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It is a very long book, but totally intriguing the whole way. Once i had a year of physics in college, I had to make use of Feynman's book as a textbook. I thought it was a terrible textbook. That was terrible because I could not think like Feynman. I needed examples to use the tools of physics, not understand everything in the most essential form. I have always pondered about Feynman, and now I know from reading this article book. He was amazing and all curious people should read about his life and accomplishments and methods., Great book written by James Gleick, interesting to know that he never actually met Richard Feynman, but he provides a detailed account of Feynman's life. He starts at Far Rockaway and will go through the end at Cal Tech with everything in between, including the fascinating time at Mis Alamos. Gleick details all his research and first hand accounts of Feynman's life through his close up friends and family. Genuinely enjoyed the read, looking forward to reading all Gleick's books., I sensed this rendition of the life of Richard Feynman had too much about the science of Richard Feynman and inadequate about the life he existed. I am more considering the person who happened to be a physicist than the physicist who were a person., I found, the first half good, but the rest long winded, though Used to do finish reading it, Quantum mechanics, along with astrophysics, must be the highest intellectual achievement of mankind. A great deal thinking, such small amounts of information for such enormous conclusions/hypotheses - and such imagination! Gleick brings this fabulous research to life and gives us lay-readers a real glimpse at the thinking of the geniuses and what were the frontiers of science and mathematics in the 20th century. If there is one downside - the only evade that almost caused a four out of 5 rating - was his over long diversion into precisely what is a genius. That didn't matter; Feynman plainly was one. As you read about Feynman's life from his earliest times, through the Manhattan Task right through to his death, it is like watching anyone who excels - a Menuhin, a Picasso - that not only his intellect but also his total obsession with his science put him on a different planet to us mortals. Thanks to James Gleick for letting us press our noses to the window pane and take a peek at his world. I was very sorry when the guide ended., Feynman was a student of John Wheeler, as was I (but at a much lower level -- freshman physics! ). Excellent book. I loved the personal material as well as his significant accomplishments in physics., Mister. Gleick's 1992 biography of Richard Feynman is an informative and enlightening journey through not simply the life of the topic, but through the exciting associated with physics from the early 20th century through the 1980's. While the first a hundred pages were a hard read, the remaining was a reward; Feynman's brilliance and brutal honesty take full display. Mr. Gleick does a nice job also of providing ample history on Feynman's colleagues/competitors/mentors, and so forth and provides pretty clear explanations of the concepts made by Feynman & Co. As a biography, this work is high quality and strongly suggested., There are enough reviews of this not to go into too much detail, but Gleick does an amazing job of making the highly enigmatic Richard Feynman real. Gleick shows why Feynman 'discovered' many of the insights of Quantum Mechanics and yet failed to distribute them. He shows that Feynman was more considering the underlying issues than the 'problems' themselves.

I've read a good quantity of books about QM and Particle Physics but do not pretend to fully understand the science. Nevertheless at least I know understand much more about one of the leaders of the field. Feynman deserves to be known as the equal of others both before and after his era and this wonderful book will help you understand why.

By the way, a number of the negative reviews seem, to me anyway, to be based on a serious misunderstanding of what Gleick was seeking to do. He does, at times, skip around a little but it is always to stress an essential point.

This specific is not a fairly easy read; Gleick does an admirable job of explaining difficult concepts nonetheless they are, after all, difficult. You will need to take your time with this and not rush it. Within the end you will feel it paid off.

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