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I spent 20 years on the streets in local law enforcement. I always felt that the Temporary Restraining Orders (TRO) we offered on stalkers and spousal abusers were as worthless, in most cases, since the paper they were written on. Usually they simply served as a salve to sooth our rights system's guilt over unwillingness or inability to take strong and immediate action, or develop alternative options. As Gavin de Becker so aptly remarks, when it comes to dedicated stalkers and abusers, not only are they not afraid of a part of paper, it incents them to even a higher degree of activity and perhaps violence. Mcdougal makes an excellent case that we should be much more careful in evaluating such instances against a threat matrix and respond in different ways according to the nature of the threat.

I also greatly prefer the author's discussion of the origins of fear and how important it has been in allowing mankind to develop. In addition to the twenty years I spent in law enforcement, I will be also a Certified Body Terminology trainer and teach the power of nonverbal communication. As research has shown, what we call women's intuition is within reality the fact that women, typically, are far better at collecting nonverbal cues than men. That " intuition" was absolutely essential for the females of our species to survive in a really hostile world, where we were holding of slighter stature and needed to quickly discover threats around them. Since the primary caregiver to children they also must be able to effectively understand the cues and needs of infants and small children before spoken language.

One interesting study involved showing short film movies with the sound turned off to an audience of men and women. Women scored an incredible 87% precision in evaluating the situation shown in the video clip. Afraid guys we only scored 42%. fMRI tests reveal women use 14-16 regions of their brains during communication, while men only 4-6 areas (most women probably would question giving us that much credit-: )

In modern society, in the interest of being " polite", we often suppress our natural intuition, our gut feelings. Back in my police career we didn't even have a expression called Body Language. We all only knew it as " street-smarts". Among my great fears has to do with my beautiful wife's suppression of her natural intuition around strangers, in the interest of being polite and non-judgemental. The nature of my our respective careers requires us to live in a heavy urban area, surrounded by all sorts of dangers. Dark parking lots, subterranean garages, elevators and streets filled with street people and drug addicts. While our building is very secure, once you are on the streets it can a whole different pastime. She has terrific instinct when she uses it. She is like a properly honed tuning fork when she is willing to trust her intuition, but due to her kind and trusting nature, she often suppresses it in the interest of being all-inclusive and taking.

Gavin de Becker's loud message to women, Believe in your gut, Don't reduce your intuition, Don't worry about hurting some stranger's feelings is a powerful one. It is my hope that my wife and every woman will be willing to read the book, reflect on all the powerful stories in The Gift of Fear, including the author's personal story., This guide is an invaluable resource for women. The 4th part by itself will be worth the price of the guide alone. Titled " Survival Signals" this chapter will teach you the sophisticated manipulations that criminal potential predators use to try and gain control over you.
You will learn about:

" forced teaming" - setting up premature trust based on sharing a predicament.

" charm and niceness" (remember, niceness does not equal goodness. )

" too many details" - When people lie what they say doesn't sound credible to them so they keep talking.

" typecasting" - Entails a slight insult to get the woman to reply by engaging verbally with the crim-pred.

" loan sharking" - (it's hard to tell a creep to eff off when he's done something helpful and now you are indebted to your pet. )

" discounting of the term NO" - refusal to respect the word no is a signal a crim-pred is attempting to control you or refusing to relinquish control.

There is much more fine detail in this chapter, and I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to recognize these " interviewing techniques" that felony predators use. Thank you Gavin de Becker for writing such an important and informational book., Excellent read at a bargain price, and way more interesting and enjoyable than the title could have recommended. I had listened to a podcast the writer did with Sam Harris, and came away impressed, wanting to learn more. I was not disappointed, great anecdotal and macro data in this book, with a lot of classes you can takeaway at the end. I think it should be mandatory reading for everyone, but especially parents and those who are trusted with the protection and education of youngsters and the vulnerable. You will not be dissatisfied., Expert on violent conduct Gavin De Becker is the author of "The Gift of Fear", first published in 1997 and still in print for its valuable insights. Para Becker wants his viewers to understand that true fear is a surprise of our biological cosmetic, an ability to sense and react to danger even before we are knowingly aware of it. Those warnings are all too often ignored or suppressed, leading a depressing number of folks into perilous and even deadly circumstances. De Becker takes an unflinching check out human nature, and suggests we do the same, in the interests of our own self-protection.

From the same time, Para Becker is anxious that to reinforce the contingency lesson that unwarranted fear is a curse, that we waste time worrying about dangers that are remote or that we can do nothing about. This even-handed approach retains "The Gift of Fear" from turning into another alarmist expose about the hazards of modern life, and places it securely in the realm info likely to be useful to every reader.

"The Gift of Fear" is perhaps overly long, as De Becker cites a lengthy string of examples from his personal and working life to reinforce his key points, but this long recitation may be necessary to drive home his lessons. "The Present of Fear" is very highly recommended to every reader who expects to have to live in today's world., I have acquired duplicates with this book for each and every of my daughters. In a world filled with spiteful commenters and cyberbullies, this is even more important than it was when it was written. The theme is how to know when you are really in danger, rather than being anxious at all times because you may not tell whether you are in danger., The cousin encouraged me to learn this book over the last couple of years. I will be glad I ultimately did. It took myself 6+ months to read, as I simply read a page or two at a time. Getting finally made it through Personally i think empowered by knowledge of the of worry, anxiety, and fear. This is a helpful guide to read. It shows a few of the worst of humanity, but also shows the rarity of the worst. We would encourage anyone to read it, especially those struggling with anxiety or worry in each day life.

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