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Kristen is a developed history teller, not merely someone who writes books. This history quickly became one of the best erotica books. Typically the author took the time to slowly and gradually develop each character to build a much more interesting story. The history and characters are credible, reflecting an actuality too often missing in the type. It is the sort of writing that the reader begins to image that they were a character in the story. How would I actually react if that is me? If you like erotica, i highly recommend the book. The sex scenes are wild, and you read as a voyeur. Hopefully this becomes book 1 in a series as the character types develop and new character types emerge,, Not sure how or why I approved this one up initially, but re-reading Hawaiian Swing and A Swinging Brand new Year's Eve, I again came after the teaser first chapter of Gentrified. So I decided to give it a try. Well, it's hard to find the words. This specific story was amazing, and an apparent quantum leap in Ms. McCurran's writing. At least in comparison with her fun, but comparatively easy-going swinging tales.

Jessica and Kyle have moved from Kingston (! ) to a fixer upper in the city, looking to raise their girl Maddie in a more diverse environment. As with the film Take This Waltz, there's a handsome guy living across the street, in this case a huge black handsome guy known as Winston. I did find Winston uncomfortably predatory, especially early on, but perhaps the plot rather depends on this. Jess, of course, becomes his intended prey. I always prefer the " other guy" to be likable, but I think Winston does become a bit simpler to appreciate further in, especially in his later interactions with Kyle. Although he primarily seems to have no issue with betraying Kyle, this becomes in some way less credible as the story progresses. Jess's best friend Nicole wastes virtually no time getting to know Winston and perhaps this makes him or her a slightly conflicted ttacker. Nicole has some intricacy that puts things on edge. On the one hand, she makes it clear that she won't want her friends damage, but she assures Winston that she " has his back". So what happens if these obligations cannot be reconciled?

As others have said, the sex scenes are extreme and vividly described. However for me, the peaks of erotic energy are not to be seen there, but rather with the choices leading up to those scenes. Realistically, this is not easy for Kyle or for Jess. You will find the tension between extreme excitement levels on the one hands (on both their parts), and fear of where it may lead on the other. But once choices are made, we are finally treated to the communication, both verbal and non-verbal of those selections. The erotic energy at this point is overpowering, even before Jess crosses the street.

The story ends in a state of unresolved tension between Jess and Winston. She has recognized that the makes drawing her toward him or her are becoming too extreme to control. Even though whole experience has left Jess and Kyle strongly tempted toward further explorations, Jess is convinced that this cannot be with Winston (but Kyle may not be so sure). We are remaining wondering whether Jess will really be able to hold to this. Inside this sense, you will find a similarity to the end of Because He's Watching/Ian's Passion, written jointly with Kenny Wright (still waiting for the promised sequel to that one and possibly, an answer). Gentrified likewise leaves us dying to discover what will happen next.

Another great thing about Gentrified is the way it implies that you can have an unquiet, complex and powerfully erotic story without resorting to deceit for husband or wife. Jess tells Kyle everything, without hesitation. Specifically, this story makes the point that there is no conflict in Jess's determination that she is doing this for herself, while remaining open and sincere with her husband., Excellent story! I Loved it! This really is one of the better stories We have read in the Hot Wife genre. The character types are well developed and their motivations are reasonable. This could lead to a sequel or a possible series in which I would highly foresee. Kirsten McCurran is certainly one of the better story tellers out there., The story is about a white married couple. His wife is directed into
a passionate affair with an endowed Blackman., I've read nearly all of Kirsten's work, and think this one is the best. Touches on the key emotional and psychology elements of the hotwife genre, with great sex scenes and well developed characters. Keep them coming!, This is a must read. Even if you have never given using others a thought you should read this. This is written in such a way that everyone can enjoy it., I received an ARCH of the book for review; I have also purchased the book.

McCurran has been writing in the hotwife genre for a number of years, and her books run the gamut on duration, variety, and yes, ranking. Potential readers needn't have any concerns about the length or quality of this book. Gentrified is a tour de force. Inside my opinion, it may be one of the most satisfying hotwife stories to day, and is a critical competitor for THE top spot in the entire genre. I will have to re-read it in a couple months to see whether that impression stands up, but that's my initial reaction.

Erotica preferences vary; my ranking is based on the next preferences (for the hotwife genre). Cuckolding (i. at the. humiliation of the husband) or cruel or uncaring wives are not interesting in my opinion. The wife's character and believability are important. Typically, I find that short stories or novellas need to earn my interest through some sort of creation; they don't allow sufficient development to be effective " standard" hotwife stories. I like introspection, but it has to feel natural, and should be balanced with story progression occasions. I also have a preference for long, detailed sex scenes; although teasing sex scenes can be great, they may (by definition) not as satisfying.

On all of these counts and many others, Gentrified gives on a stellar level. There are quite a few top shelf hotwife books; recent ones include Segregated with Benefits (Wright), Typically the Game (Sebastian), and The Houseguest (Butler). This book sits right there with the best that the type has to offer.

At its core, this is a love story, full of longing and trust and denial and sweet interest and bittersweet decisions. It can much longer than most books in the type and this allows for a beautifully paced unfolding of the tale. There have been no places where the guide dragged, or hurried by way of a situation, and it was engaging throughout. The character types in this story have their own distinct personality that they stay true to; Jessica, in particular, comes across as realistic and likeably sweet. The character types are are caught upwards in a common current of events as the book begins with a low simmer and continuously builds momentum before proceeding supernova. By the time I finished it, I actually was already feeling nostalgic about all the things that happened in it.

Little plot surprises in a hotwife book are worth savoring, and am avoid want to spoil anything at all. The blurb captures the essence of the history nicely; the book has all the ingredients necessary to satisfy most hotwife enthusiasts. It's written in third person, from the viewpoints of Jessica and Winston; this allows for a very detailed view of all things that goes on and contributes to the feeling that it's very satisfying. This really is a bit different from the way in which many hotwife novels are written (usually from the husband's POV, which can even be great but is often more titillating than satisfying because he doesn't see everything that's happening). But perhaps the most important ingredient is that there appears to be a genuine connection between Jessica and Winston. Jessica and her husband Kyle proper care about the other person. But the connection with Winston really raises this book to a complete other level in comparison with other books where it's just sex.

Typically the book has some minor flaws. There are a few typos etc., although those are in reality less repeated than in most other books in the genre. I actually may see more defects on a second reading, but right now the only thing wrong with this book is that it ended.

This is a top quality hotwife love story. An unqualified 5-star experience, and in my estimation, a contender for greatest of all time in the genre.

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