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The first question on seeing this book was, is it going to be as successful and challenging as Carr's previous book The Shallows? The answer is an unequivocal, " yes! "

If you've not read The Shallows I suggest that you consider reading it first because many of the thoughts and ideas from it are continued, developed and prolonged in The Glass Crate. Difficult a necessary requirement but it might enhance your appreciation of Carr's fights.

Carr's core thesis can be summed up in a quote often attributed to Marshall McLuhan, " we shape our tools, and afterwards our tools shape all of us. "

Carr's point, which he develops numerous stimulating examples ranging from flight pilots, through doctors, professional photographers, architects, and even to farmers, is that this Faustian pact with technology comes at a cost. The cost, in Carr's view, is a loss of direct, experiential, formative contact with our work. The consequences of this slow loss of familiarity and connection with our work are subtle, insidious and will only increase while we follow this technocentric approach to automation.

Carr is excellent at making his case. Most of his examples are familiar and those that less so, including the automation of legal and medical opinions are interesting in this they influence us all.

I felt that where Carr was less strong was at proposing solutions to the problems he raises. He works hard at explaining an alternative vision calling on the poetry of Robert Frost's as a springboard to a more humanistic approach to developing tools, but it is hard work selling an alternative to the easy, convenient future that so many of all of us appear to crave.

In the end it may be that Carr's biggest contribution are not to single-handedly derail the future that Search engines, Apple, and Amazon wish to sell us, an exceedingly unlikely outcome, but to at least make us aware that there is a choice that we are making when we choose the frictionless path to the future, and that we should carefully consider that choice before we make it., I was familiar with Nicholas Carr having read his book " The Shallows", a commentary on the effects on the Internet on the actual functioning and physical structure of the human brain. I found that book to be excellent - this one is, I feel, even better. Carr is remarkably thorough in the research he performs, as attested to by the lengthy notes and references at the ending of each book. His ability to write incredibly meaty yet easy to read pages is but a bonus in the analysis of the effects of automation on we humans confronted with interacting with modern computerized/robotic technology, particularly in the workplace. He evidently feels there is considerable dehumanization possible, but really does so in a style of oscillation back and forth between lionizing and demonizing technological advances. He or she gives the reader's brain the encouragement to see the whole picture, to think broadly and with a humanistic focus all through. His weaving in of the opinions of numerous writers and poets displays this in the impressive manner of a Renaissance man. This should be required reading particularly by those enamored of technological advancements as ends unto by themselves., I digested with enthusiastic interest Carr's discussion of the difficulties surrounding automation. Since a worker whose technological and judgmental skills are part and parcel of my value proposition in the workplace, I too am seeing the corrosive effects of automation obtained at face value for its own sake. Joining tacit knowledge with technological savvy has become more and more elusive as a path to success, and the nimble-minded worker has to stay alert to stave off becoming commoditized. We are seeing more devotion to cookie-cutter SOPs and devaluing experience and analysis.

Carr's investigation of the rapid erosion of the Inuits' navigational skills was interesting food for thought in discussions between my girlfriend and me personally, and it led me to start out driving more frequently with my GPS unit switched off. Just as a thought experiment on the own, and as a determined effort to be linked to what my buddies and family see as my strong navigational skills.

The only wish for this guide is that Carr could have spent more time unifying his theses about automation and setting out what he sees since the potential future. My friends in the data analysis field and I are keenly interested!, Required book for a school course, absolutely loved the fabric! Carr's writing style is straightforward to read, but packed with great information and examples that actually pick up your attention. Strongly suggested!, Viewers can read the many excellent reviews of this book. Here I want to thank Nicolas Carr for another excellent and timely book reminding all of us that when we allow technology to shape and guideline existence we will free our humanity. Carr gives words about what I feel about much of technology and am grateful for the vocabulary to now express myself evidently on this subject.

This book carries on where The Shallows left off and offers us with a map to be able to return to our humanity if we looose our way by becoming addicted to all the devices that appear to appear on the market with such frequency.

Marianne, When i was reading this book, I realized that I am a slave to my GPS.

The book really made me think about the different ways that I use technology, and exactly how some of the ways that I use technology might be negatively impacting my quality of life.
Prior to this book, I had developed always looked as technology as something that could help me broaden my experience. Completely never crossed my mind that some applications of technology might be reducing my focus and experience.

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