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Ann Patchett is so wonderfully engaging, so candid, so real, I can't stop reading. I go from one book to the next hoping the journey will not end. Happily, I learned her only recently and still have more books to read. Just what comes through is her vibrant personality., Ann Patchett might have created an completely new genre with this "how I write" Kindle Single.

Obviously working from outlines and notes from past lectures, she's weaved together a Goldilocks (not to long, not to short) length author memoir. Whether it were a full length book, her jabs at wannabe authors would have have definitely grown irksome. Yet limited to 30 or so pages, she comes off merely as amusingly elitist -- a pretty impressive accomplishment when part of it is devoted to her stint as a waitress at a Nashville fern bar.

That's why I say she might have created a new style: An extended essay, packaged in an hour-long-read ebook format, providing a length and method that can allow creators to let off some steam about how exactly hard it is to be them, without the need of them to pad out a book-length manuscript trying to prove it.

At this length, Patchett's humor is tight and her drifting into self-reverence is merely limited.

Don't expect a lot of encouragement if you're a article writer, however. Despite her apparent wit, body fat joy when she turns the subject to her own writing. Have I mentioned how hard being a novelist is?, I think I was selecting a Pratchett book and though annoyed at my mistake (amazon 1-click is sooooo seductive), I started out reading. I was nabbed in the first paragraph. Just like many bookworms, I've flirted with the notion of writing a story myself and Ann's description showing how she has done and is constantly on the do this difficult thing is fascinating. I would have read it through in one session, but my house guests started out whining about my lack of attention with their supper..., I loved this guide! I have never read some of Ann Patchett's novels, but I have really enjoyed her personal essays and journalism in The Atlantic and other magazines. This personal narrative is akin to that. For the aspiring writer like myself who has not gotten an MFA program I found this to be an invaluable personal account of how one becomes a writer and how writing great wprl feels. Patchett ascribes her success to the luck of having good teachers, but you may be wondering what I actually notice is that Patchett was able to learn from some teachers who were not "good" in the conventional sense. Also, she acknowledges at the outset that she was lucky in one clear way: that she always knew that she wanted to be a writer and she has always been true to that conviction throughout her life. That is lucky indeed., I purchased the digital version not sure what to expect but with optimistic expectations it would provide insight into being a writer. Ann Patchett did not disappoint with her straight-forward tone. I loved her description about "her" process. I found validation that there's no person process. What I appreciated most was her candor about her love hate relationship with writing. Reading The Getaway Automobile unzipped the writer in me. I felt just a little sad when I reached the conclusion of the this read as I actually wanted it to go on for much longer., Loved it! I have not actually read any of this author's books yet but I do have both Bel Canto and Customer Saint in the bookshelf. In addition to now that I've read her views on writing maybe that will be enough to get myself around to them. In either case I absolutely Loved this short book about writing, the love and hate of it, and also this authors process and 'advice' if you really want to call it up that. What I loved was that the book sensed like a cozy conversation kept by two friends in front of a fireplace. It wasn't preachy like some books about writing can be nor was it packed with exercises. This was simply merely a dialogue and insight into one authors method and her backstory, all of which was interesting and engaging. I actually honestly would have loved it to be longer, I could have kept reading and reading little that's also type of her point, now it's time to get myself writing and am really feel that this book has helped push me further in that direction than something else I've read in a while. (This publication is the first since Stephen King's On Composing that has made myself feel more ready than other things to go in advance and just get writing! ), I read it once, and i quickly read it again. This can be the history of a writer's journey into writing. Brief, some laughs, some sighs, some marvelous insights all packed into the getaway car., Ann Patchett's wonderful essay about how exactly she came to articles are a must-read for anyone who wants to write, anyone who is writing. Some, her clear prose and sense of humor ring throughout. " The Getaway Car" is her code word for a novel. After many years of writing short stories, when she finds herself working as a waitress, she realizes she needs something big to help this individual escape - a quick story just isn't heading to cut it. Therefore the novel, which she starts to construct in her head as she waits tables, is her " getaway car. " Naturally , as any article writer knows, what goes on in your head isn't the same as what goes on when you sit down in front of your computer. Come along for a great ride.

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