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I saw the great reviews for this book and kept off buying it for a long time because I felt ,50 was a lttle bit steep for 180 pages. This 7 days I noticed the price was now just over and i also jumped on it - great decision! Monaghan does so much with those 187 pages it's incredible. I have significantly not enjoyed a publication so much in a very long time. I love well-written books with a clear plot that also are a clean read - though I love a good kissing scene! I actually have been settling for less than this for several months, and was high on the reality that I finally read something REALLY GOOD. Every factor of this book is fantastic. I only have one complaint, but I will not state it in depth here because it would mess up the ending, and it can not be hugely important because the book met my requirements of having a happy ending.

My one thing involves the psychological investment of the readers. Monaghan does so well in this regard for the complete book, and it is actually because of her skill in this that my emotional investment for the actual finish effect was muted. But this doesn't change how happy I am that I actually read it! And so excited to have discovered the sequel to be released in January!, Properly, I have to say that I wish I actually read certain reviews before reading the book. I use read the Ally Carter books. Specifically, I adored her Gallagher Girls series. (I just hated how long she took to come out with a new one. ) So, I couldn't wait to dive into this because I just love strong female characters.


Anyway, I was fairly let down in this book for a number of reasons:

one ) As soon as they said Steven was released after being tortured I knew exactly how the book would end. Predictable.

2 . ) Way too fast paced. It felt like the author was so fired up about this great idea she had for a book that she couldn't wait to complete it. Right now there was no depth and unbelievable character and story lines.

2. ) John Bennett's character. Specialists personally the same question probably many did, "How do he graduate early from such a prestigious university and not know what a Fibonacci sequence was? inch It baffled me. I then started ticking off everything about John Bennett's personality that became short-comings. For example, If he was on guard to protect Farrah wouldn't he stay alert throughout evening to keep watch? The one thing about John that led me to believe he was remotely FBI material was that he could translate many different languages. I would have been more committed to his personality if there was more action which showed that what he lacked as an intellectual he made up for in the physical sense, but there were no fighting scenes. Plus when he discovered the taxi man was obviously a Jonas Brother (see what I do there) he confessed it was because Farrah experienced been 'rubbing off on him... Not because of his killer FBI instincts.

What infuriated me the most was that this individual didn't even EARN that position in Special Field. Farrah was the one who cracked the program code on the TV display screen. Farrah was the one who cracked the program code about the diaper bag in Grand Central. Farrah was the one who discovered Steven was the mole. Farrah was the one who cracked the program code from the device call to Steven. And OLIVE. was the one who damaged the code about Disney Land... Did you men hear a John in there? Nope.

Icing on the cake was how easily Farrah let John back into her life after virtually making her MISERABLE for a month without the contact. It absolutely was ridiculous and made me lose respect for her. Especially since, there is a sequel. The particular author must have left it at a cliffhanger, enabling Farrah find herself in college, then maybe get a boyfriend and soon become tangled up in the FBI mess again which would in the end lead her back to John. This will make for a much better story because they both would have grown up in the mean time and discovered their rights and wrongs in the 'relationship' they had/could have experienced.

It was just raced. And I give it two stars., I was a retired high school graduation math teacher. Big Bang Principle is my favorite TELEVISION show. When I found a book about a math genius, whose father was the head of the math department at UCLA, I actually was hooked, even though I didn't fit the demographics of the meant reader. I love that there is a book meant for teenage girls that promotes them to use their natural intelligence.

The publication began by dealing with some of the problems came across being a girl in high school wanting to fit in. Enter teenage angst - necessary for any teen fiction. It soon progresses to mystery and conspiracy. Throw in a little romance in addition to a great combination. You will find parts of the book who have you sitting on the advantage of your chair wondering how it is going to turn out. There are some interesting twists and turns. From one point you are feeling you are not going to like the ending, but then a different one of those twists comes into the style. I will definitely be recommending this book to friends with teenage daughters.

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