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I will be ambivalent about this guide. The parts about Mei Lien and her family a century ago are grasping and incredibly well written. The particular modern-day events often made me think I had been reading something slightly above a harlequin novel. The figures felt flat and the modern-day plot could have already been at home in a romance novel (minus the bodice-ripping. ) Inara's agonizing that she cannot explain to Daniel and his family about her ancestor's actions seemed especially contrived. This may have been a great novel if Estes got just stuck with the long-ago story. Such great characters to build on! How about telling all of us the life story of the child rather than the Inara story - that could have been riveting! A great editor could have coaxed a great novel out of this, because the raw material and skill is evidently there. Instead, we received great history and - forgive me - sappy presence. I really would like to give 3. 5 stars, but that is not possible, so I am going with three - because in my guide, it does not surge to the level of 4 stars due to the modern-day part.

I appreciate Estes shining a bright light on the way the Chinese were treated in the late 19th hundred years., This book was engaging from the very first page. The characters, Mei Lien, a Chinese-American, was forced to ditch her home by an angry mafia in late 19th hundred years Seattle. The story of her family is tragic and the cold, calculated savagery shocking. Late at night, on overnight time of her family's forced leaving from Seattle, Mei Loan Liu is pushed off of the railing of the send that is carrying over 350 Chinese away from the city. The ensuing tale is heart-rendering and I found myself completely engaged with the figures and the lives. The struggles of this brave woman, seeking to survive in a hostile world are compelling and tragic. The history shifts between the earlier and present day and intertwines Mei Lien's life back in the 1800's with a character these days, Inara, who discovers an unusual treasure left by Mei Lien in her great, great grandfather's house. Those two women battle with loss, adversity, and love and their reports will bring tears to your eyes. A wonderful first novel., Amazingly written! I love how a history of the two ladies lives were intertwined. I had been HORRIFIED to read about the Exclusion Act and the atrocities the Asians of our early American years suffered. A lot of them arrived here because these were needed to work, and then, abused terribly. Why was this not in our history books along with the injustice completed the Native Americans and the African slaves? What more is offered that we may know? Thanks to creators like Mrs. Estes, our company is reading about their sad stories now. This was a sweet, sad well crafted story that I just didn't want to put down. A 3-Kleenex book, for sure!, 3. 5 stars - Now i'm rounding up because it kept my interest: )

By using an island in the Western, Inara is embarking after an ambitious restoration project when she locates an urgent treasure: an intricately embroidered silk sleeve. The particular origin of this sleeve is a mystery that won't leave her thoughts.

Inside the Seattle of the past due 19th century lives Mei Lien, a Chinese girl whose fate will business lead her to an island and a life that will be shaped by a solid cultural historical past seeped in love and honor but also racism and a fear that is always clawing at the surface.

This books reminds me of those I enjoy by Susanna Kearsly, spanning two different time durations, with a nice romantic thread. I truly liked the family history theme and getting a chance to learn about a place and time which was unfamiliar to me personally. There were a few plot holes and a couple too perfect coincidences, but in general, We liked reading about both Inara and Mei Loan. The plot moved along quickly enough and even though I guessed several of the reveals in advance (and it was vaguely repetitive), it was still a nice location to loose personally for a while., This book felt as textured as the embroidery of the storyline with its many colors and stitches. I grew upward in a family with three generations of maritime livelihood in the Pacific Northwest, so the intrigue of ships hauling away or delivering Chinese, and tunnels from downtown Portland to the docks, were in the stories We heard as a child. Even with those tales, there were always absent parts, implied events, strategies. This book could have easily been one of those stories.
Frankly, I loved it. The setting is in one of the most beautiful places on earth; Orcas Island. The complexity of families over a hundred years was built up between the two timeframes. Merely as one family needed to be willing to speak the truth they discovered, We read this at a time when immigration is on the hot burner again. Understanding to the author for writing a book which brings to more light the activities of the Chinese immigrants in the West. And, well done at that., An awesome book, so interesting how this young Chinese girl wrote her historical past by embroidery onto cotton. Another century how a person related to a despicable man from over a hundred years ago discovers the embroidered fabric and carefully puts the storyline together by hours of research with a Chinese professor. This story informs how one race was discriminated against at this period in the guide.
I could not put this book down!, I purchased the Blackstone Audio version of this book and found it evocative and riveting and well presented by reader Emily Woo Zeller. Because other reviewers have observed, there were some contrived plot coincidences that detracted somewhat from an normally compelling weaving of two intersecting stories. In light of today's xenophobia, the racism experienced by Mei Lein and her Chinese-American relatives seemed very fresh and raw. The pain resonates across generations and families, but offers opportunities for learning and curing. The history lessons were embedded seamlessly in the fictional plot, echoing the patterns embroidery on cotton that pulls the history together. I look ahead to more novels from Kelli Estes.

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