not too uptight. We knew my sister would absolutely love it- so when babies are so little, its really all about your speaking tone anyhow. Just place it away on a high closet rack, with your Elf on a Shelf, and everything will be just alright. =), Definitely not a child's bedtime story. Just what parent hasn't felt like this at sometime in their life? I read it to my husband by using a soft bedtime voice. Then I spoiled it by screaming with frivolity. Can't wait to read it to some friends. Nighty nite, not just what you ready to you toddler that is obtaining new words every day but is hilarious for a gag present and is just what every parent wants to read to kids but common sense states you can't!

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