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Plus fortunate to attend a three day seminar with Bob Meyers after having read his book several months ago. As an addiction psychologist, I count on evidence-based strategies to help my patients and can say--with complete sincerity--that the strategies described in this book have and will continue to save the lives of my most patients who have struggled with substance use by helping their loved ones make them. This book is an incredible contribution to the addiction treatment community and I actually recommend it as highly as one can., This book is a Must-read for anyone who likes an individual with a substance abuse issue. It is using the Community Support and Family Training (CRAFT) program that is listed with SAMHSA's National Computer registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices with a 64% success rate! (Other surgery have only shown a 5%-17% success rate. )
I have personally witnessed the life-altering effects of CRAFT in the behavioral health field as well as a mother and wife. I actually hand a copy of this book out to every loved one of a substance abuser that I actually know and am excited when I see people, families, and communities enhance their relationships and their lives.
If you were looking for help... you've found it!, Since a psychologist working with adolescents and young older people with substance use issues and their families, the CRAFT approach has allowed me to significantly extend my effectiveness in my work with families. I recommend this guide to all the family members I work with since it’s a compassionate approach that’s grounded in research and established behavior concept. Dr. Meyers’ book written specifically for clinicians to learn about CRAFT, “Motivating Substance Abusers to Get into Treatment: Working together with Family Members” is an excellent resource for any clinician to learn the basics of CRAFT. http://www.amazon.com/Motivating-Substance-Abusers-Enter-Treatment/dp/1593856466/,Excellent techniques. If anyone that you care about suffers from any addiction, GET THIS BOOK. It is a game-changer. You will have to do a whole lot of hard work and change how you handle certain situations (which can be extremely difficult), but I am unable to overemphasize how helpful this guide has been for me., This is a great workbook-like solace! I helps you go through step-by-step to judge your own behavior that alternatives - and it gave great options on how to welcome change for ONESELF! it gave alternatives to "detachment" since obviously i want to stay mounted on my loved one and be all the help as possible. It was lately published, so i experienced the investigation was current and i could count on best-practices at play. Very good advice for seeing the bigger picture and way to de-tangle my own personality from the situation and the alcohol, but generally the book helped me relate to/alter my very own emotional habits and be open to new tactics and expansive options. I also read "If You Loved Myself, You'd Stop! What You Really Need to Know When Your Loved 1 Drinks Too Much" by Lisa Frederiksen. The earlier chapters went into technological detail about what happens to the mind itself - this detail was explained in a very straightforward manner, it was new and very enlightening - assisting to decouple the influences of alcohol from the individual themselves. The alcoholic beverages brain helped me understand why detaching from the problem is so important and ACHIEVABLE, and the SOBER guide reminded me that detaching is not always necessary! In the few brief weeks since i read these books, i have seem to be a HUGE and important convert in my life at home and my loved one's behavior. I take full responsibility for my actions inside our goals to stay well balanced with alcohol - but i only take responsibility for MY actions now and that's a massive alleviation and great progress! THANKS AUTHORS!, Highly, highly recommend this book. I took so many notes throughout everything. I think this is the best book that could be written for someone in this position like myself. I was able to change soany things to make my life and the drinker's interactions better. He stopped drinking and has been sober for two months. I acquired my voice, hope, and self-confidence back thanks to this guide. I also realized how and why I was a part of the issue, which many people who live with the consumers don't understand, and then how to fix my part. Extremely recommend it!, As a mental health therapist at a community health center, I frequently meet with distressed clients whose cherished ones have substance use disorders. This book is my go-to resource, which I actually ask clients to read as part of their treatment. It includes evidence-based strategies to help themselves reduce their use and go into treatment themselves; it especially helps clients enhance their own lives, regardless of what other folks do. Highly advised!, This book is a must-have for anyone whose spouse struggles with addiction to alcohol. It presents the issues in ways I never thought of, and it works!!

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