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We have read several accounts of escaping from North korea. This is a good one because it covers several subjects that are not covered consist of books. For example hyeonseo were raised right on the border close to the Yalu river. There exists extensive conversation of cross border smuggling in the book as her mother and other relatives were participants in this trade. Being so near to the border they could also get Chinese cellular phone service and calls could be made to North Korea using Chinese cells. The other thing that is quite different about her story is that she spend more than a decade in China and was continually hiding from being learned as an against the law therr. In one period she mentioned to others that she was from North Korea and its clear somebody noted her. She withstood an interrogation by the Chinese police and was able to convince them the girl was Chinese due to her ability to speak Mandarin and her mastery of Chinese Characters, which the girl attributes to her daddy pushing her to examine while she was in school.
She has dangerous relationships with gangs, which the girl survives, was assaulted poorly by an unknown opponent with a 1 liter beer bottle, an occurrence that did put the woman in the hospital and other adventures. One learns a lttle bit about China and North Korea in this book. She has family members which span several lessons of North Korean society and one can get a for what those strata are just like. She also talks about the great level of indoctrination she received during her education, of course this is common among the accounts of DPRK defectors.
Different that most of the defectors books the girl does describe the problems facing defectors in Southern Korea. Their education is worthless and hence most of them severely struggle to obtain a university degree, which is important in South Korea. in addition, she identifies the process by which they vet defectors as well as the revendication techniques of the Chinese police.
Once this wounderful woman has made it to South Korea the girl brings her mother and brother out of North Korea. This activity has several difficult twists which meant that the plan needed to change in major ways without any problem and the challenges of having through The far east to another country to defect to a Southern Korean embassy are shown. They chose Laos, a backwater whose insufferable bureaucracy and corrupt civil service made things hard. A really helpful Australian saves the afternoon.
The storyline is interesting and one learns a fair bit about North Korea and China., I had always been curious about North Korea, having heard about it in the news, and I thought this guide would be interesting. It will have vivid descriptions of life in North Korea. That also turns out to be suspenseful and psychologically engaging. Once I began reading this book, Some want to stop until I was done.

The guide is divided into components, describing the author's life in North Korea, then her life in The far east (an entire decade), get away to South Korea, and finally, the ordeal of getting her mother and brother out of North Korea. I won't bother in summary everything other than to say that the woman life was in significant danger in every place except for South Korea. Within China, she makes a life and barely eliminates deportation, being captured by human traffickers, and an arranged marriage to a complete zero.

The greatest shock for me was maybe how hard it is for North Koreans to adjust alive outside of their country. Naturally , it is very different, and despite knowing that they will likely be tortured and killed if they go back, some want to return anyway. The author's own brother almost goes back in a point in time of weakness, but she deals with to talk him out of it.

Thinking back on this story, it seems almost unbelievable which a person could have lived this life. It took huge amounts of courage, intelligence, and luck, all of which the writer has., This is an amazing story from a woman who have gone through so much hardship and suffering with such sophistication. Gives us a little insight as to what surviving in North Korea is like.
For anyone with a curiosity about North Korea and also how much a human being will go through for independence., As an American resident it is hard to imagine how truly difficult citizens in other nations have such restricted lives. I chose to read this book because I wanted to see my perception of North Korea was accurate. It is more ridicule than I have dreamed. Americans (and people in other free countries ) should thank their producer for the privileges that they enjoy, regardless of all of democracy s most detrimental

m, Few people that live outside North Korea (myself included) can totally understand the brutal horror that is a daily reality for the average people who are enslaved there. This book goes a long way in the direction of offering we outsiders a closer glance. Written by someone that resided in North Korea during thier teenage years, escaped to China, then went through the near-impossible, fourteen-year process of assisting her mother and sibling successfully escape to the freedom of South Korea; this electrifying account of the struggle against one of the most chilling dictators alive on the planet today is a must read for anyone to come to grip with the stark terror that can be created by a psychopathic dictator., At first, I wasn't sure I actually wanted to read a depressing story about someone surviving in North Korea. But it's so much more than that. It's the truly amazing story of a young woman with grit, determination, creativity and intelligence who perseveres through many unforeseen trials to make a life for herself. Offer yourself the present with this book. It reads like a thriller. You won't want to put it down!, If you want to really know what North Korea's people are like and how they live, this is the guide for you. Very detailed in how the people in the villages live, their simple ways and how they are dominated by the government. Everyone keeps a picture of the Great Leader in their home, if they are found not to have one main in simple sight, they go to " reeducation" camps. Any defiance of the regime results in torture and dying. The story woven into this lifestyle is dynamic bold and some the best entertainment I have read. Don't miss this one!

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