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Got this been the release of the 4th novel by Steig Larsson about Lisbeth Salander, I would have been beside myself with anticipation and excitement. As it was, I acknowledged this read with a lttle bit of trepidation but open up interest. The story is good also it would make a credible (enough) fast paced suspense novel. What is missing is the electricity and visceral intensity that stuffed every scene with Lisbeth within the trilogy by Larsson. I felt like I was viewing Lisbeth from the outside in, rather than the inside out. Larsson's Lisbeth is the most powerful and most unpredictable women character in modern fictional, or maybe of all time. That is why we couldn't put his books down and didn't want to wait for an next. Lisbeth elevated our blood pressure, kept us up all night time, and we rooted on her success in vengeance like no other. With this book, I used to be 95% complete and had no difficulty putting it aside to go to the grocery store store. That claims a lot. I felt distanced from the characters. I used to be aware it was simply a story, not THE MANY EXCITING character and displays I felt like I lived and died with in the earlier books. Would Larsson approve? Of the story itself, yes. Of the story telling, no., Typically the Nitty Gritty: Michael Blomkvist is definitely an investigative journalist without a story and Lisbeth Salander is a undercover crusader without a cause. What happens when Sweden's best duo run out of things to do?

Well if you are Wasp and the most effective hackers in the world you tackle the biggest game in town, america National Security Agency, and also the NSA. Plus if you are Blomkvist you find yourself in the middle of a murder investigation by the strangest of circumstances.

Lisbeth is on the hunt for an elusive group of hackers responsible for some of the biggest intellectual heists in the century, and a couple of murders and Blomkvist is hot on her trail.

This specific group who call themselves the Spiders have aimed Lisbeth and a Swedish scientist on the cusp of breaking through to The. I. Driven b vengeance and a sense of her very own brand of proper rights Lisbeth is going to hunt them down to the previous line of code and Blomvist will shine a light-weight on their against the law activities of its the last thing he does... and it might just be.

Opening Collection: " Frans Balder always regarded himself as a lousy father. "

Typically the Good: LISBETH IS AGAIN!!!!! I can't tell you how excited I was when this book was introduced. I became adoringly obsessed with Blomkvist and Salander after the first book. I confess I waited for the hype to die down before I dove into the books, but once Used to do I was in a enthusiast hook, line and sinker. I used to be gutted when I found out Larsson had died. Beyond the loss of a short life the world lost a literary treasure. Larsson singlehandedly changed the game of crime works of fiction in Sweden and indeed the world. Since the publication of the Centuries trilogy Sweden has seen an explosion of crime novels with brilliant leads and wonderful plots. We have found myself thumbing through the crime section more than the fantasy church aisle since I first read Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

Lisbeth is the type of person you want to have on your team when you're in a quickly pull. She's the hail martha everyone needs in their life. And Blomkvist is better than Youtube, Myspace, Twitter and all of it if you want the entire world to know your story.

The Bad: We all know about the controversy surrounding the publication with this book. Eva Gabrielsson, his writing companion and his life partner has been vocally contrary to the syndication of the book, especially its author, but Larsson'd brother and father have literary rights over his estate and they approved the book and the author. So its a sticky situation with family to both sides of the issue. I bought the book the same.

The Woman in the Spider's Net is like your chosen actual clothing that your mommy accidentally shrunk in the dryer. It's still the one you have and it fits, but something just feels off about it. The shoulders don lay down like they used to. Typically the color is a smidge lighter than it was yesterday. Its still the same garment but the not. That's what this book was like. Regarding course I wasn't anticipating the writing to be the same. Larsson and Lagercrantz are two each person and sometimes I valued their different writing styles, but more often I desired Larsson's flair for slicing through all the violet prose and getting to the meat of the problem. Larsson has a way of introducing characters with such clarity that I could describe them to a sketch artist and everyone on earth would recognize who it was and with Lagercrantz he jumps right into the action and then we get slightly background on the figure, but its not lasting. I had to return and reread the first chapter about Balder to remember who he was when he or she was mentioned again.

Larsson didn't mind breaking the rules of fiction. This individual didn't start his book off with action. This individual didn't open up in the middle of a scene. He did not have to. He had a compelling story to tell and you either sitting down to tune in to it or you didn't. This individual wasn't going to use trickery or slight of hand to capture your attention. Lagercrantz just falls right good rest of the Fiction Hall Displays. Every rule is adopted to the letter, and yeah the story is compelling but the rigidity with which the principles are adhered to is distracting and disorientating to say the least.

The book is just 431 pages long and it took 410 pages to get to the point. This guide sensed like it was pandering to us the audience also to the characters. In the past books, Lisbeth's skills came into play because the situation called for them. In this book its like the book that calls for the abilities. Lagercrantz has put the cart before the horses. Everything involves Lisbeth's capabilities. Ok so if you want everything to revolve around Lisbeth and her hacking skills then this book should be her book, but she actually is largely absent. Typically the bad guys get more page space than the girl does. Which is a shame. Lisbeth Salander is a literary treasure and she should be dealt with with the respect the girl has earned.

The Woman in the Spider's Net feels like poorly conceived enthusiast fiction.

My Hope if the Series Continues: That Lagercrantz sits down and reads the Millennium till he is able to quote a range from any page and the he really starts to study it. I want him to find a way to stick to the Larsson school of writing fictional because following the rules is boring and Salander and Blomkvist deserve better than that. I believe it would really open upward his writing and give him a freedom he or she might enjoy.,[Warning: Some Spoilers] This guide doesn't live up to the precedent set by Stieg Larsson's brilliant books. Typically the reason for this is simple: David Lagercrantz appears to fundamentally misunderstand Larsson’s character types. The dynamic Mikael Blomquist has suddenly become the sort of man who lies around his house moping and making his living writing mediocre stories. His previous works have been reduced to “scoops, ” rather than reflecting Blomquist’s mania for the truth. (Lagercrantz also seems to have forgotten that Blomquist is in possession of a sizable fortune, which he earned for his work finding Harriet Vanger. ) Incidentally, Larsson’s Blomquist would never have called a folder he intended Lisbeth to find “Lisbeth Stuff. ”

More disappointingly, Lagercrantz has reduced the scope of Lisbeth. Larsson’s underlying premise is the crime that lies in confining people to information set by social rules. Yet Lagercrantz’s characters seem to be mostly interested in her unconventional appearance. What is more upsetting is the stench of victimhood that is attached to Lisbeth through the title. In the first three books she has a monster tattoo, she kicks a hornet’s nest, she takes on with fire. She has made choices and is taking actions. Here the girl is caught by a spider’s web. She is passive.

I can go on, and talk about the truth that Lagercrantz has cut out two strong female characters (Mimi and Sonja), and that he misrepresents Blomquist and Berger’s relationship. (Larsson’s Bergerot doesn’t sleep around with just anyone. She is faithful to Blomquist and Beckman. Yet in this book Blomquist jokes about her relations with another man. ) I could not bring myself to read beyond the first 3rd of the book, so I suppose maybe these issues are resolved down the road.

Allow me finish by saying that Lagercrantz may be a good writer, and that taken on its own this might be a good book, but that I probably won’t finish reading it, because these are not the characters I love. They've been deflated, and as a result, the entire story falls short of the standard of books set by Larsson

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