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I acquired the previous version of the book more than 8 years ago. I was 21, and although I would've been ashamed to have admitted after that it, I hadn't read an individual book cover to cover within my 21 years, including school assignments. I experienced really struggled in school through my entire childhood and teenage years, and nobody really understood why. I failed every British class in high school. I just wasn't able to read, and it also was immensely frustrating. I tested very well, and was evidently intelligent. I got deeply involved in computer programming from a very earlier age, so my intelligence level was high enough. I could write in British just fine. Yet I still struggled. Nobody ever clinically diagnosed me with dyslexia, but this book looked interesting, so I acquired it on a whim.

By the time I acquired this book, I was doing well working in the computer industry, but I never really comprehended why I couldn't read. Well, to be clear, I could *read* and understand words; I was not illiterate by any means, but I found it impossible to get through more than a few pages of text. I had severe reading knowledge problems. My mind would read ahead, wander around, and mis-read things, and I will have to read and re-read the same text message many times to really understand it (if I cared enough to learn it, as I did for computer programming).

I read this book (slowly and painfully at first, as always), and had somewhat of an epiphany. I have applied Mr. Davis's techniques using the " mind's eye", and in the past eight years I have read literally hundreds of publications cover to cover. I now love reading, and decide on up a new publication at least once a week.

I still find myself having difficulties with my dyslexia if I am too fatigued, but that's the only time his techniques are not completely automatic. Following years of practice, it can totally automatic. I also (when possible) carefully choose published books based on their typesetting (and choose the font on my computer carefully), which helps immensely as well -- I never knew that baptistère and spacing could make such a difference before reading this book.

Mr. Davis's explanations of the differences in the workings of the mind -- the way that dyslexics can comprehend 3d objects in a different way than non-dyslexics -- made so much sense to me. I've always a new very high skills for science, mechanics, and complex systems. I've experienced the ability to picture all sides of about three dimensional objects, with no effort, and I've always thought this was properly normal. Of course I would not trade that ability, that aptitude, for normal reading. Just thinking of dyslexia as the new way of imagining rather than a condition is a huge leap in dealing with it.

I know there are a number of negative reviews of this book, claiming that it's pseudoscience, there's no research, or that the techniques seem to be " silly". Personally, I don't care. The opportunity to read, to really read and comprehend (and quickly, at that! ), has made such an massive difference in my life that I recommend this book to everyone that will listen. If I experienced read this book when I was ten years old somewhat than 21, I cannot imagine how much it would've changed my earlier years.

Please, if you do have a child who is having difficulties through school but you know to be super smart, read this publication and *try it*.

Really gratefully indebted to Mr. Davis,

Jeremy Cole, This is an incredible book. It emerged a little late for me to be able to help 2 of my sons, who have dyslexia, but explains so much. That it is written by a person who has Dyslexia makes it so much more relevant. The teachings can be done by a caring parent at home, for a kid, or a loved one for an adult. And now I do understand that this is a true GIFT that can be managed by the giftee. Thank you Ron Davis. Blessings., This is everything it needed to be to help my daughter when schools did not understand how to help my bright child. Constantly say enough it changed her life forever letting her use her gifts and showing how she can put her struggles right behind. Ronald D. Davis is aware as he himself was Dyslexic he understands how they think. There was practically nothing wrong with my child she just learned in a different way that is certainly a gift. Zero tutors, no tricks just great results., I experienced issue writing, after i reviewed in the book the listing of trigger words. This was so right on.. It has helped me personally to slow down and be a better writer., Great insight into brain development and consequences to child development and learning- helpful and useful.
Broadens the scope from which to approach response to a child who is experiencing this 'non-conforming' brain functioning. The dyslexic is challenged but this is not a dis-ease or something to be feared, hidden, denied or ignored, but rather another opportunity to learn also to help the dyslexic to blossom and be productive and achieved.
A must-read on the list for understanding how to enjoy the process., a very informative publication, I learned a lot about myself. Thank you., Great book. However, the dyslexic population I acquired it for think it's too long., Ordered this for my wife and the lady is quite satisfied with it.

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