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I loved how evidently (and entertainingly) this book was written, very smart and spiritual book that makes a lot of weakling sense.

I'm a 25yo competitive dinghy sailor in Australia and give it a 5 star rating not only because I couldn't put this guide down but additionally because a lot of precisely what is described in the book is Tabu in the sailor's world and would never be addressed in major sailing magazines or websites. It all makes so much sense and I think the attitude and mindset in which Rick and Jasna sail is the one to have.

'Smiles on deck, not miles under the keel' exactly what a great mantra to have.

Greatly appreciated read.

Alex Zimmermann, Interesting take on considerations designed for affordable and comfortable sailboat cruising. The particular authors' perspectives are really worth reading and it this guide gets right to the heart of the issue without a lots of the extraneous noise that you'll experience on most videos or online sailing fora., A must read for anybody considering escaping the treadmill of life to cruise and live on a boat. Invaluable how you can the mindset as well as sensible discussions on all those devices on panel. Can we need them or not? This book will answer those questions. Very clear and very thorough. Looking over this book will no doubt prevent many bad buys or decisions. Required reading!, This book opens your eyes. I have never stepped foot on a sailboat. I only received the thought of sailing a 12 months ago after reading Joshua Slocum's book. I have searched many places for facts about sailing and the problems about being alone and being prepared. In this book Rick and Jasna give great information about getting started. Although mainstream denounces the word gypsy, that's what it is, surviving on your own knowledge and energy instead of others to provide for you. Rick really does a congrats not only telling about what to look for good and bad on boat selection and fitting out the boat, but details why he has his view. Jasna also gives great advice about how to stay sane with a small budget and not starve while being free and traveling at their pace.

They only pull for me is not including more details of free part quantities of goods needed for a trip. That will being said, many details were provided such as water, fuel, and electricity consumption., I have just switched employers after fifteen years of weekly travel and chasing the $$$ which means this is the first book I have had the time to read for pleasure in a long time. And WOW!, Rick and Jasna's book is a entertaining and useful read. Right now I was not a sailor however , this is more than a great book on what to look for in purchasing your first sailboat; but the in-depth look at life styles and marketing hype. I believe adopting the recomendations of provided of what to look for and more importantly what to avoid in purchasing a sailboat will save me money, disappointment and keep myself, family and friends safe when we do raise the sails on one. I truly hope to see more books published by these sea gypsies and hope they keep their website up-to-date., Incredibly brilliant guide. I have learned so much and it's written in such a digestible manner. This book will be one of few to stay with me throughout my days abroad. An actual gem providing no nonsense advisement!, This is the first review of something that I've ever purchased online, and for good reason, because this little book was fantastic!!! Trying to find listening to multiple podcasts and reading various websites about slicing free from the schedule corporate jungle to go wind-surfing to explore and experience the world on a person's on conditions free from the monotony of the typical " job. " This book summarizes so well the essence of all the websites and podcasts I've listened to. Educational and truthful advice about the need for individuals to step out and take action on their dreams put together with very practical and realistic advice about wind-surfing and making lifestyle change. Even if sailing is not your bailiwick the book is applicable anyone looking for inspiration and advice about how to move forward with experiencing life vice a job. Thanks a lot Rick and Jasna for sharing this book and your influence - I will be casting my boat dock lines soon enough!, This is certainly one of the best books I've read in preparation for touring. It is all no-nonsense information on what can and what needs to be done before leaving. I especially like the emphasis on " you don't need that". Although they occasionally go off on a diatribe about some subjects it is usually to a point. And all while keeping the rest of the book short, succinct and readable. They verified many things I had considered and corrected my thinking on others. I really had planned on the water maker; -) The particular references to other useful books and products are also helpful. Thanks Rick and Jasna. Fair gusts of wind and following seas

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