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Through the first word on web page one, I used to be hooked! In addition to I couldn't put it down. I started reading it at night, fell sleeping with the book exposed, then continued the next morning until I completed the book. The only problem? I didn't want it to end! I desired to find out more on Marina's amazing life!

Abducted at the age of four, and deposited deep in the jungle, Marina did the unthinkable... she survived! First with a loving family of monkeys, who required her in and accepted her as one of their own. But hungry for love, she found herself in a brothel where she was treated horribly, and her life seemed to get worse and worse with every tun of the page.

Truthfully, I don't know how she retained her spirit, her trust in people, or her ability to love, but Marina is TRULY beyond inspirational!

This guide is a MUST STUDY!, A wonderful interesting history about a little woman age 4 to 5 that was abducted then dumped deep in a forest. Somehow her capacity to survive kicked in and luckily she happened after a pod of monkeys that took her in. She still needed to be astute though and fend for herself for food and refuge, but she was smart enough to realize that if she ate what they did, she could feed herself. Her forest life lasted about 5 years, then once the lady was found, her predicament took on many challenges and turns while the lady tried to find food and places to live; learned how to speak, bridegroom herself, eat with manners, and cope with her new human world. Practically hard to believe but I think it is very true. I am anxious to see the sequel once it is printed and am hoping to discover is she ever found her real family., Tho book demonstrates truth is stranger than fiction! It really is miraculous that she survived, that the lady overcame her feral origins without the accompanied by a specialists etc.; that she for some reason differentiated good from evil and chose goodness and love. She must also be extraordinarily intelligent.
The " Wild Youngster of Avignon" never discovered to speak.
An 8 year old Indian girl was rescued from the Channel Island destinations at age 18. She could speak but in a language unknown to local Chumash. She was sheltered by a family but died from eating the 20th Century food the lady was served., This history of a girl pretty much raised by monkeys is fascinating in many ways. It's really no surprise our species has survived given the innate will to live and the capacity to figure things away. It makes obvious how our early experiences and upbringing have a great impact on our old age. It takes a community or at the very least a few nurturing, important people in our lives., Fascinating and amazing story. I was terrified by the humans that threw the woman in the jungle. It had been delightful that the monkeys accepted her and gradually treated her like family. She was so wise to observe them to survive. It's interesting that as the years passed by she yearned to find others like herself. She finally found someone and then her real troubles began. Their particular greed and cruel character put her through horrible times again and again. It's amazing she did not escape to the jungle. Only her strong nature, perseverance and excellent mind allowed her to survive., One of the best books I've actually read. What an incredible history. Anyone who has consideration and love for animals should read this book. I'm sad for the rotten people in this world, but this female experienced an incredible life in the jungle with her monkey family and we should all be grateful for this rare glimpse into the intelligence of other species and their suffering and the fact of how difficult it is perfect for them with what some awful people do to this earth and to lives they don't value it. Best book ever. Completely loved it., My center broke when I find out about this little four yr old dumped in the jungle by kidnappers. I am amazed by her strong spirit that helped her to survive for many years. Actually, her life became worse once she was " rescued". She often missed her monkey family when the lady was betrayed by humans. Finally, she was rescued for real. the attention of her rescuers helped her to live on a quite normal life. She hitched and raised two daughters. There are also some interesting pictures in the book., This is a simple book to read, but the story is powerful and compelling without affectation. How a 5 yr old child is abducted, deserted and survives in Columbia is fascinating enough, but the monkey years are a window into a complete different realm. Study it in one night time.

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