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Without having been a teenager for almost 20 years, I can still find a great deal of truth in this story. I think Dog pen might be the strict literary character I have ever encountered. By that I mean closest my sense of identity. Typically the story is just like Dog pen, soft and tender, and rough and tough. I enjoy the portrayal of the mother's desperate dilemma of her own aspirations and her love for the woman daughter, hard path of finding out there is more than one preordained way to do the right thing with your kids. Extremely recommended for youth and adults., M-E Girard is a master at portrayal. There are no images in this story, no cardboard cutouts. Each character--even the peripheral ones--is unique and intriguing. A few of them I needed to slap. Some of them I wanted to hug, but each one picked up some kind of emotion from me.

Dog pen is a young woman struggling with all the usual teen-age problems--school, parents and relationships--but she's also struggling to keep the woman unique identity while others continually try to rip her down. I check out this book quickly because once I started, I could not put it down. Extremely recommended., That feeling when you can't put a book down because it feels so tangible and real? That's the feeling I comes from this publication. It's easily will be in my top ten books. I just. Everything about this book made my coronary heart ache. In specific manners. We will be recommending this to anyone searching for a good LGBT book and it's DEFINITELY going to make its way to my physical bookshelf eventually., Right now there are times when We feel that categorizing a book as YA (Young Adult) is unfortunate as it can keep people from reading it by giving the mistaken impression that EN ESTE MOMENTO novels are _only_ for adults. Girl Mans Up is unquestionably one of those books that proves this impression wrong.

Penelope, Oliveira, or " Pen" as she prefers to be called, is a sixteen-year-old Canadian girl moving into the outskirts of Toronto ready old-fashioned Portuguese parents and her older brother, Johnny. Her mom wants the woman to halt wearing boys' clothes and dress more like a princesa (a princess). Her dad is constantly reminding her - and Johnny - to show respeito (respect). Her closest friend Colby wants her in order to be one of the guys - or to be exact, one of _his_ fellas - increasingly demanding that she show her commitment. But Pen just would like to be herself - whatever that is - without the continuous pressure from everyone to be something else.

Highly, highly advised for anyone who likes a good coming-of-age novel about about identity, about the challenges of love, friendship and family that come up while you're figuring out who you are, and about eventually carving out space for yourself to be able to simply be yourself., Real, timely and life-affirming., We wasn't exactly sure what to anticipate when I started Girl Mans Up, and as the story unfolded, We kept being unsure, in a good way. Girard does an outstanding job of keeping the reader guessing while also taking us significantly into family dynamics, complicated friendships, new love and navigating queerness on multiple levels. I don't play video games save for Wii ones, while Dog pen, the protagonist of Girl Mans Up, is a fierce gamer. She's fairly much considered one of the guys among the woman men friends, which is how she likes it. Yet when she starts to realize that maybe some of her friendships aren't based on loyalty (the same principle being drilled into the woman at home by the woman tough Portuguese parents, who insist she pay respeito to them), but instead on not so refined coercive tactics, she begins to question who the girl should ally herself with. She also falls in love after many unanswered, unreciprocated, unreturned crushes on girls, and all of these topics, as well as child killingilligal baby killing, are dealt with genuinely. There are no stock characters here, no easy answers about gender, sex, family or love. Instead, there are lots of tough choices, like whether to stay at home where she seems misunderstood or move in with her older brother Johnny, who she idolizes. Dog pen is not a perfect character, but even if she makes mistakes, she's likable because Girard has imbued her with so much heart. The girl sticks with her guns and insists over a gender display and identity that is her own, not what other people want to make her into or what would be apparently " easier" for the world to understand. And while the book is not " about" abortion, their treatment of the issue as highly personal, complicated and often lonely is dealt with exquisitely here, by so that it is both an undeniable fact of life but not something the character contemplating it takes whatsoever gently., Beautiful and thoughtful writing - true to life. Really resonated with me. Strong narrative with real characters. I enjoy young adult books which is one of the best., Composing that draws you in, with characters you quickly come to care about. this story explores love, families, and gender in a brilliant way. A fairly easy 5 stars.

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