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I’ve read many books and loved many books, but A Gentleman In Moscow by Amor Towles could have just become my favorite.
A Man in Moscow is the 30-year saga of the Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov, that is located under house arrest inside the Metropol Hotel in Moscow in 1922 when the Bolsheviks spare him from death or Siberia because of his 1913 revolutionary poem written in university. The relationships he forms with staff and guests, his handling of twists of fate, his moral rectitude and his perseverance to go on in the face of his lifelong imprisonment for being an ex Particular person make for a compelling tale, told beautifully by Towles. It is not overwritten, and supplies just enough historical contexts without being burdensome. And Towles doesn’t overdo the use of the Russian diminutive, which I’ve found in Russian timeless classics to be crazy making and require a scorecard. Towles gives the reader just enough background of his characters. We know them but still wonder; he’s left room for the reader. The story originates so wonderfully that We don’t want to give away more of the plot.
We literally sat and stared into space for an hour once i finished A new Gentleman In Moscow, thinking about it and wishing it hadn’t ended.
I may only have to re-read it., Amor Towles’ “A Gentlemen in Moscow” explains a big life in a seemingly small world and paints a vibrant picture of Soviet history from 1922 through 1954. With this beautifully written and engaging story, Amor Towles tells a tale of the triumph of goodness over cruelty and hopefulness over despair. This second book is as enjoyable and participating as his first, “Rules of Civility. ”

Within 1922, the Emergency Committee of the People’s Police For Internal Affairs phrases Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov to spend more of his life inside the Motel Metropol for writing the poem “Where Could it be Now? ”, which brashly asked the question, “where is our purpose now? ” In imposing the word, the prosecutor pronounced that the Count “has gave in irrevocably to the décadence of his class – and now poses a threat to the very ideals he once espoused. On that basis, our inclination would be to have you taken from this step and put against the wall. ” Instead, the Count is sentenced to a lifetime in the Hotel Metropol, in which he has previously resided in luxurious accommodations. Of course, when he is returned to the Hotel, he is removed from his luxurious accommodations and relocated to a single attic room.

In trying to adjust to his new circumstances, the Count tells himself that “if a man does not master his circumstances then he is bound to be mastered by them” which “imagining what might happen if one’s circumstances were different was the only sure route to madness. ” Therefore, the Count adjusts to the 35 or more years he finally spends in the Hotel. Of course there are some challenges alongside the way.

The Motel Metropol is a grand hotel. Excellent cocktail bar, the Shalyapin, one of the finest restaurants in Moscow, the Boyarsky (its chef is referred to as 5 foot five and 2 hundred pounds), a more everyday restaurant, the Piazza, a barbershop, a flower shop, a full time seamstress and a variety of meeting rooms and ballrooms. There is a lot of life in all of these places.

The Count befriends a nine-year-old girl, Nina Kulikova, who is temporarily surviving in the hotel with her dad and who introduces the Count to all of the secrets the Motel has to offer. In return, the Count shares with Nina his wisdom and a lifetime friendship starts. This friendship enriches the Count’s life in ways that I will leave so that you can discover when you read this delightful book.

In the meantime, the Count’s university friend Mischka shows up at the Hotel while he could be going to Moscow to help plan the inaugural Congress of the Russian Association of Proletarian Writers. The arrival of Mischka causes the Count to look back again at his life in simpler days and offers us some history and context for the changes in the country explained throughout the course of the novel. Mischka shows up periodically throughout the story, always reflecting the changing political environment.

Although living at the Metropol, the Count meets people from all over the world, starts a love affair with a famous actress, spends many years tutoring a former red Army Colonel about the west, happens to be the brain waiter at the Boyarsky and makes friends and enemies with the various people who lead their lives either in or through the Metropol.

