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I really like this one, but not as much as the very first and 3 rd book. I do believe that's because this publication itself was getting myself frustrated, mostly because it was being too truthful with me, haha. For me, I really had to ensure I was in the right head space to read it. It resonates with me a lot, and it would be relatable for a lot of people. Dr. Handa is a great writer - straightforward and very clear. I would just remind you that it is a self-help book, and because of that, it really does take some work to implement. This one isn't as " easy" as the first book is to " digest. " That being said, you don't *have* to read the very first publication to understand this publication, but I think it would be difficult to fully understand some of the references without reading the first one before this one. So I recommend getting hooked into this series by reading the first book, then going to this one. But if this one's getting you frustrated, return to it at another time. it can broken into small digestible chapters to enable you to read it in small pieces, all at once, revisit parts you need to revisit, and/or just reread the whole thing. If you are getting frustrated with some of the mental work you're doing, try putting it down and returning to it another time. Of which worked for me., One more simple yet challenging publication on dealing with feelings. Dr. Handa's style is personable and straightforward; providing personal examples and skill-building exercises. His work echoes the wisdom of ancients while inclining someone to apply these truths. With this payment the author summons such affective states as feeling stuck and frustrated, publishing they might not be completely different from one another. When the first is able to consider they are, in essence, coping with two sides of the same (emotional) endroit, they can approach them similarly.

The take away is that one often seeks clarity out there feelings and the, rather odd, way to achieve such a state is to sit with feeling stuck/frustrated. In case you read the first book, and also the third, then you may realize that sitting is a euphemism for meditation, contemplation, or introspection. The result of one's sitting with one of these difficulties allows one to get the gifts that lie within, what I think one will find would be that the presents are different for every personal.

Another short, concise, and highly applicable book. I use already suggested this publication to at least 1/2 a number of clients. In case you get it, enjoy!, Fantastic recommendations and questions included in this short book to support self reflection and bring clarity to your life! I loved how the writer was able to make clear difficult situations, emotions, and techniques through easy-to-read short chapters. Some welcomed laughter was scattered throughout too: ), Simple but serious
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Interesting ideas how to eat disappointment and emerge with a clear view in our true nature, Really enjoyed every chapter! Useful and thought provoking. So much to process -- I'll re-read it soon. Actually, it can the sort of book you want to return to often. Glad I purchased - highly recommend!, What an enjoyable follow up to part one. The writer keeps it simple and applies answers to daily situations, Another eye-opening, perspective-changing offering by this writer. It is a quick read, that i will re-read many times as necessary, in order to fully digest its contents. I found pieces of my entire life in every page of this book, and also found myself wanting to deny that recognition. It truly is humbling to bring even a little of my awareness to the ways in which I actually keep myself stuck through self-deception and expectations, and the ways in which the “stuckness” manifests as impatience, frustration and depression. It is difficult to look at, nevertheless the writer never claims this process is easy, or comfortable. Understanding I have a tendency to avoid looking at the undesirable aspects of my nature, I plan to use this book to help direct my mind to parts of my life of frustration and disappointment, and use the methods presented in it to help me better see things because they are. If you are willing to the actual uncomfortable inner work in order to gain higher clarity, perspective and peacefulness, then I would strongly recommend this book., One more great resource from this author. I browse the first book in this series and I was excited to see this one come out. I've read it twice, but still have quite a little of work related to it. Unfortunately, it’s no “3 minute abs” and it also seems like it will take some time and effort to implement these practices and receive the " gifts" the writer writes about. Within the short period I've worked with it I can see that it's affecting the way I deal with frustration and opening new doors. A lot of the ideas available go against my nature, but that is probably for the best. This is a well written short book that is not hard to read and understand. I would recommend it to anyone who has disappointment in their life and would like to find a new way to deal with it.

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