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Denise does a WONDERFUL job at helping you faucet into your money prevents so as to up-level and create many abundance that you deserve. She has great exercises available that will give you immediate information and results too (at least it did to me! ). If you’re looking to up-level your money life, this book will help you SO much., WOW!!! This particular book is life changing. Never thought I had formed so many money blockages in my life. I have so far written six pages full and Im still writing. I have read many books regarding business and money and also this one is the only one that actually feels was written especially for a person like me. All the books explain to you the problem but don’t go into depth. This one does. Denise, you are awesome!!!, I'm not all the way through yet, but it has been immensely helpful for getting started on changing my outlook from the state of negativity (and the inevitable accompanying depression) to experience more positive and positive. Denise DT has already been my introduction to the ideas of manifesting and the law of attraction. Really interesting information, and I like how it is presented - not mystical or religious at all (important for this agnostic). Her exercises are great for self-improvement via forgiveness, in case you don't go in for the whole " manifesting" stuff, you'll be a much better person and feel better about your life if you practice forgiveness, especially of yourself. I feel like my sight have been opened to possibilities and ideas about how exactly the world works which i never would have considered and am grateful to the writer for sharing her perspective. I highly recommend this book for anyone experiencing hopelessness or ongoing depressive disorders as the ideas in it may have the power to change your life for the better and provide a lifeline to happiness. Likewise check out her site the best, free audio!, Absolutely the best money publication I've read. Denise's recommendations for how to eliminate money blocks and move into a life of financial abundance are area on.

Go to her web site, too, and browse the blog, watch the videos, and take some of Denise's free courses. But reading isn't enough. The information in this book and on her site is only as good as the effort putting into removing your a single cent blocks. If you're struggling with this,, Sometimes it takes hearing it, writing it down, and reading it to be able to absorb something completely. I'm so glad Denise wrote the brand new book, which is a brilliant synopsis of the tenets from her online Lucky Hoe Money Bootcamp. It won't cover all of the individual exercises from the interactive online course, which allow you to go deeper with this learning; but it's great for refreshing your memory on what you learned - or a great introduction to her teachings if you've never taken her course. And just when you reach that " new level, new devil" point, this book will be just what you will need to find little gems of Fortunate Bitch wisdom to help break through those money blocks! Plus I love Denise's no-holds-barred, no b. s. communication style. Fun to read and packed with practical, useful tips as well as insight and spiritual philosophy, in this book Denise makes the taboo subject of money playful, light-hearted, and non-threatening., LOOOVED the approach taken in this book. The author knows her work and I'm stoked to put these practices of forgiveness into play. This publication has led into some deep dives into money blocks and what may be stopping me from reaching my next income jump. Glass ceiling, shattered., This book is exquisite for me personally! It really discusses the way of thinking issues that hold me back again. It's easy to read, like talking to a pal. Solid advice without coming off as a holier than thou type. I find it very motivating and encouraging., Permit the manifesting begin! I am currently reading this publication with a few friends and we meet on Skype to discuss it, do the exercises together and support each other. I highly recommend never to do it by yourself.

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