All through the book we learn a lot about the changes in Russian governmental policies, sometimes through historical detail and sometimes through storyline. My personal favorite example involves wine and the Boyarsky. The Count, a wine and food connoisseur, dines at the Boyarsky most nights and is very selective about his wine. One night in 1924, at the Boyarsky, the Count purchases a bottle of Barolo and is told his selections are a red or a white. Asking for the restaurant manager, the Count is taken to the Hotel’s wine basements, housing more than a hundred, 000 bottles. “And every one of them without a label. ” The explanation? “A complaint was filed with Comrade Teodorov, the Commissioner of Food, claiming that the presence of our wine list runs counter-top to the ideals of the Revolution. That it is monument to the privilege of the nobility, the effeteness of the intelligentsia, and the predatory pricing of speculators. ” In 1930, “[T]hanks to a member of the Central Committee, who experienced tried unsuccessfully to order a bottle of Bordeaux for the new French ambassador, wines with brands could once again be found in the Metropol’s cellar. ”

A lot of life and a lot of history takes place in this story, all told with humor, compassion and thoughtfulness. I let it stay to you to discover. I finished the book wishing That i knew more about Russian background and culture. If you like this post and would like to read more, visit FromBriefsToBooks. com., SCORE: ★★★★★/ 5 Incredibly Fulfilling stars!

REVIEW: Book after effect. Book hangover for days. I had formed such an psychologically fulfilled feeling at the end of the novel that when I finished the last page, I closed the book, sat back again, sighed deeply, and thought, " well, what now? where do I go came from here? how do I move on? "... book after effect.

It seems convoluted to start a review with the ending of a book, but this novel is really a rather long tale, spanning 30+ years, so before We get into the quest, let me this one crack with decorum. The finishing. Oh, this ending. Whenever anyone asks me which book ending I love the most, Let me usually answer Water for Elephants, because it has one of the most satisfying endings I use ever read. And so far no other novel has come close to changing my answer. But A Gentleman in Moscow, if not completely unsettling Sara Gruen's work, at least pulls level with it, since it is such a satisfying end to this novel, and I'll say no more than that for fear of ruining the experience for anybody else.

Who hasn't had the thought, at some point, that it would be nice to live in a hotel? Perhaps we avoid imagine that it will be under house arrest and 1922 in Moscow, but that is a luxurious idea to entertain. It can feel like such a common fantasy that, even though we are not (probably) an aristocrat, a connoisseur of multiple tastes, exceedingly classy, and currently exiled inside our own country, we somehow link with Count Rostov immediately. Here is a man from a by-gone period and yet he wins us over completely with his wit and elegance from the very first page.

This is certainly all credited completely to the beautiful writing of the author, of course. Amor Towles caught my attention along with his first book Rules of Calmness (which I also highly recommend), a book that is totally opposite to this one in nearly every way, except the writing. Towles writes with such sophistication and beauty in every carefully chosen word that it manages to feel effortless. It's engaging.

A Gentleman in Moscow is rich with detail. The first half of the publication creates a thorough and beautiful visual of the hotel and it's occupants. While it may seem a lttle bit exhaustive, it's entirely necessary. Someone is being engrossed so fully into this setting that people feel just as the Count can feel in his many years in the Metropol. In addition to nothing is without objective. Each moment and person is leading somewhere and the second half of the publication is a revelation of a life well lived.

I would be remiss if We didn't mention the wit and philosophical wisdom running throughout this novel. In times it's witty and funny in that perfectly refined way, and the next moment it's incredibly clever and insightful. I really could quotation this book for days. When i was reading We would take my phone to snap a picture of passage i didn't want to forget. This particular happened often. As clever as it is enjoyable, this book has it all.

I could ramble on about the the enchanting and stunning setting of this book as well as the cast of characters that weave in and out and again, but it might actually be overkill. By this point I'm sure you know that I recommend this publication for multiple reasons. Thus it seems only right that you should discover the hotel and the people in it for yourself without me ruining a thing.

A Man in Moscow is wonderful from beginning to conclusion. It's the kind of book i know I will read again because I'm not ready to let it go. I avoid want to express goodbye to the world and folks that Towles has created, therefore i won't. I'll revisit often and always with a perfectly paired glass of wine in my hand, as Count Rostov would approve.

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