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Maximum Fend served the federal government for 10 years since a spy under their cover as a wealthy playboy. But now, his / her cover has been offered, and he's returning house to work in the father's high-tech aviation development business. The company is making ready for the highly publicized final test-flight for a new fully automated (un-piloted) traveler plane. The technology will revolutionize the airline market and win the business lucrative defense contracts -- if they can keep it of the fingers of Russian hackers.

It's an interesting premise, in addition to the beginning and conclusion are very exciting. There were many events inside between that would happen to be compelling if Watts hadn't repeatedly stopped during takeoff to provide background. A few of these stops had been relevant, though mistimed. At other times, the information serves no purpose. Get the introduction of a sergeant who relays an purchase from his better than their subordinates. He's drinking espresso when he gets the call. He loves espresso. Actually he is a new coffee purist who crushes his own beans each day. His wife likes his coffee, too, and is looking forward to your pet doing more cooking any time he retires. Do we need to know this? No. He's never mentioned once again.

Besides this, the writing is clean and well-edited. There are some original in addition to interesting ideas, such since the unusual, alternative-type firearm purchased by Max's sweetheart, who hates guns. It's not a bad go through, but I probably will not read another by this particular author., Such a good guide. You need to go through this one. I honestly put Mr. Watts upwards there with nearly just about all of my other faves, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Mark Greaney, Ted Bells, Kyle Mills, Lee Youngster, Daniel Sylva, Joel Rosenburg, etc. I had go through his other book(s) " The War Planners" in addition to absolutely loved it (them. ) Sadly, I go through them as they arrived out one at a new time so it was a lot more like an old created serial for me yet I heartily recommend that will you read it, as well, but as one guide.
This guide retained my interest through the get go and never brought me astray. I thought I had identified the plot a few periods after which he'd take one more turn and make me personally have to guess once again. That's a good factor. And the length is very good, too, without too much of that " filler" that so many authors have to put in with regard to their books to be more than 300 pages. I work out on an elliptical-type machine for 60-90 minutes per day and read the Kindle. I can generally tell how good a guide is by how swiftly time passes while studying it. This book retained my attention so properly that the time merely flew by! I cannot wait for an next episode associated with Max Fend to observe where Mr. Watts will take him again!, Having go through, and loved, The War Planner series, I has been waiting for Andrew W next book and Glidepath didn't disappoint! The issue matter was just since timely as well as the characters had been very well developed. The particular writing was excellent in addition to I never got misplaced in the twists in addition to turns. Max Fend is usually an exceptional character, about his own, but any time Renee becomes part associated with the story (around Chapter 11) the intrigue/action genuinely gets going! Therefore , if you're thinking of going to bed... do this just before Chapter 11 or you'll be up all night time. (Not really a spoiler alert but... you'll consider you 'know'... then recognize you don't... then recognize you were right... although not really).
We highly recommend this guide to anyone that enjoys well-timed international intrigue. For individuals who wonder, there is usually not any graphic lovemaking content.
An individual do not have in order to read The War Adviser series prior to studying Glidepath as they are usually not connected in virtually any way... except for the excellent writing of Toby Watts! Andrew Watts offers definitely secured a spot as a best selling author., Max Fend isn't very Scott Harvath or Mitch Rapp, but, that's what makes this such a new captivating read. The focus isn't very on a bunch associated with high-tech SOGear or rappelling throughout the side of a new cliff to get 10 tangos with your bare fingers (even though that's cool). Instead, the main characters are believable, relateable folks involved in a clentching whodunnit plot. There's a few technical stuff and 3-letter gov departments, but they aren't the central theme. The particular relationship Max has together with his partner is likewise what sets this apart from the stereotypical " special ops loners together with a screwed up past" plots. One of the things I loved finest was the setting. We were raised in Jax in addition to the descriptions of the area and features are usually spot on... it has been like taking a vacation down memory lane. This specific book is easy in order to read, simple yet comprehensive and, properly... different, but in a very good way. If I didn't have to round up, this particular would get 4. 5 stars... only because you have got nowhere to go any time you start towards the top, in addition to I have very large expectations for the subsequent installment!, Excellent Thriller through Andrew Watts. If you have go through the War Planner's Collection, you should not be disappointed with this book. New characters, and an interesting plot line using programmed piloting aircraft. Max Fend will develop into a fascinating character similar to Mike Thor's Scot Harvath or perhaps Brad Taylors Pike Logan. The storyline is well written and an enjoyable read. Best for a couple associated with days of summer studying. (or winter reading with regard to that manner) Max Fend is a former DNI operative who is likewise the son of a new (what else) rich dad who owns an airplane mfg company. You will get Russian Mobsters, FBI investigators, in addition to CIA operators all over this particular book. Everything runs on the pretty tight timeline into a interesting conclusion., I has been lucky enough to receive a good advance copy of this particular book and really liked it. The premise associated with the story is very timely, and I consider it is really an interesting take about the impact of recent technological innovation both on our lives, and within the mindset of those who would like to cause chaos and harm. There are some things an individual need to suspend belief over, but that is exactly what a thriller is usually supposed to do. Great job and highly recommended!

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