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This really is one of a series of volumes about WWI on the Western front side from the German point of view. There is a useful introduction to the time and part of procedures of each publication followed by descriptions of the fighting. Most of the book is based on German diaries and device histories. The translation is good, nevertheless for most readers the language will seem to be stilted - which was the style back then. The overall impression is that these books are extremely useful for serious students of tactical procedures in WWI, nevertheless they are also somewhat dried out. In addition, tactical procedures by and large do not vary much, so after a while they may become repetitive. I do not have any criticism of the scholarship and content of this book, however the four star rating is meant from the perspective of a non-specialised reader., This would have gotten a higher rating if there were more maps shown - this would have made it much more understandable - it is interesting and gives balance to read something from the losers perspective, Therefore much in English is devoted to Allied makes that the German makes sometimes seem to be to be a sort of backdrop. And we sometimes forget that the Somme area was an active front side from late 1914 on. Mr Sheldon does good work both in regards to putting a human being face on the Germans and reminding us that the Somme was no rest area even earlier to 1916ยท, Excellent bank account. Good to get another perspective on the war, A terrible struggle of life and death, Jack port Sheldon, a retired Uk infantry officer, offers an original and ground-breaking look into the other side of First World War trench combat in The German Army on the Somme 1914-1916. Although the Somme Campaign has already been described many times before - memorably by Matn Middlebrook - it has usually been from a British perspective. Yet , the author was able to take advantage of numerous German-language materials, ranging from after-action reviews, modern diaries and post-war memoirs to develop a composite view of how the German Army experienced combat on the Somme. Furthermore, this book is not only about the well-covered battles in Come july 1st 1916 but ranges returning to the early actions in this area from the French in 1914-15 and expands to the final steps of November-December 1916. This book is a must for any serious student of the First World War. Regrettably, poor organization and inadequate maps have hindered the author's ability to deliver this treasure trove of information to the reader and make this publication nearly unfathomable for the general reader.

The German Army on the Somme 1914-1916 is organized into nine chapters, two of which deal with the fighting in this sector in 1914-1915, then the one which deals with activity in this area during January-June 1916, one section for 1 July 1916 alone, and then each succeeding chapter covers one month of 1916. Overall, this chronological organization works well for a campaign narrative of this size. The author also provides two short appendices on the German Army and sources used, as well as a detailed order of battle for all German divisions that fought on the Somme. This work rests on eyewitness accounts, the majority of which come from junior officers although there are a fair number of NCOs and common soldiers displayed. The majority of the accounts are from infantry soldiers, but there are a few from artillerymen and aviators. Many of these accounts are vivid and gripping, depicting trench warfare in all its facets. Some of the more interesting accounts cover night trench raids, escape and forestalling from behind enemy outlines, several desperate last-ditch holds and capture/escape. From the German point of view, we see the effects of Allied superiority in artillery and airpower that limit the German capacity to move troops and supplies up to the front that sounds much like 1944. The The german language troops were also more pleased with French troops at this stage of the war than British, who have been generally regarded as unsophisticated amateurs. Throughout the publication, the omni-presence of Sibling artillery fire and the weakness of German artillery to respond is motivated home again and again. Additionally it is clear that the German infantryman had become a bomber rather than a rifleman by this reason for the war; in one counterattack each jewellry in a company is given ten hand grenades. The translations are generally very good and the author is to be applauded for assembling this vast assortment of accounts into a cogent format., From a historian's perspective it might even be a 5 - I tend towards that. I am a whole devoté e of that section of the war..., The thing that struck me is both side repeated the same futile attempts to attack and counterattack for almost half a year with the same catastrophic results. Why did these soldiers do what they did?

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