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Whenever Sophia Al-Maria's father was obviously a boy his family still lived a traditional Bedouin lifestyle, traveling around the deserts of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and sleeping in tents under heavens dark enough to be filled with stars. Following being forced by boundary-loving authorities to settle in a gender-segregated family substance her father's wanderlust continued to be, which is how he or she ended up in Seattle unable to speak English but still managing to meet and marry an American girl, giving Al-Maria the dual or maybe triple or even multiply by 4 cultural heritage which makes this memoir so mind expandingly and eye openingly interesting.

Al-Maria spent part of her childhood in her grandmother's small, isolated house in rural Washington condition, where the protective systematisierter wahn of her mother made Al-Maria feel more caught than when she stayed at in her father's crowded multi-generational and now letter head home in Qatar. Also though whilst in Qatar there were substantial cultural and religious restrictions on her ability to move around freely and meet with anyone she wanted, being part of a larger family crowd felt liberating.

Although she lived in Qatar Al-Maria spent her time getting to know her substantial Bedouin family, going to an international school mainly for foreigners, brawling ready male cousins in an incorrect side of their sex divided home because the girl couldn't stand that being older meant she was no longer able to play Mortal Kombat with them (well, this occurred just once), assisting her uncle's carefully choreographed raccourci as he sneak-courted a non-Bedouin girl unacceptable to their family (which helped her figure out how to spend forbidden time ready boyfriend when she fell in love), and attending rowdy, sexually recharged all female parties that seemed to be area of the insular culture of women. Al-Maria also got to experience a little of her traditional Bedouin heritage when the whole family would pull off to get away in the desert.

Many of Al-Maria's perspectives and insights on hot matters like burka wearing are not what I've came across anywhere else, and the girl experienced class divides I actually knew nothing about. Typically the book presents an amazing almost disorienting set of related worlds and Al-Maria's brilliant energetic writing sweeps the storyline along, allowing me the deep pleasure of being able to visualize that broad, star-rich desert sky but leaving me hanging a little at the finish wondering what she performed next. I'm hoping for a follow up publication., Being a Qatari, the book was a bit shocking!

The storyline is fresh and touches the heart, but I'm not convinced of many details that the author highlighted. Her Bedouin Grandma speaks English?! No way! The family was happy to see their child suddenly married to a stranger with two kids? Impossible!

Although I can relate to many social things she mentioned, I actually never felt I was immersed in the narrative. Above all, I never felt that painful attachment when you finish reading a book, due to the fact the finish was abrupt and uncreative.

You may read it, but don't think from it as your " guide" to the Khaleeji culture, habits or lifestyle. Consider of it as the " case study" of Sophia Al-Mariaa and her family because her life is quite unusual., I felt this was a very interesting and telling adventure of a girl struggling to fit into two very different cultures. Residing in Qatar, I was able to relate to a bit of what the girl was experiencing. I found it a very interesting comparison of two different, yet similar groups of people. One being the Bedu people of Qatar, and the other the " Bedu" (redneck/country) of The usa. Both have very similar characteristics but are worlds separate. We all hear about how exactly rich and extravagant Qatar is, but this publication takes you concealed from the public view of those Qataris who are barely scrapping by. I actually do wish the closing had a bit more material. It felt a bit rushed. I would have enjoyed to know more about her current situation and what happened after Cairo. Also, really her current relationships between her parents and her Qatari family. The writing style was very good, and it experienced a nice flow without feeling rushed or unorganized. Overall, I would recommend this book for all memoir readers!, Or perhaps I will say, "an important and beautiful" book.

It is important because it tells the tale of maturing between two very different, yet tightly connected, parts of the world. Gulf Arab culture is often stereotyped as either "Rich Oil Baron", "Scheming Terrorist", "Repressed Woman" or "Noble Savage". These kinds of cliches are miles away from the truth, which is far more nuanced, detailed and humane. Unfortunately, such texture gets lost in most modern-day accounts, which can result in ignorance at best and disastrous misunderstanding at worst.

Yet maturing a young person in The usa is often stereotyped and cliché d, as well. Abercromie and Fitch paint a pretty picture, but the reality of maturing in the States can be far more awkward, anxiety-ridden, and bizarre. "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" brings these two worlds collectively in a way that is touching, intimate, and true. Both American and Gulf readers would do well by reading this journey of self-discovery and acceptance, which touches on all the main parts of growing up and experiencing life's many contradictory transitions. It can be particularly resonant for women growing up in modern-day Gulf society, stretched as they can often be between competing demands and desires.

But the publication is also beautiful because it does so with wit, tenderness, and bravery. Typically the author does not flinch from sharing some of her most embarrassing moments, yet will so in a manner that is relatable and familiar. This is powerful and touching. Although the circumstances may vary for each and every of us, I actually have without doubt that almost everyone can relate with her tales of maturing and not quite fitting in. It is this very similarity, in worlds that appear so different, that gives this guide its energy.

"The Girl Who Chop down to Earth" is beautifully written; I literally couldn't put it down after starting it. I can recommend it highly enough, but those growing up around Gulf / American cultures will find it particularly moving.

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